Lsu speed dating

The Online Teaching Cohort explores important topics in teaching and learning in the online environment — including blended courses. Participants share ideas, experiences, concerns, challenges, and ask questions or seek advice and assistance amongst a group of peers. The primary purpose of this cohort is to create an environment to engage the LSU campus community in discussions and activities in which members can share and learn online teaching strategies and practices to enhance their courses.

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Find out more about the Online Teaching Cohort, or join by emailing ftc lsu. You've heard of speed dating - now try Speed Geeking! Attendees of these events participate in a "speed-geeking" "gallery walk" style presentation of tools. At the end of the session you leave with a list of tools to explore, as well as examples of ways to immediately implement them into your face-to-face and online courses.

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Grab your lunch and join us online for a series of webinars hosted throughout the semester! Each Lunch and Learn Online webinar focuses on new tools and resources for the face-to-face and online classroom.

On the Thursday night before June's Adidas Grand Prix, Jones cleared her schedule for a stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist to prep her at the Le Parker Meridian hotel. But she did walk away with three valuable lessons in love.

Lsu speed dating

Jones' favorite aspect of speed dating? Even though these bachelors don't have time to be shy, average Joes fear that the two-time-defending indoor world champ won't pay them any mind.

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The men are playing games -- literally. Maybe that's why I'm single -- I go straight to subjects you're not supposed to talk about. Do you go to church? Maybe my guy didn't show up.

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I'll just keep looking. Andy Roddick loves using Twitter to get his message out.

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Who else needs coverage? There's nothing wrong with Manny Ramirez flying his barber to Boston.