Degrassi actors dating in real life

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Actors from the show who are best friends in real life self. A post in another topic inspired me to create this - which Degrassi actors are best friends in real life? I really love that Annie and Cristine, in particular, are such good friends. It makes the chemistry they had as characters seem that much more real. They even went to their real prom together! Shane Spinner , Dalmar Danny , Raymond Sav , and Scott Johnny are still close and seem to be working together on some production company! The fact that Scott and Shane are good friends in real life makes me laugh, given their characters hated each other: Well I mean, they never really hated each other, they liked to fight when Spinner had cancer, but besides for that I'd argue that they were somewhat similar characters who would have likely been friends IRL.

Lauren, Stacey and Adamo are really good friends in real life. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Degrassi subscribe unsubscribe 4, readers 30 users here now Welcome Degrassi is a Canadian drama franchise that follows the lives of a group of teenagers who lived on or near De Grassi Street in Toronto, Ontario. Some things never change, and teens are one of those things. Cassie Steele played Manny on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and was certainly the most famous member of the Steele family, but her sister, Alex Steele, also plays a part in the history of the show.

Degrassi dating in real life

Alex played two different roles on the show. Then, she re-appeared in seasons as Tori Santamaria for seasons 11 and Degrassi pushes boundaries and often asks its actors to do some fairly compromising things as a result. Miriam McDonald, who played Emma Nelson on Degrassi, has a somewhat signature scene from her time on the show. That strip scene, which ultimately backfires and leads to a secret relationship between Peter and Emma, was filmed by McDonald herself without a body double and aired without any editing in Canada.

McDonald was still quite young at the time. After all, she was meant to be portraying a teenager. The scene served a purpose for the plot, but many may have wished that it was a little less explicit.

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  8. Drake was a star from a fairly young age. In interviews about the program since he launched his music career, Drake has been quite frank about how things went. A character from The Next Generation played by Jamie Johnston, Peter Stone was initially quite manipulative, but eventually matured into a more sensible and responsible character. He eventually went on to Toronto University and remained a part of the show for more than five years. Stone certainly had his fair share of romantic entanglements over the course of Degrassi, but all of them were with women.

    Initially, he was meant to pursue a relationship with Riley Stavros, but that plotline ultimately shifted, with Riley instead having unrequited feelings for Peter. Although she said she was grateful for her time on the show, Andrea Lewis, who played Hazel Aden, wrote in a blog post that she believes the show has issues with race.

    She says the writers were generally uninterested in writing storylines for her character, and were instead much more concerned about how to use Hazel in the storylines of white characters. Lewis was unafraid of speaking her mind, and she was right to speak out. In typical boundary-pushing fashion, it was Degrassi that struck the blow.

    It came not on a show, but in Degrassi: Degrassi was never afraid to stir up controversy. The show has aired numerous storylines about terminated pregnancies throughout its history, and those storylines have typically held a sympathetic eye toward the issue. As a result of these often frank depictions of the subject, the episodes of Degrassi that featured these storylines were often edited or never aired in countries around the world.

    Degrassi was groundbreaking because of its frank depictions of the turmoil of teenage life, and all of the ugliness that often came with it. Being young is incredibly hard, and Degrassi understands that better than many teen shows. Andre Kim, the actor behind Winston Chu, made a public apology after a video of him using racial slurs while gaming emerged. Kim has also found himself under fire for a string of offensive tweets.

    Steps were taken to discipline Kim, with the hopes that this kind of incident would never be repeated by any other cast members. High and Degrassi High, and he struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. Having been raised by two alcoholic parents, Hope had trouble finding the help that he needed, and his health was further complicated by his diabetes.

    Degrassi stars dating real life

    Ultimately, Hope died at the age of 35 in of a heart attack. In that episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, he reunites with the fictional band Zit Remedy.

    In his real life, Hope moved around Canada quite a bit, and died in a Hamilton rooming house. Torres came to Degrassi High to escape bullies at his old school, and was eventually exposed as a transgender man. Thankfully, in spite of this exposure, Adam found that he could still lead a happy, fulfilling life even when those around him knew that he was trans. For a time, Degrassi provided representation for viewers who had never had it, although many believe they eventually betrayed that by killing off Adam.