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Over the years I have known many women including my own mother who knew about their spouses cheating usually more than once but still stayed.

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I even dated one. Most of them Colombian. Lovely people, but their passion seems to get the best of them. And they fall in LOVE, quickly. Culture change takes a long time. It might only be their children or grandchildren who start thinking about change. Just a slightly different perspective. All I know is that I was dating a Mexican. He is from Zacatecas.

After 6 months of bliss, texts started to his ex, flirting with other women, and it ended with a spectacular hooking up with Craigslist hoes. None of the women I know tolerate it either. Theres a lot of cheating here in the US. Its NOT a part of our culture to cheat. OP this is borderline offensive. But then again they have a quite different mentality in the netherlands, with prostitution and weed beeing legal etc. That probably has something to do with it.

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One of his girlfriends best friends boyfriend took another women on vacation to thailand etc for a few weeks, and then got back home to his Girlfriend… so sickening. Then he just got home and everything went back to normal.

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And this was not the only couple that had a really fucked up relation. Everybody seemed to be like this. The girls needed to grab their guys and drag them away from hitting at other ladies.. And all the girls was seeking attention and sleeping with guys who gave it to them all the time.

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Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. Closed Cheating culture in Latin America posted 3 years ago in Latino. Here are some examples: MarmotaLinda 3 years ago Wedding: They were married within three months of her moving here for obvious reasons, but I can confidently say this… If my dad were to ever cheat on my step mom, he would be booted to the curb so fast his head would spin.

MrsNino 3 years ago Wedding: WesterosBarbie 3 years ago Wedding: Horseradish 3 years ago Wedding: October Culture change takes a long time. BringOnTheHappy 3 years ago Wedding: September All I know is that I was dating a Mexican. When I dumped him he was legit confused. Cheekie 3 years ago Wedding: Khaleesy 3 years ago OMG with the stereotypes. Here they lead in with conversation before asking for a date, while at home it was straight to the point.

I think young people are more sexually-minded in Ireland. Being friends with benefits is very common. American hook-up culture actually pales in comparison to the hook-up culture in my hometown.

Exploring Hispanic Culture and Dating

People break up and make up very quickly. Long-term commitment is not given much importance in America. But dating life is definitely easier here! In India, rarely would a guy do that. Guys are more confident about taking a girl home in the US. Women prefer getting to know the guy before sleeping with him. Sex is not too important in Indian relationships but rather friendship and commitment. Friendship is definitely more important than any other relationship.

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They are more likely to be romantically focused. Also, between the ages of 16 and 20 they are likely to be friends with benefits with someone but once they reach college they start looking for a relationship. But here if a guy likes his girl so much, he takes her home to meet his parents. The guy will be a champion, but the girl will be a slut. But, you know, kids have urges, go do your thing, just use protection.