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So this one could be played with friction sticker response, starburst, or a combination. Yomega Bandai Firestorm An atypical model made in China during Released in , this is yo-yo is engineered for the advanced player. This high grade, all aluminum yo-yo has a weighted perimeter, a stainless steel abec 5 bearing size SMRZZA5 , a new super smooth rubber return system, laser etched print, and a adjustable gap spacer system.

BC Rainbow - Brad Countryman. Made in limited quantities. Considered by some to be the finest wooden Yo-Yo made. Made of laminated and glued strips of multi-colored wood. The laminated wood is denser and heavier than the standard maple releases, resulting in a very smooth and solid spin.

The Apollo Pro is one of the most popular of BC's wooden yo-yos. Laminated wood in a concave shape, for long spins. The model has been in production since nearly the beginning of BC.

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Many laminated woods have been used to make the Apollo, and BC changes the logos frequently as well. Note the model number, number The Lightning is one of the primary models from BC. It's been around since the late 90s.

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Logos are frequently changed, and sometimes the type of laminated wood. A distant cousin of the Hummingbird Trickster.

The Rainbow limited the colors that could be used, so the Lighting was created to add to the selection of laminated woods. The small print on the logo view reads "No. Tom Kuhn Roller Woody. The Classic Roller Woody ball-bearing yo-yo with slightly heavier laminated maple. Reflective holo-foil logo stamp. This was originally designed without response which required double looping the string on the axle.

Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

Turbo disks are now supplied and a single string loop is recommended. I consider this the best wooden Yo-yo made today. These are actually pretty good Yo-Yo's. The ball bearing axel and heavy weight make it an excellent spinner. But being made in China, it is not part of the "made in America" Yo-Yo click and is not taken seriously. I bought a dozen of these things to give away to friends.

This was the original "Super" produced until Duncan Broken Y Pedestal. It is called the "Broken Y" because there is a space half way down on both Y's in the word "Yo-yo". This is the harder to find version where Mr. Yo-yo is standing on a pedestal. Duncan Genuine Tournament Little G. Gold leaf stamped, the little G refers to the small G in Genuine. This was the classic standard line tournament sold during the late 40's and early 50's. Collectors refer to this as the "Classic Little G".

Get Back - to where you once belonged. Antiquities, Artifacts, Art An eclectic collection gathered by family members and the curators of the CreekBed. Yo-Yo's "If you are looking to yo-yos as a serious investment for the future, you probably should try something else. Duncan Jeweled Yo-Yo Made from genuine Hard Rock Maple, the "jeweled" tournament, among serious collectors, is one of the most popular yo-yos in the world.

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Good - some nicks. Duncan Butterfly The wooden concave was one of the most popular models towards the end of the old Duncan period before Duncan Mosquito The Mosquito is a small and light bearing concave model. Yomega Maverick Released in , this is yo-yo is engineered for the advanced player. Another card versioned as No. About mid or early , Duncan began to switch from using three digit product stock numbers to four digits.

They also began to switch from using polybags to bubble carded product. As such, it is fairly easy to date these early poly-bagged Duncan yo-yos. The Duncan Butterfly was first released in A yo-yo demonstrator named Wayne Lundberg introduced the idea for reversing the traditional tournament-shaped wooden halves and making a yo-yo that had a wider string gap. The wider gap helped kids perform more complex string tricks. While the actual Butterfly design has been around since see patent , by William Katz, for "Improvement in bandelore toy", August 27, , Duncan was the first company to actually mass product them.

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