Lol pvp matchmaking

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I'm about ready to just turn on a match and let people beat me while I play something else at the same time. P That seems to be the case when I pvp lol.

Either it's someone who has way higher stats or someone that just stands there or flat out sucks. My stats are plenty fine. I've got a full slate of level characters. I just don't enjoy PvP very much. I thought it went up to only level lol It's clobberin time!!! I suggest that you respond the Survey, you can tell them, with additional comments that the PVP isn't fun, I fill it too. I've already done that. The thing is though that I don't think the PvP is a bad mode, but I just don't like PvP in pretty much any game that isn't a full 1v1 fighting game.

Just hope they fix it.

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I mean it does have over 10million downloads lol It's clobberin time!!! In rare cases when a post or user is harming the community without explicitly violating a rule, the mod team reserves the right to take action as needed to remedy the situation. The fully detailed rules can be found here. Discussion Ranked PvP matchmaking needs a rework desperately self.

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I am currently BR 40, almost I am by no means good, I don't have any of the new strong SPs, but I don't consider myself bad neither. I can occasionally pull off side-stepping with enough practice. Why is this a thing?

Lol pvp matchmaking - Jean Baptiste - Klinika Urody & SPA

I don't mind waiting a longer time if it means I can get a chance at winning against someone similar rank to me. It really sucks to lose twice in a row against people who are clearly that much better than me, only to win once against a bot, and have this cycle repeat itself. I am barely climbing this way. I know I am not that great, so game, stop matching me against those players. I am not going to win. And it's not like I tell myself I'm going to lose neither.

I try my very hardest, but my opponents unit switch and combos are so fluid that they can RR me before 10 counts have elapsed. I feel like a sitting duck. They're not gonna go easy on me, because if they lose, they lose a crap ton of points, so I expect them to go all out against me. As a result, I'm not improving from playing against better players, it is not MUCH of a learning experience whatsoever.

I'm not going to get a better connection or a higher refresh rate device, I play on an old phone and can still get BR 40, I just want to climb a little higher and really get to see if I'm in the right rank.

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TL;DR it really sucks to get matched against significantly higher ranked players where the skill gap is too high to overcome so you end up losing twice like this and then win against a bot. That is no way to climb and your ranking is not a accurate representation of your skill level. Rank now means nothing about skill tbh. You should be happy you get to play higher lvled ppl so you get more pointz. But it's not like I'm going to win against high ranked people, I just get destroyed, it's not fun: At Rank 90 with 10k RP, everyone that you play against is around 6k RP, sometimes 8k, doesn't matter, you get almost no points and sometimes even drop in rank, even if you win every match.

You need to grind low rank players for 30 matches, never allowed to lose, just to hold your rank and then maybe someone strong comes by, who gives you 25RP and you actually climb two ranks. That being said, there's no real solution to this, because the number of people queueing in pvp at the specific time you are playing is very limited.

They tried to compensate for the lack of possibilities to climb by introducing bots, which got abused terribly and inflated the rp market last season. High ranking players don't want to play against low ranks either, but there's no solution to this because you cant control who is currently playing.

There is a solution, it's boosting the minimum RPs you get from low ranked players to at least I'm DG Drainer, I was trying to end up in the top 3 or at least 10 this season. I quit trying to rank high in pvp this season, the system is fucked, the rewards are pathetic and they all go to cheaters for the most part anyway.

How LoL Ranked Matchmaking Works by Wowcrendor (League of Legends Machinima) - WoWcrendor

I totally understand that the matchmaking is due to the smaller player base and the lack of people at the times in queuing up. That being said, I think they could implement some sort of estimated queue time kind of like on League of Legends and a always available back button, until a match occurs. That way, you can see how long you have to wait, and opt out any time of that wait. As for when a match does occur when two players with a large skill gap occurs, I think they should give some sort of buff to the lower ranked player or some sort of debuff to the higher ranked player, in order to level out the skill gap.

If they did what you said what would be the point of getting better at the game if lower players get the easy way out while skilled players suffer massive rank drops.


But I'm not getting better playing against BR 50s lol because I literally can't even land a hit. There are some discord guys that can do that. I'm not saying I get matched with them, all I'm saying is that there are some people so good at this game that it's kind of like as if you're Krillin in the anime fighting Goku.

You're not learning much else from that fight except that Goku is clearly stronger than you. The higher br aren't more skilled. It just means you're getting matched with people who have been farming ranked longer. I know you can climb pretty high just by farming bots, I'm sure that's not necessarily always the case.