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Before we started working together, I felt so much uncertainty about men, relationships — and myself.

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I was SO afraid to ask for all that I wanted and was concerned I would never have my needs met. After working with you, I now have a dream relationship and we just got married in Hawaii! Kim always said I would meet my dream man when I least expect it — and she was so right!

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I am overjoyed to now be married to the man of my dreams! Before working with Kim, I had many walls around my heart. Now, I can see how beautiful men are and they truly want to make us happy.


In only 2 sessions I shifted from being an angry, dramatic Diva to a goddess who values and fully embraces myfemininity. I am now in the best relationship of my life!

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Display caption Catalogue entry. Instead it focuses on the ancient conception of the monarch as a divine or divinely blessed being. Moore has combined naturalistic elements, for example the hands and feet, with more abstracted or primitivised ones, such as the heads.

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His intention was to suggest the blend of the human and celestial within kingship. This image of stable and benevolent authority resonated widely in the post-war climate of uncertainty. Catalogue entry Entry King and Queen comprises a male and a female figure sitting side by side on a bench. The male figure is slightly broader and taller than the female and when viewed from the front it is evident that they are both sitting at an angle, facing left of centre.

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The female figure sits further forward on the bench in a more upright position, while the male figure appears to be leaning back slightly, as though more relaxed. The head of the male is delineated by an angular lower jaw that narrows to a sharp point at the chin and a thin blade of bronze occupying the position of the nose that connects the chin to the top of the head in a straight line fig.

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In the place of cheeks are hollowed cavities that accentuate the sharpness of the central ridge, through which a circular hole has been drilled to denote expressionless eyes. The top of the head is flat but slopes steeply upwards from the front to the back. At the front, above the central nasal ridge, is a semi-circular band that extends out of the mass of the head and arches up and over to the other side of the face, and may signify a quiff of hair or an ornamental headpiece fig.

From some angles it appears as though the upper rear edges of the head take the form of goat-like horns. The thinness of the face contrasts with the two rounded protrusions at the nape of the neck.

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The right arm is positioned slightly behind the body, with a slight crook in the elbow. The forearm tapers to a narrow wrist and the palm of the right hand rests flat on the side leg of the bench fig. Another drawing by Moore dating from depicting a male and female couple sitting on a low bench was reproduced in Alan Bowness ed.

Sculpture and Drawings — , , 2nd edn, London , pl.

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Henry Moore cited in John Hedgecoe ed. Donald Hall, Henry Moore: Plasters, Carvings and Drawings , Munich , p. Henry Moore, letter to Allan D. Emil, 21 October , reprinted in Alan Wilkinson ed. Writings and Conversations , Aldershot , p.