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She is only muslim by faith on paper, in her heart she will always be buddhist. Sorry I'm afraid there is no way to marry him in malaysia without converting but if u move to another country it should be fine.


Report Thread starter 5 years ago Original post by natlynn96 Hey! Become atheist, both of you, and do away with the barrier. That's if you truly love each other. Muslim men carry Jewish or Christian women. You can even go ask in the Islamic society thread, they will confirm it. I doubt he will find Christianity anymore logical. Original post by MetropolisBoy Become atheist, both of you, and do away with the barrier.

Original post by AliceV Hahaha we can't. We love God,we strongly believe in Him. We love each other so we respect each other's religion,families so we don't want to lose both. If I tell him it's okay,I'll get disowned and marry you,he wouldn't let me,he told me to always stay close to my family and I would tell him the same.

My Malay Boy Is So WHITE

Original post by AliceV Not in our country for sure. Here being a muslim country,it's a must for non-muslim to convert before marrying to a muslim. Oops, nobody has posted in the last few hours. Why not re-start the conversation?

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Poll Join the discussion. Watched Threads View All. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. This forum is supported by: Yeah there are a few Malay guys in my workplace that I find attractive. Theoretically speaking I wouldn't mind a FWB or a fling if they're not so conservative. But I've only dated a Malay once.

A lot of my relationships ended because of the conversion law. Some of the girls gave it some serious thoughts, but it's always hard to learn how it affects their relationship with their parents. It's like I'm breaking up families about it. But nowadays its just a fwb arrangements, and that's enough. Hi, sorry might be slightly out of place but if you don't mind me asking, how did you get married without conversion? Did you get married outside of Malaysia or did you go through the hassle of proving person of the book ancestry?

I'm dating a Malay guy now and I see a future with him but conversion laws are bad news cause I don't want to lose my family. I married a Malay man without converting.

Chinese gal datez malay guy?

Yes, it was outside of Malaysia. We did the marriage in overseas and have since left the country. Eh, Malay guys will always like the chinese girls. They have all the characters that Malay women strive to be. Slim and light skinned. Its like asking why Indian men stalk white girls on facebook. Siapa tara mau amoi?

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Not judging your taste. But you're a basic bro. Everyone loves them , even the ang mohs. Ugh I just don't understand why East Asian girls are so likeable. In my opinion they all look the same.

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All striving to be this jean shorts wearing love live life, dog lover, coffee addict, travel enthusiasts yappie thing I'm so fed up with it. You want him to like African girls, then only he can be considered having non-basic exotic taste ah? Basic or not, people like what they like, even if you can't understand why. Yes you are right cessna People like what they like. Other's opinion on it don't mean shit. OP is a happy man. A basic happy man. A man who likes what he himself likes. Basic through and through BUT happy! Oh yes he is cuz that's!

Liking the things they like despite other's opinion on it. And yeah, you so right. Other people's opinion don't mean shit, basic but at least happy one. I'm not being formal with you cessna This is my casual non formal talking. And nono I couldn't get all the credit. I was merely enlighten by your points. And i just merely reshuffled your points. You are right cessna Most other ethnic groups tend to have women that have masculine features that are not favourable, more prominently seen in African and caucasian women and to a lesser extent Indian and Malay women.

Being obese is also why many Malay and Indian women are overlooked since that makes them look like men with long hair. Any decision, may affect the future of your children. Added on December 21, , 3: Based on this, i have the responsibility to ensure my kids live in fuss-free environment so that they can thrive and excel. Grandparents not acknowledge is just one of the many reasons.

Another thing is, school life, especially in social matter. Are chinese guy really that bad? That's why, think not just of yourself, but also of your future offsprings.

Haha, well, i never say no, just that, these things, have to think carefully. I also have Malay-Chinese friends, and some of them excel in studies too, challenges are there though, but if can make it, then Ini real story i posted before lulz got 1 girl in my class is mix chinese n malay. She wont date a malay guy, look at it also dont want. But she want chinese guy, but chinese guy dont want her, cause u know why la. She is a very pretty girl, prettier than the chinese girls here. So in the end?