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Also logging via email address and deleting "Highlander" would not delete "Highlander2". The Dating Service Provider upon registration should flag up to the member that they have existing profile s on their database on the same email address so they can take appropriate action - e. The dating service provider should not encourage nor facilitate through failure to disclose information the unwitting creation of multiple profiles of the same person on the same database.

Salsa dancing and wants a profile that promotes this on the special interest sites as well as a more general purpose profile that would appeal to non-dancers on the main site. Dating Service Providers should provide an online function e.

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This does not necessarily need to check across multiple databases e. However the Dating Service Provider must be specific as to what databases are being checked and provide at least a link to check the other databases.

Moving and Copying between databases Co-Registration. Members must give explicit "Opt In" consent to being cloned or moved to a database of a substantially different nature. A clone co-registration from a "General" database to an "Adult" database would most certainly be a "Substantially different nature" and would require "Opt In" not just "Opt Out" consent.

Members must be clearly informed when they are being moved or cloned onto another database and given the instant ability to.

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If the member is really 53 they cannot demand to stay on the inappropriate "Younger" DB. A typical "Clone" would be where the member is in an overlapping category e. The Dating Service Provider may do a clone in this case - but the user must be immediately informed and have the chance to instantly delete the clone.

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Another typical "Clone" would be where the Dating Service Provider judges that member would be more suited to a different database by nature of their profile content. The member must specifically choose to subscribe to the new site as per they did on the original site. Having dealt with multiple profiles on multiple databases let us look at the more commonplace issue of the single user on a single database who shows up on many sites linked to that one single database.

The member should be able to see on which websites their profile will be displayed - all sites in the global "Sites List" that attach to their database - just some grouping of these sites - just the one site they registered on. The point of this is for members who signup on something very specific, niche or conservative note the small "c" e.

The member should have the ability to restrict their profile to purely showing up on the one site they joined via a Settings page. The member should be able to see on all other members' profiles if they are also a member of the site they joined or of an affiliated partner website i. To protect commercial interests the Dating Service Provider does not need to publish the exact URL of every partner site.

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However a description of the site should be provided along with a fair and accurate description of the "Nature" of the partner. The dating service provider should not turn down a reasonable request from members to disclose the source URL of a profile.. The member needs to provide justification as to why they want to know the URL. The dating service provider may turn down requests where they feel they are made for commercial purposes - i. The site should provide a link to a listing of all sites which the potential member's details will potentially be viewed on - the "Sites List".

As mentioned on a per-profile basis the Dating Service Provider is not obliged to provide the exact URL or partner names to mitigate against partner-poaching by competitors. However a fair and accurate description to enable the potential member to judge the nature of the sites they will be exposed on is required. The listing of partner sites should be real-time and database driven to avoid a static list that gets out of date as soon as it is printed. This will also mitigate against any dating service provider "conveniently" forgetting to add dodgy sites to their list that they would rather people didn't know they were being exposed on.

Most typically potential members would be concerned to see if people looking for "Casual" or "Adult" dating are permitted on the database through joining certain attached sites.

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You can see our Databases and Sites List here. Yes 3 No 0. White Label Dating - Being jerked around trying to find legit women Jan 29, Anonymous Pigbosher Mar 27, It might have helped to get the result you wanted if you were at least partly literate! Yes 0 No 1. White Label Dating - This company must be shut down Dec 21, Yes 3 No 1. White Label Dating - Scam Feb 06, At the time I am writing this review, there has been no way to follow the instructions giving for canceling my subscription.

These are the instructions given: Go to 'Account' and click on 'Site Membership' 2. Select 'Cancel my subscription' 3. We'll ask you some Yes 2 No 0. White Label Dating in Mansfield, England - Scams, profiles on multiple sites, recycled unused profiles.

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Its been just over a week. An email for better communication is shared from supposed would member. Turns out they are desperate African and Eastern European women Yes 1 No 0. I liked Some nice people. I didn't like Rejecting honest reviews in dairy entries Scammers Multiple web sites sharing profile. Anonymous Anonymous Jul 02, Read this: Well its pretty damned obvious really ,once you sign up toone company ,your details are sent to all other sites they own of a similar nature ,so you start getting messages from sites you never heard off!!!!

I was shocked to discover I wasn't only on the site I joined but several others too, sites that are very suitable, which I have no interest in It must be fraud on the companies part, as people are making contact with someone but they won't ever get a reply from, Anonymous Anonymous Mar 31, I discovered that very same thing! It's outrageous and frightening at the same time!

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If there is anything that can be done to increase your payment success rate our team is on it. There is a good reason we are the number one company on the market for recurring payments - we understand that your success is our success. We are willing to work hard to make you money with our online dating software.

One of the biggest challenges when creating an online dating business is populating the database, which is where the White Label approach is especially valuable. Our partners can start dating sites that are ready immediately - even the very first customer finds an exciting environment full of like-minded people who are ready to date.

Each White Label owner makes money from the people who join the platform from their sites, and then those people can interact with the rest of the database.