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No matter the case, if you are experiencing emotional distress after sex, you should always seek guidance from an outside source.

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Sex is a physical, psychological and emotional connection with someone—but what happens in the heat of the moment may not feel so great later on. Taylor is a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is pursuing a major in journalism with a minor in English. Taylor is a member of Delta Zeta and she hopes to work for a magazine after college.

5 Problems with Hookup Culture – And How to Take It Back from Sexism

Skip to main content. Men, Let's Hear You Moan! Sex January 14, Thank you modern medicine. Sexual images are projected on television, online, and in your own thoughts.

Casual Sex: Why Do We Feel So Guilty About Hooking Up? | Daily Hive Vancouver

For many the topic is associated with being dirty or impure, as if our natural desires were an error of some sort. We treat it like something that needs to be corrected and look upon those who engage in it casually with disdain.

The unsexy truth, the hookup culture - Lisa Bunnage - TEDxSFU

Even though both sexes want it, seven billion people exist because of it, and it pervades Get it? For many women a rationalization is necessary in order to have sex. Just having sex for the pleasure of it is not generally acceptable.

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Sound like predator and prey to you? When looked at from a non emotionally-attached perspective though, the context of a relationship does not change the act itself.

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A lot of this has to do with our history. Religious conditioning and control of the means of production have played a huge role in the shaping of our perspectives and attitudes on sexuality.

8 Real Women on Their Most Embarrassing Hookups

As many people probably feel after a breakup, I was lonely, lost, and frustrated with myself. After weeks of stumbling upon articles about hookup culture and hearing telltale rumors of who on campus was sleeping with whom, a new friendship app came to our college. It was called Friendsy, but we all knew it was hardly about friendship.

8 Real Women on Their Most Embarrassing Hookups

As time went on, I began to realize that the only times I really felt comfortable with my body, or good about it, were the times when someone else was using it or I was using it to make someone else feel good. Without anyone else to appreciate my body, I had no respect for it. When I finally got into a new and healthy long-term relationship, I became so much more aware of what hookups had done to my view of my body. Instead of only feeling wanted for sex, I was wanted for companionship, whether through watching Netflix together, going to a movie, or studying together.

Unlike my first boyfriend, this one never hurt my body in a traumatic way. Whenever I went to the gym, it started becoming more for my own health than for any desire to look a certain way for a partner.