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Novel Bonus Chapter 6. The Conned Artist, Part 1 8.

Football Season/Walkthrough

Book 3 Season 2 1: Swim Team Retreat, Part 1 3: Swim Team Retreat, Part 2 4: The Halloween Dance, Part 1 8: The Halloween Dance, Part 2 Season 3 1: The Dance Dilemma, Part 1 3: The Dance Dilemma, Part 2 4: Paige's Thanksgiving Party 5: The Snow Ball, Part 1 6: The Snow Ball, Part 2 7: A Fallon Family Christmas 8: Holiday Special Season 4 1: Full Court Pressure 2: Showcase Sabotage, Part 1 3: Showcase Sabotage, Part 2 4: Paige and Owen's Valentine's Outing 6: The Art Showcase 8: Sectionals Season 5 1: Paige Against The Machine 4: The Show Must Go On 5: The Debutante Dance, Part 1 8: The Debutante Dance, Part 2 Season 6 1: How To Date A Nerd 4: This Friday Night 5: The Newest Cheerleader 6: Graduation Stories Season 7 1: Game of Cones 8: Football Season- Dating Raven 1b.

Football Season- Dating Lisa 2. The New Girl 3. Big Man On Campus 2. Hector's Guide to Girls 3. Love Potion Fun Pack 4. Football King of Spring Break 9. Best Party Ever Fourth of July Flashback What Happened to Colt, Part 1 Holiday Short Stories The Super New Girl Amanda's Valentine's Day The Floating Isle The Super New Girl 3: The Sinking Schools The Super New Girl 4: Reign of Dyre Premium Content: The Mistletoe Match 2. New Year's Connection 3.

Office Monte's New Year's Bash 5.

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Christmas in Helzeroth Summer Season 1. A Summer Fling 2. As Time Goes By Season 1 1. Making Some Dough 2. A Float Is Born 3. Assembling the Team 4.

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The Great Float Caper 5. Break A Leg 6. From Europe With Love 9. The Wrong Side of Town Spud the Stud Party Fowl Season 2 The Holiday Party Tom Prince's Carol New Year's Kiss Boot Camp Breakout Guys Versus Wild The Crosstown Races, Part One The Crosstown Races, Part Two The Break Up The Prince Plot, Part One The Prince Plot, Part Two The Graduation List Love and War Green With Kenji Dance Dance Revelation Sam's Formation, Part One Sam's Formation, Part Two Surviving Pet Society In Colt Blood Long Distance Relation-Trip Denni and Raven's Thanksgiving A Very Tom Prince Holiday Bringing Home Christmas New Year's Date School Ski Trip The Reluctant Matchmaker How to Fight Nerdy Season 4 The Kim-Provised First Date Queen of Hearts Spring Break Up Wilson High's Demise The New Regime Officer Monte's Ridealong Trapped In The Classroom School Rebellion Season 5 Sink or Swim Tough Guy on Campus Justin for President Return of the Astrid Broken Prom-ises, Part 1 Broken Prom-ises, Part 2 Spike Must Graduate Howard's Summer Bummer Season 6 1: Girls Night In 3: Camping Trip Visions 4: French Connection, Paris Part 1 5: French Kiss, Paris Part 2 6: French Finale, Paris Part 3 7: A College Date 8: Hector Versus Hector Season 7 1: Back to School 2: Big Shoes to Phil 5: Homecoming, the Game 6: Homecoming, the Dance 7: Nerd No More 8: The Second Kiss, Part Two 2: Cheerevolution, Part One 3: Cheerevolution, Part Two 4: Taylor the Nerd 7: Secret Santa, Part One 8: Secret Santa, Part Two Season 9 1: New Year's Parties 4: This is Spartan 5: Clash of the Immortals 6: A Spartan Love Story, Part 1 8: The Spartan Games, Part One 4: The Spartan Games, Part 2 5: The Spartan Games, Part 3 6: Eyes on the Prize 7: Real Life Hero Season 11 1: The Last Straw 5: Sara the TV Star 7: Nice Girl Unleashed Season 12 1: The New Head Cheerleader 2: Howard's Last Day 5: Wilson Strikes Back 6: Swim Team Trip 7: The Island Party 8: Howard's College Tour 9: A Kingston King Appendix 1.

Quiz Answers Football Season 2. I downloaded this on a lark the other night and have been utterly hooked by it ever since. This will be a spoiler-free walkthrough.

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There will be no discussion of plot or mini-games unless necessary; the mini-games are self-explanatory and simply require practice to get better at, and a big part of the fun of the game is enjoying the surprises that the plot holds. Also, unless I find myself with an enormous amount of free time on my hands which is not going to happen considering I both go to graduate school and work a full-time job with lots of travel around the country , I will only be discussing the best choices for each scenario, and not what happens with the alternate choices you can make.

I will however be updating this every week with the new content, including the "previews. In other words, try to get the happy sound instead of sad sound for all characters you interact with. This will lead to better outcomes. This isn't always possible, of course, but no reaction is better than a bad reaction.

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  7. In other words, don't exclusively focus on one stat at the expense of others. This will lead to success in all interactions. You just won't get an easy board to find strings of letters on, or the football games will be impossible to win. All I can say is, tough luck. Believe me, I have. This started as a small project that I thought would get a handful of readers and would last maybe a year or two. Also, a huge thanks to the Surviving High School team for answering my occasional questions and for putting together such a wonderful and enjoyable game for so long.

    And as always, follow the steps below for a perfect score. What do you say? What do you do? Who do you want? And thank you again! I was only able to get 95 points for this episode, so if anyone can point out where the missing 5 points are, I'll give you full credit in the next update. Flip, grab, throw 6. Enjoy your bonus scene! Which dog do you choose? Be gentle, soothe, pacify, calm Enjoy your bonus scene!

    It's so the dog can First, we should talk to We should rendezvous with The real prize here is Energetic, kind-hearted, strange in a good way 9. What do you grab? Where do you hide? I know as much about engines as I do about What do you tell Erik? Say something nice about What do you call Cromwell? Punch, grab, dodge 7. I just want to take a couple pictures I just wanted to say Who should Owen go with? Who do you ask for help? Pick the right number! Run, sprint, follow 9. Study, learn, concentrate 9.

    What do you write? Beauteous, fetching, radiant Who do you help? Relax, stay calm, chill Enjoy your bonus scene! He leans in and Clearly, your dad thinks I'm In the middle, in the center 5. What do you do?! Push, be strong, shove Run, go, sprint Enjoy your bonus scene! Charity, warehouse, building C 4.

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    Push, raise, lift Dab Enjoy your bonus scene! Frankly, we heard you Grip, hold firm, hold on Enjoy your bonus scene! Tackle, takedown, push Avoid, sprint, run Enjoy your bonus scene! Push, shove, hold firm 8.