Dating a guy with money problems

He talks as if nothing happens.

Dating Someone Who Is Bad With Money

But on the same night, he send me a text asking me to hate him. But the truth is my dad is in the midst of giving the green signal. He also has inferiority complex that I am wealthier than him and he always needs my financial support. I was also planning to give him surprises and make him feel special and tell him that he is worth. I will admit when it comes to money, I can be a bit reckless in terms of buying something too quickly without doing my due diligence which brings me to the situation im in now.

Me and my lady have 2 young kids, both of us work demanding jobs in healthcare, so absences is not a good thing. So I went back to Craigslist I got my lady car off there also a while back, u win some on C. L u loose some in search of a temporary ride just until I had enough bred to get something more reliable. That car was pretty cheap I got, but had to put some tires and work into it, these 2 cars and the work I must put into it is putting a financial strain on my income. I decided to rid the car and got some of he money back.

Now im back on the market car shopping. I met this amazing man who was very attentive and affectionate to me and we matched up on so many levels.

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Before we even met, he had lost a job and had to temporarily move in with his dad at He also lived 2 hours from me but was always happy to come down here to spend time with me once a week. He even wants to still see me from time to time. He wants me to leave him due to his financial problems and told me that he is not a good guy for me. He said he needs time and space. I have no idea what to do. I told him i was going on vacation and i did, but when i came back from vacation he was working at my job!

We are both going through financial hardship and I love him to death and would eventually like more out of the relationship.

We are both in this way because he is helping me struggle my way through nursing school. But the hardship is making him depressed. I keep giving him outs so he can have his life back and all he says is you are a part of my life and this struggle is for our future. Which is even more confusing. Because I know it is because of this struggle that he is not pursuing anything with me, which to me is ruining the future for us because I feel sometimes he resents me.

Money and Divorce – The Stats

Mitch Vandell - Poor-Sucker Syndrome. Men are constantly fed with impressions that lure them into thinking that self-sabotaging behaviors will reward them and should be pursued. After reading your response above regarding men in a financial crisis. I am in a very similar situation. I have been dating this guy for 2 years. Things were going pretty good up until a few weeks ago when he suggested that we be friends. We are older 59 and 61 yrs old and he contracts himself out with his trucking business semi. Now he is behind in all of his bills including rent. Just trying to give him his space and keeping myself busy.

He has still to recover. He has lost many clients and income.

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He may still lose his home which has been in the balance for 2 years. He has borrowed to pay bills. I met him before these tragedies and we were so close to a loving committed relationship and life was great.

Ask a Guy: Dating a Guy with Financial Problems

He drifts in and out of my life since. And I tell him I will. But it is so hard to watch him struggle and not know what to do to support him. And what to do when he distances himself like he has just recently.

What do I do that is loving and supportive then??? How do I help??? We had the best time until one day he accused me semi-jokingly of having his balls in my handbag after he made me breakfast one morning. He said he felt emasculated by making me pancakes! The very next day I saw him, and he was a completely different person. All the fun and smiles were gone, and things have not been the same since 6 weeks now.

He invited me to his boat 2 weeks ago and spent the whole time discussing the new unsavory job and the job search with little emotion. I so wish there was something I could do to help — he is so fantastic. I am moving on, but do continue to hope that things improve and that he might come back to me one day. A whole lifetime has probably passed since your posting, but I feel the same.

My guy was making over , when I met him in in his own business. By his business took a sudden turn and he lost clients. Obama economy hit him and his clients. He was able to hang on for a while but the last 2 years he could not. We were developing a wonderful relationship and then then economy tanked. But I can relate to your post.

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  • The smiles are gone, the frequent phone calls are gone. So how do we help and support these men? We gals really need to know, this is not a unique situation. Please write the column on relationship limbo. Is it the same for guys or usually just a girl problem? I can very well relate to you…the job hunting, and all sorts of financial assistance just to help him get through those difficult times.

    He has unstable work, and last month, just before losing his job, he broke up with me. I told him ill be giving him space, since that is what he wanted in the first place. We had limited contact ever since, and when we talk, he updates me about his job hunting ventures.

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    I can see his restlessness to make himself better, but his coldness and uncaring ways pushes me away from him all the more. Just last week, he expressed his intention to start a small business with me—with me funding it. He on the other hand will manage the business. But with the current state of mind, i am not sure if this will work.