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The W e Mo mineralizations. Figure 1 Sketch map of the multi-core metallogenic system and distribution of porphyry Cu e Mo deposits in the Central Asian metallogenic.

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The main mineral assemblages of the. The Zhanet Mo deposit is a medium-sized quartz vein-greisen Mo. The main ore mineral is molybdenite Fig. Wall-rock alterations include potassic-alteration e. K-feldspathization, biotitization , pyritization, greisenization,. Pegmatite veins formed in the late stage. Re e Os isotopic compositions of the. Sample processing and analytical methods.

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The 11 molybdenite samples used for Re e Os isotope dating were. After grinding and sorting, all the molybdenite.

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Re e Os isotope dating of the molybdenite samples was per-. Research Center for Geoanalysis. The chemical separation and. Qu and Du , The isotope ratio was determined using. For Re, the mass numbers and were chosen. For Os, , , , , The common Os was obtained from the measured ratio of. Os following the table of atomic weight Wieser, The uncertainties of model ages also included. The model age t Ma of molybdenites was. Qu and Du , where 1. The analytical results are listed in Table 1. The table also giv es the. T able 2 provides the blank.

Metallogenic ages and series of Cu e W e Mo deposits. The model ages of molybdenites obtained in the experiment are.

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Borly porphyry Cu deposit; East Kounrad W e Mo deposit; Figure 4 A quartz vein from the Zhanet Mo deposit. Table 1 Re e Os isotopic data for molybdenites from Cu e W e Mo deposits in the Balkhash metallogenic belt, Kazakhstan and the standard material. The East Kounrad greisen W e Mo deposit. The Akshatau greisen W e Mo deposit. Re e Os isochron age for the deposits such as East Kounrad,. Akshatau and Zhanet is All of the above ages are greater than the. The Re e Os isochron dating of molybdenites is considered to.

The formation ages of the East Kounrad. Re e Os isochron ages given in the present paper represent the ages. The analytical results of Re e Os isochron dating of molybde-. The formation of Cu e W e Mo deposits can be. Cu e W e Mo mineralization in the western Balkhash metallogenic. Re e Os data is available for a number of ore deposits Lambert. J e M Reef, Stillwater; Fig. Therefore, they have very. W e Mo deposits in the Balkhash metallogenic belt have higher.

Hence, the mantle melts of this region had very high. The former mineralization of porphyry. Cu e Mo deposits has suffered contamination of more crustal. Nevertheless, they may have come from the same mantle. T ectono-magmatism and metallogenic ages in the. Balkhash e Junggar metallogenic belt. The metallogenic series of Cu e W e Mo deposits in the western. Middle and Late Paleozoic Heinhorst et al. It developed for multiple reasons d From. Cu e Au deposits , to the cal-alkaline magmatism controlled by.

Table 2 Blank background of the whole procedure of analyses. Re ng Common Os ng.

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Figure 5 Re e Os isochron diagram of the molybdenites from. Cu e Mo metallogenic belt. The zero intercept on the. Permian continental rift valley the peralkaline riebeckite granite. Some areas of China, e. East and West Junggar and the East. Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, also devel-.

Sn metallogenic belts, which are of similar age and type to the. For example, the Paleozoic Baogutu.

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The Beierkuduke quartz vein-greisen Sn deposit in. East Junggar also occurs in Late Carboniferous granites, with. In the Sareshike Sn deposit of East Junggar, the. Mountains occurs in a plagiogranite porphyry that is Carbonif-. Re e Os isochron age of molybdenite in the copper ore body is. The Chihu porphyry Mo e Cu. It can thus be seen that the metallogenic age of the porphyry. Cu e Mo deposit in the western Balkhash metallogenic belt. Baogutu porphyry Cu e Mo deposit, Song et al.

The age of Balkhash e Junggar porphyry Cu e Mo mineraliza-. Late Paleozoic Han et al. It is obviously younger than the. Beishan Mountain, Inner Mongolia, which occurred in a Late. Paleozoic island-arc environment On the other hand,. It is slightly older than. Re e Os isochrone ages of the No. The latter is controlled by a ductile shear zone Rb e Sr and. Sm e Nd isochrons give the main stage as e Ma and a late.

A Cu e Ni e Co magmatic metallogeni c system, after La mbert et al. B Porphy ry Cu e Mo metalloge nic system. Among them, theRGs and RHs are molybdenites fromthe quartz e molybdenitestockwork in. Lipovy Log Ta e Nb e Mo deposit gav e an isochron age of.

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The Balkhash me tallogeni c belt is an important por phyry Cu e Mo. Asian metall ogenic domain. This paper, ba sed on 1 Re e Os isotope. The formation of Cu e W e Mo. Cu e Mo deposits occurring at w Ma; and latter, quartz. W e Mo Sn deposits occurred between We wish to express here our heartfelt gratitude to the National No. China and the Satpaev Institute of Geological Sciences of. Financial support supplied by. W e thank the. Copper Deposits of Kazakhstan, Reference. Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of. Isotopic compositions of the.