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Tee asks to stay the night and they have a lovely family dinner. We start with Book and Frame first.

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Frame visits Book in his condo and basically, apologizes for his behavior earlier you know, for that thing that he did. I was super happy to see him concerned about Book's well being. I think that this has made him hesitant to start a new relationship with Frame. But at the same time, we can see that he is secretly happy that Frame is giving him attention even though he pretends to be annoyed by it.

On the other hand, Frame is completely into Book. He is constantly trying to vie for his attention, compliments him and after hearing about his failed date with another guy, tells him to try again and date him.

We also get a wonderful scene where he describes Book as a beautiful star, how he is perfect and how he is totally attracted to Book. Then they go to the mall as one does in Thailand everyday where Frame continues being Frame and is quite forward and flirty and Book continues being Book and plays coy and just smiles sheepishly every time. The second pairing of this episode — Yok and Dew continues to be annoying. They are vacationing in Yok's dad's resort. Yok is understandably upset but his mom comes in the picture causing even more drama. They create a scene where Yok's mother scolds him for bringing a guy to the resort and chastises Dew for being a greedy gold-digger.

They all leave the resort unhappy and looking sad. Now, on to our main leads.

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Tee and Fuse are also on holiday this episode and are at the same resort. Fuse's family is there with Tee to surprise Fuse's dad. In the hotel room where they are staying, a small boy comes in saying that he is instructed to give free dessert to couples and that's why he has come here.

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In a different scene, they start talking about their relationship. Tee is still concerned about Fuse and how he has a girlfriend and how that complicates things. But Fuse tells him to not do that and not let things get between them. He tells him to listen to his heart and just be happy. We also get a bonus pairing this episode in the form of Nine and Rodtang. Anyway, Nine is the vice-president of the music club and wants Rod to come to the practice.

Rod, in turn, tells him to take him to a park if he wants Rod to show up in the practice. In the end, we get a lovely scene where they spend the day in the park and talk. I feel that romance is brewing there. After boys Teasing Fuse about between Frame goes to Book and starts being all cutesy and asks what he can buy for him from cafeteria.

Seeing Book's discomfort, Frame reprimands the boys but the damage is already done. Book gets really angry and blames Frame for telling their secret to them. Bring all the angst! Anyway, after that we get a lovely scene where Frame is waiting for Book but Book is ignoring Frame. Both of them look heartbroken. They need to end this fight real quick.

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Now, onto the fun bits. Nine is conducting some sort of band practice and is fed up with Rodtang as he's not following orders. Then, Fuse turns up at the practice scene as a substitute and tells Nine not to worry and that he can convince Rod to practice. Rod is obviously very happy to see Fuse and is ready to teach Fuse how to turn those large-stick-with-balls-at-the-top type thingy. He also utilizes this opportunity to flirt with Fuse. He is not happy and we get the classic Tee side-eyes. But, in the end, Fuse manages to win him over and make him smile again with his funny antics.

And, for reasons unknown, Fuse, Tee, Nine, and Rod all decide to go to dinner together. In the next scene, we get a quick update about Yok. His mother as usual is not happy that Yok is fooling around with guys. So, she seems to recruit Mo's girlfriend to seduce him. It's going to be such a fail. Back to the main story, those four guys are all having dinner and Rod continues to flirt with Fuse but thankfully, Nine holds back Rod from coming too much in between Tee and Fuse. When it's time to go back, we get one of the greatest Tee Fuse scenes ever — the bus scene.

During the ride, Tee asks Fuse if he has feelings for Rod and Fuse makes it clear that he only has eyes for Tee.

Marriage not dating ost

Now, throughout the episode, Nine and Rod continue to flirt with each other. When Rod forgets his keys to his condo, he comes over to Nine's house to sleep.

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Rod tells Nine that he will stop pursuing Fuse and basically, just calls Nine his hero. And, to my surprise, Nine fist pumps the air and celebrates this victory. Apparently, she has known about this for a while and just wants to be friends. Meanwhile, Tee's brother is oblivious to this fact and interjects himself in their conversation and tries to act all cute and flirty. It just results in awkward situation between the three of them.

Been there, done that. Keep your head strong as this too shall pass. The ongoing fight between Book and Frame continues this episode as well escalates more even. It's just one misunderstanding after another. The Boys quickly apologize seeing Book's anger and explain that Frame had nothing to do with it and they just saw how close Frame and Book had become and were just joking.

This calms Book down and he realizes his mistake. He calls Frame and sets up a meeting at the Siam.

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He also buys some CD and greeting card as an apology. But, when he goes there, he sees Frame holding hands with another girl and just loses it. He screams at Frame and blames him for — well — everything. Now, we know that Frame was just helping out his auntie and there is nothing going on between them. Had Book been a rational person and just trusted Frame and asked him about this situation, none of this would have happened. This foursome, on the other hand, is a little more interesting than the rest of them but just as frustrating.

He knows he loves Tee not Jean and has said as much to Tee already but he still acts naive and innocent and continues to suck from both their bottles literally. It's time to choose Fuse and you better choose the right one.

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Anyway, Jean comes to visit Fuse and brings lots of goodies with her. It's basically the high-school version of impressing and seducing your bae with as much things as you can buy. Fuse, of course, is just enjoying this attention and tries to please both of them.

This gets even more complicated when Rodtang arrives for the band practice and there's three of them vying for his attention. Poor Rodtang gets distraught when he finds out that Fuse really IS going out with a girl. Last episode, he just heard it but this episode, he witnessed it live. Meanwhile, Tee is over this situation for now. On the other hand, Fuse acts all stupid and tries to be cutesy and convince Tee to spend time with him.

The only relationship that showed signs of working was that of Rodtang and Nine. As I mentioned earlier, Rod is heartbroken.