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And SM didn't even try either. They just said they weren't alone at the time. Victoria said once in Radio Star that she liked guys with big eyes, lol, how much more obvious can you get? And Changmin basically mentions Victoria's exact height when he is describing his ideal type. Even so I thought I heard some rumors that they had broken up. Since they are rumors I will leave it there. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Started by ToxicBritney , Oct 20 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

I'm really curious, so please help me out here. They have such a long history of shipping I really can't recall whether Khuntoria or Changtoria came first. Kyuhyun is Changmin's best friend and also a really close friend of Victoria.

f(x)'s Victoria and TVXQ's Changmin are dating?

He acknowledged his friendship with both of them publicly. Changmin however does not acknowledge his friendship with Victoria as much as Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun is thought to be Changtoria's wingman. How Kyuhyun reacted to Changtoria's spoon scandal. Well actually it was just a guess.

Then SM had to go and admit that it was Chagmin's reflection in the spoon. Up, Up and Away! Sign In Need an account? I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Also that sharing thing sounds like fanfiction. The fact that people agreed with such a misogynistic comment is beyond pathetic I mean it was pretty obvious that IU was the one who suffered the most with the scandal by far. But the fact that the rumor has lasted this long always makes it fishy.

Vic can dance so much better than IU. VIc was trained in one of the top dance school in china. IU got a great voice, and Vic can dance amazingly. Well, I thought that everybody knew this already. They are indeed dating. But what confuses me is that I thought they broke up around last summer and she was with Kyuhyun. I guess Vic returned to Changmin again. I'm amazed what information netizens can get from the back of a spoon lmao XD and I totally ship this couple! I don't think she was pulling an IU.

Who in the world would check what's reflected on their utensil before uploading pictures. She probably uploaded the picture, read comments and maybe some eagle-eye netz point that out in the comment. Eitherway she can't avoid netz' criticisms.

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This is soo much fun! Yunho and Ara are dating longer probably since You can still find old fanacounts about them going out.


But after TVXQ comeback korean fans became more secretive bcs there was just too much bashing and hate for example infamous "Atlanta incident" when Yunho went to Atlanta at the same time when Ara was shooting a movie there and they spent Chuseok there Everyone went batshit crazy at that time and all Yunho's fansites even Chubee were trying to save the situation lololol There is a photo of Ara a Victoria from TVXQ concert last year and according to people who went there Ara and Vic were sitting right next to Yunho and Changmin's fathers These photo evidences are fun going thru: But,i really hope they two are dating If they are not datig why did they take the picture down so fast??

SM idols normally date within each other anyways. Besides how the fuck is Vic suppose to know that netizens will actually notice such a thing 3. Sooyoung and Siwon are dating??? I thought they broke up or something They are assuming because of rumors, let's remember that netizen are normal people commenting rumors.

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  4. For me it seems like Taeyeon dislikes him, well at least now. I think these relationships are beginning to be more like an open-secret than a scandal. About SeoKyu, I watched Radio Star and it seemed like SNSD wanted to play match maker with them but they didn't seem like they were dating at all, Seohyun is pretty obvious about it, I think they tease her with guys because her reactions are always like "ahh nooo". Lol, well I guess it's normal for random comments in a gossip page. They had a purple bear keychain with a number on it and carried it around for the longest time.

    The number was supposed to represent something or someone's birthday, I forgot. I don't think Seohyun is dating anyone right now though. Well,Yonghwa is great and all but Kyu definitely has the advantages being in the same company. Plus Yonghwa looked so uninterested lately. Yeah, Changmin's my ultimate bias and I'm just really excited for him. I love Victoria, too, so that's a plus. To be honest, it was pretty obvious he was dating someone to me, because he's just been really happy the past few months.

    Eunhyuk was pitied at first for being the "victim" of IU until he started blabbing away and cracking jokes. This is so sexist, but what can you do, its netizens. For God's sake Vicitoria goes shopping with Zhoumi regularly, no one cares or makes a scandal about that. True, guys and girls can hang out, but this is different 'cause there has been rumors of Changmin and Victoria for quite a while now.

    Even K-Cassies aren't really overreacting like people would expect because it's an old rumor that is highly likely to be true. Just say it was Amber then everything will be cleared xD. The comments are so fun to read as well. Many of us seem to support this couple. I'm actually waiting for EJ, she's the one that got me believe that Vic is dating Kyuhyun for these past two years lol but if what people say about Changtoria is true, so this is a jackpot for Kyutoria.

    How well they've been acting like they're the real couple and made people confused.

    This is old news for me. I have some friends who are sasaeng fans and they confirmed this way way back before.

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    I love Changmin so I just wanna see him well fed, happy and rested, all of which is what he seems to be so these days yay But really. ChangYoon is the cutest, tbh. SM has a few more couples to go It's Seohyun we're talking here.. What kind of friends would they be then? Plus Kyuhyun already said he didn't date since his debut. The only reason why you could think of such a silly idea is because you must be a Kyutoria shipper!

    There is no way these 2 would have dated the same girl without consequences on their friendship. Plus do you see Victoria like some kind of bitch?