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Over the course of the two-day event, close to exhibitors and over 13, buyers, industry professionals, and consumers, convened in Sydney to meet, communicate and explore the trends and opportunities that Alibaba ecosystem brings to the Australian and New Zealand market. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our next AliExpo event in !

In Partnership With. Why Attend Capitalise on the largest, most exciting consumer market in the world. China's middle class is already around the size of the entire population of Australia and the U. They're discerning. They want high-quality, imported products and international tourism experiences.

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And they're looking for them online. Learn from Alibaba executives and leading experts. Jack Ma built Alibaba into the world's largest online and mobile commerce company by focusing on helping small businesses succeed.

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Learn about Alibaba's vision to help New Zealand businesses and from other Alibaba executives, leading experts, and business owners like you who are tapping into the China opportunity. Connect with people from Alibaba and its ecosystem of partners. Area 51 has been operating since the s, but the CIA never acknowledged its official existence until The site has been a mystery for decades and the Storm Area 51 event plans to the show world that the United States government has actual proof aliens exist.

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While it certainly sounds like a fun plan, Area 51 is located on the Nellis Air Force Base Complex, meaning it's government property, which also means there are guns and fighter jets ready to take down anyone who steps out of line, even if you're wearing an X-Files t-shirt. While the Storm Area 51 event was made as a joke, the Defense Department has revealed that they do not see the humor involved. They released a statement over the weekend warning anyone who plans on taking the event seriously by saying, "The U. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.

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A live-streaming event is really a perfect idea for Storm Area Using that logic, there could be at least , potential alien enthusiasts showing up to the event and ready to party with the Defense Department. It's going to be very interesting to see how many people show up, if at all, but at least we know we'll all be able to sit back and watch some UFO weirdness online September 20th.

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