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Around that time, Angel was living in sewers and feeding on rats, until a mysterious stranger came along and informed him a journey of redemption was about to begin, and Buffy would play a key role in it. Killing more victims than he ever had time to name, Angel obviously has longstanding enemies from his time as Angelus that never quite forgot about him.

Angel & Cordelia

One of his fiercest enemies is a human whose entire family was slaughtered by the beast, save his daughter, who the hunter himself was forced to kill after Darla turned her into a vampire. Predictably, this left the man extremely bitter, willing to travel through time to finally get revenge on Angelus, not caring that his soul meant he was no longer the monster he used to be.

When most people pack up their bags and try to restart their lives in Los Angeles, they find themselves scared, alone, and maybe a little bit overwhelmed. Angel only spends a brief period of time feeling this way if any, as a mysterious man soon approaches him claiming he receives visions of horrible events that are moments away from happening. The more Angel dedicates himself to helping the disadvantaged, the more evil outside forces see him as a serious threat.

This especially holds true for a villainous law firm that the vampire and his team soon realize span across several dimensions. Even if they have nothing to do with it at first, the information Angel has a new interest will get them involved, and fast. Of course, Angel is much different from the average vampire, such to the extent Buffy starts falling in love with him.

Ultimately, this turns out to be how his secret is revealed, as a close moment between them makes Buffy realize the truth. That said, the other former Sunnydale resident who moves to LA has an even more mainstream excuse: When a human turns into a vampire, their physical body dies, replaced with a shell housing a vicious demon that seeks destruction and literally thirsts for blood.

Another side effect is that vampires can no longer have children, at least until Angel and Darla come along to once again break the millennia of traditional. With her dying breath, Darla recognizes that having a child is the one good thing she and Angel ever did together, begging him to take care of their baby in spite of all the evil she had committed.

This quiz has already done a lot of talking about how Angel has a soul without getting into the specifics of how that happened.

What nationality is Angel?

Things changed for him in a major way, though, when a gypsy tribe cursed him with a soul, forcing him to reflect in immortality on the horrible things he had done…unless a certain quality could be achieved, freeing him from the torment. One of the main themes in Angel is how time can change a person, with the title character growing from a drunken lout to an evil murder and then finally a virtuous hero looking to make up for his mistakes. Although Angel is a good guy for most of his time on both TV shows he starred on, his decades as a villain still left ramifications across the globe that the now reformed vamp would have to deal with.

The thorn that most consistently sticks in his side is the same monster who used to be his closest male confidante, the two of them wrecking havoc across Europe alongside their girlfriends Darla and Drusilla. To say goodbye, the two consummate their relationship for the first time, giving Angel the true moment of happiness that makes him evil. Buffy is unsure he changed at first, until the once again murderous Angelus marks an especially close victim.

Immediately prior to the pair having sex, thus making Angel evil again, he and Buffy admit their feelings to one another in plain speech. In fact, this is also the logic used on Buffy, though the Slayer in question may not realize it until another boy gives her the same gift. There is no journey too far for an undead vampire to take, and should his human friends want to come along for the ride, who is he to stop them?

From the moment Angel and company arrive in Pylea, they realize the alternate dimension is almost entirely populated by demons. The few humans they find are kept as animals or hunted for sport, a reality that does not bode well for their missing friend, Cordelia. It also means absolute hell for a poor scientist who was sent to Pylea years earlier, who never had an Angel Investigations to come and save her. Both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel bring up the elephant in the room when it comes to any sort of TV show that brings literal magic into the real world: However, this hardly means the vast majority of them understand it, and almost none of them are able to deduce or comprehend the fact vampires and demons are also real, slowly wreaking havoc over society at large.

The Mayor is behind the scenes pulling the strings of course, yet this only emboldens Faith to try plans she may not have otherwise contrived herself.

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That this will deeply hurt the vampire and enact a measure of revenge for once pretending to be evil is icing on the cake. This meant a bigger home base was required, and Angel found the perfect place in an abandoned business smack dab in the middle of LA. Coincidentally, Angel also spent some time in this establishment in the s, until paranoid Joseph McCarthy fans chased him away. Immediately, Angel realizes exactly what happened, his face sinking, heart breaking. Unable to stop fighting even in the face of a sure apocalypse, the surviving members of Angel Investigation close out their series by raising fists against an overwhelmingly large army of demons.

Angel, Spike, Illyria, and Gunn are the only people to remain, and uncertain though they may be about the future, one thing they have in common is a desire to keep fighting. For his part, Angel laughs off the threat of eternal doom, having heard that old yarn a million times. Still seeking revenge on Angel yet no longer looking to kill him, Holtz takes a different approach in how to make the vampire to suffer for his crimes. She teases the boys mercilessly, then surprises and touches them both by growing sincere, letting them know how grateful she is to have two people she trusts with her life.

Writer Tim Minear says this episode is fundamentally about "body horror. The bonds of trust and friendship deepen significantly among Angel, Cordelia and Wesley. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 11 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Angel season 1 List of Angel episodes. I had remembered that being such a big part of the season, but actually it's a fairly fleeting moment - or was, until they decided to repeat it every week!

I've only seen Angel and Friends out of them two, and I'd swap them positions. Joey and Rachel doesn't turn me off entire episodes of the show, as Connor and Cordy do Angel. They really should be higher on this list. Connor and Cordy was a huuuuuge ick, but Joey and Rachel made me stop watching friends. Not so much icky as silly and ridiculous and boring. And I still say that Dave and Maddie would have worked if they hadn't had Maddie immediately run off afterwards and get pregnant by another guy.

Ruined the whole pleasure of them getting together. I still can't watch s4 with any enjoyment because of the Connor-Cordy relationship. Worst narrative arc ever. Conner and Cordy should be higher on the list. It very hard to watch the season just knowing that is coming up. Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. Besides, when they did it, the world was kinda falling apart, what with the fire raining down from the heavens and all. Connor was honest, Cordelia found something in him that she needed, the world was about to end Yes, have to agree it belongs here, and I'd say even higher.

I've only seen a few reruns of Frazier but Daphne-Niles doesn't bother me.