Dating a girl waiting for marriage

If you know up front she isn't going to have sex until after marriage, and you know you aren't going to marry her without first having sampled the goods, well You're stuck in a sex-less limbo forever. I have met 2 girls who have said that they "want to wait until marriage", who were actual virgins OP's girl is not.

I decided to date them regardless, because I enjoyed their company. For the first girl, after about 6 weeks in, we ended up sleeping together. It should be noted, that I didn't bring up sex at all; she was the one who initiated it. The second girl gave it up in 2 weeks. NOPE - your wife is going to be crazy enough, can't imagine what it would be like if you took her vcard too. Even for religious purposes? If it was a woman who is so physically beautiful, amazing personality, fun to be around, intelligent, and loves you to bits and has had other sexual encounters in the past, just not penetrative V-Sex.

Well, if that's the case, then provided that she's fertile, loyal, and not a religious nut job, I can't see any reason why not. I'm assuming the "other sexual encounters" were with me. If not, the hypocritical whore can go fuck herself.

She wants to wait for marriage, I am losing it...Any advice?

Unfortunately no they weren't with me. She said she's now a better christian and would not do what she did in the past unless in a marriage Yah and when you find out on your honeymoon that she is a dead fish, you'll be divorcing her the next day. Dated a girl for a couple months that didn't do anything beyond making out for religious reasons. She was awesome in every other way but I just couldn't handle it. It's not something I can put up with. As someone said, that type of attitude carries a lot of implied meaning and reasoning I'm not comfortable with.

Whoever is more fun to be around is always going to take the cake.

Since a lot of people on this thread seem to view virginity negatively, but does it really matter? Don't pretend you wouldn't. Personality trumps all the rest except maybe looks. I like girls who can stand up to their principles and not easily swayed by her surroundings.

If she were like what you said "physically beautiful, amazing personality, fun to be around, intelligent, and loves you to bits", i don't see why sex would matter much. If you love her and like to be around her, then sex is just an extra add-on I don't fancy girls who easily sleep around with men And where else would you find a girl who's still a virgin nowadays? I say she's a keeper I am just stating my opinion. Ok, sex does matter to a certain degree. If she gives really good head and doesn't mind doing it on command, then it wouldn't really matter.

This is assuming she's not a religious nut job and any other stereotype that comes along with waiting until marriage. If she can choke one down like a pro, she's probably going to be decent in bed, too. If not, you always have the former haha. If she gives really good head and doesn't mind doing it on command, then it wouldn't really matter.. I think it's possible to test if you have chemistry without having sex. Perhaps make sure she's willing to experiment and have fun in the bedroom?

I mean, I don't think you'd want someone who isn't open to new things. My boyfriend had to teach me everything cause I didn't know anything about the male anatomy. I don't blame her for wanting to wait till marriage. If anything, I wish I had done the same thing.

Option 1: Wait as long as possible

I thought I had found the one or whatever - I wish I had saved it. Because of this experience, I will no longer have sex with another guy till marriage. I can't respect myself anymore if I have sex with another douche.

What we know about commitment and sex

So yeah, don't blame her for wanting to wait till marriage. She's just looking out for herself. Make sure you both have the spark or chemistry or whatever though. The last thing you'd want is a sexless marriage.. We connect really well and there are sparks I mentioned her degree to point out she's not dependent on me financially, she is only 22 and trying to get a role as a junior analyst. I'm wondering what we could say for you to think the other way. You came to this forum to ignore the naysayers and thank those that would support your clearly faltering belief otherwise you wouldnt ask the question.

Every single resource regarding the positives of no sex before marriage are christian based organisations.

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I assume you are not a devout believer, or we wouldnt be having this debate. Look at the evidence, only people who have a religious reason to rationalise this, preach it or their parents do. There can't be any other positives to it, or there would be more takers. Sadly, the statistics regarding successful marriages will also be very jaded, since anyone devout enough to not fornicate before marriage will also be in the divorce is a sin category.

Actually you are wrong. There was a guy who wanted to test the exact thing you just said and thought there was less rates of divorces in Christians. The results of his survey were surprising and turns out there is a higher divorce rate amongst them. I'm very biased against religious nuts.

Making decisions based on no evidence is a real burn I have with humanity. If I'm completely honest, I think she'll start initiating that she's okay with having sex before marriage.. She's just not the type to naturally stay away from the ish lool I just don't want to pressure her haha. Most prestigious way to lose your virginity? Should I round the number of bitches I bang to the tenth?

What Christian Girls Look For in Guys - Waiting Until Marriage, Singleness, & More!

This girl has been railed in the ass by another guy, but refuses to have sex with you. Your thinking about marrying her?????? The intolerance ITT is distasteful, it sort of reminds of the sort of attitude men once had towards promiscuous women 50 years ago. I've only been in 2 relationships and I waited a month before giving it up to the first guy. My current man is the real deal, and while he doesn't care that I had a previous relationship, I think it would've been special if he had been the only one.

Like another poster on the first page of this thread, I wish I had waited. I have plenty of friends who have chosen to wait, and I can guarantee that they are not nut jobs. They're confident, happy, socially popular, emotionally healthy women who are working as corporate lawyers, consultants and bankers. Maybe being narrow-minded about other people's ideas, and stereotyping all virgins as crazy religious freaks from small towns, is not a very smart way to think.

Also, if you think you can't train a virgin to be sexually compatible with you, you REALLY have no experience of life. Boyfriend 1 pretty much took the tabula rasa version of me and molded me exactly to his liking. Took a bit of adjustment when I hooked up with my current BF, and we're serious as hell about each other even though we had different sexual tastes when we first got together.

So if sexual compatibility is your argument against virgins, I think I just proved it isn't necessarily true. I can guarantee that they are not nut jobs.

She wants to wait for marriage, I am losing itAny advice? - guyQ by AskMen

I wonder how long you guys were talking before making it official. Yes, it would have been a short time if we hadn't known each other. I had known him for slightly more than a year before we started dating, and he had been trying to convince me to date him for five months.