Batman arkham origins matchmaking issues

Had some connection issues... - Batman Arkham Knight 6

Intentional trolling or whatever, whose to say. The solution is to either play Hunter, Hunted since people don't idle in that, or get someone to invite you to their working lobby. Punpun View Profile View Posts.

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Yeah that "Agent Jake" is there everyday ruining my games. Start a New Discussion. I'm also very pissed for this but if you want you can add me for some Mp.

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  • WB Announces Batman: Arkham Origins Server Closure;
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I play with different groups almost every night so if you want you can join us. Yea some nights not an issue at all it connects beautifully and away we go.

WB Announces Batman: Arkham Origins Server Closure

But currently it truly is a pain in the butt it really is. I hope to god that they get this running right because I love the online concept but good lord!!! Cod never had these issues I don't understand why you would release a game and game mode if it doesn't work properly. Also lazy clown that'd be great. I assume your pan in thelazyclown??

Lol I agree with you, I really like the concept but I think its problems rely on the game being rushed during its development.

5 Tips to fix ‪‎Batman‬: Arkham Knight‬ PC - AMD & Nvidia Cards

The devs probably needed a few more months. Anyway, whenever you want to play MP just send me an invitation I already added you so I will invite you too Its always nice to play with people who likes the MP. I looked in my games and the game does show up, but when I attempt to play the game I am told to attempt to download the game again. I have purchased other games and I have played them with no problems.

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  • Changes to minimum PC requirements day before release?!.
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It is just this game that has been giving me problems. Anyone have any sugesions? Hi there Six Gun Galahad, are you able to try and download the content Batman while connected to Xbox Live on a ethernet connection if you are currently connecting on wireless? Or how about trying to download to an alternate storage device such as a flash drive? Did this solve your problem?

Batman: Arkham Origins Online not working? :: Batman™: Arkham Origins General Discussions

Sorry this didn't help. Hi Six, What country are you located in currently? What country is your LIVE account registered to? I am hooked up to an ethernet so my speed should be good.

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Arkham Asylum last spring without any problems. I will try downloading to a flash drive Can you try out GronTron's suggestion and use a USB Flash Drive to download this game remove the hard drive and then just download your profile and then the game.

Tried to download the game onto my flash drive. I will never buy another major game from xbox live market place. A waste of money It sounds like this may be a connection issue, as it's failing at odd times during the process. Can you please go to http: I have downloaded a dozen other games in the last year on the same console and on the same network with no problems. I recently downloaded some demos also with no problems.