Disadvantages of dating younger guys

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Instead of feeling devastated at that point, you might be more confident about your decision to walk away for good. Please know that even if this continues to go well, your boyfriend will still be the person he is now.

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You are not really interested in building a lasting relationship as much as you are invested in acquiring a husband and two children. That usually requires settling for a partner you would not have considered 10 years ago, and has the bonus of an ugly divorce in the end.

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If this is okay with you, you can go ahead. This is one of the problems of dating a younger man. They are not stable in relationships Okay, how can they be stable when their hormones don't let them? Of course, some young men are stable but they are rare.

Problems Of Dating A Younger Man

If you are lucky enough to find such a man, then you can go ahead with him, but otherwise, observe the guy's stability first before you get serious with him. Otherwise, a day might come when he just walks out even without informing you. They can't be loyal How can they be loyal when they have enough girls of their age trying to date them? Of course, if your man is a selective guy who isn't so desperate, then you can rely on him. But otherwise, it is better to stay away. In fact, this is one of the disadvantages of dating a younger man.

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They crave for 'that' often and trouble you Yes, they are desperate and they might ask for 'that' too often. That might turn you off a bit as young men generally handle women too roughly.

Also, their hyperactive drive may tire you a bit. Of course, this will be one of the benefits of dating a younger man if you have lots of desire.

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  6. She has a smallish stature,so you won't even know,its working for them, and they are looking forward to him finishing service this year,so they can get married The fact that she looks younger than her age makes it even more fun If she's the type who's older than her age or a complimentary of her age, I wouldn't have approve of this but heck, heck, she's 25year old looking Most ladies should learn from this tho.

    I once approach a lady who is older than me by just 2weaks. You know what she said,;I don't want people to call me your mother. Tho I look younger than my age. The fact that she looks younger than her age makes it even more fun Tho I look younger than my age [i] Keep trying.

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    Tho I look younger than my age Keep trying. Its a No for me though,I'm the stubborn type,so its not gonna work. Its a No for me though,I'm the stubborn type,so its not gonna work for your face na, you think we be mate BTW, I love stubborn girls that's because am gentle and simple. So to compliment this benign gesture, I need someone with qualities which am lacking Am sure you gat it.

    The Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Man

    Am sure you gat it I'm not talking about you. I mean dating someone younger than me,won't work for me. Guy I say I no do. I'm not talking about you. But what if that guy is meant to be your other half