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He is very believable.

Have you been scammed?

Says he has a young daugther called Mia. This girl is a romance scammer Carizza Senoc saying she is Ms.

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Earth candidate and asks for money for her brother with autism. Seemed funny to me so I started checking out scammers online found this photo. Not very good photo of her anybody have a better one so I can be sure. Bob E Rogers on Facebook. Says stationed in Iraq NOT. Wants to leave Facebook chat for Hangouts to text.

Bad Grammer Wife gone young son all the signs. I see at scammer to its call Calvin Bernard he said he have at daughter. He is very clever. I never chasst him. Please becareful All womans. He liyng to bee from California and All his friends is from state Abuja Nigeria. Has a car business send 15 cars from France to Ivory Coast than asked me for money to pay for hotel and food.

I was wondering if anyone knows this guy? A guy was trying to scam me using this guys pics. I fell in love with the guy in the pics and would love to meet him please help. Hi Was wondering if anybody seen this guy? Pretends to be a Military Doctor … Please help if you know anything about him. I met this guy George Bernard Yes I fell for him… but something is not right …I need to know more about him cause after months of talking he now is asking for money and gets very mad when I tell him I cam help… any info please would be a big help, before I go any farther with him,,, thank you,.

This is a scam. Someone using his picture contacted me as well. This guy Bernard I meet on line in a dating site two weeks ago. I knew he was a fake, con artist, so I blocked him. This guys picture is used a few times. He is talking to a friend of mine since month also and keeps asking for money…The real man on the pic is supposed to be famous cook in the USA. He contacted me through facebook using this fake photo that belongs to a Spanish politician named Elias Bandodo.

He claims to be an engineer and contractor from Ireland living in Glasgow with a daughter of He asked for my WhatsApp number and e mail which I did not supply since the scam what too obvious. He messaged me on messenger using an automatic translator to my language and when I asked him to write in English, his writing was not of a native kind.

When I threatened to report him his facebook account disappeared…. Anyone else been contacted by this man? Says his name is Frank Morgan and is a widow with a son being cared for by a teacher. Contacted me on Facebook messenger then quickly asked me to change to Google hangouts. I am sure he is messaging other people as he often appears online but not talking to me despite saying I am the only one.

Says he is a private contractor in the oil industry and is doing a high paying contract on a rig for Exxon Mobil. Has a problem with his bank account and urgently needs funds to buy tools to enable him to finish his contract and get paid. This gal carizza blameseur senoc from zambales is a romance scammer. She said she was former ms. Earth and IT with special kid brother and needs money to apply as flight attendant.

Anyone know Frank James? Friended me through Facebook. Typical scammers, asked for phone, then iTunes cards to keep in contact. BP not even worth that. Bei mir nennt er sich Franck Jorge und kommt aus Toulon. Ist jetzt angeblich in Burkina Faso und seine Mutter ist dort schwer krank. Bei mur kam die Geldfrage schon. He since claimed to have been flown from SA, to Mexico.

He was then abruptly flown to the West of Africa in Nigeria. He is claiming 2 b desperate 2 leave Nigeria and wants money for leave form. He 1st requested money 4 an iPhone he claimed 2 have broken. Hes now sulking n claiming to be stuck in Nigeria.

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He says he has a son. Parents deceased n has only 1 brother who takes care of his son bcoz his ex girlfriend, mother 2 the son fell pregnant 4 another man. Fake name Dylan Williams. I found the real person whose picture he had stolen and informed him.

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The fake FB profile is now deleted. The actual person has converted his install account to private now. He is using name as dr joseph mark joss.. This one goes by many names. Although the picture is of a real US Army Soldier. Damian Greg on Instagram. The scammer revealed his identity as a 31 year old Nigerian named Kelvin.

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He claimed Damian is a crude oil ship employee, a widower, father of two. If anyone recognizes the face in the picture please contact me. Does anyone know this guy his name is Nathan age 35? He joined Marine Corp 13yrs ago training in Nigeria now. He only wants to text but never video chat. My scammer used this picture for his profile on Tinder. Called himself Steve Matt Denzler. Said he was half swiss half American living in Houston.

Fronting as an engineer at Arnold Oil Company. Funnily enough when I tried to let the real guy know he blocked me thinking I was a scammer!

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  5. One of the really convincing things the scammer did was have a Skype call. Turns out he used a video that the real guy had posted and uploaded it using Manycam. Can hear and see them clearly. I did confront my scammer and he actually confessed that he was Nigerian and had fallen in love with me and wanted to know if there was any chance.

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    He video called me to prove his love. I obviously blocked him. Has anyone seen this man on match. He claims to be an un orthopedic surgeon who is doing the last 3 weeks of his contract in the yeman. I report a scammer who was dating me over Whatsapp for nearly two and a half years.

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    I found a letter of another woman he was scamming too. I attach some of the photos. He disappeared after I loss R50, Met him on Instagram philippenaval , email philippecos07 gmail. Said his name is Mason. We matched on tinder he askes for my number when given he left or just unmatched and contacted me through Whatsapp. He now said his name is Rolland. I questioned that he said full name Rolland mason.