Dating an immature girl

By using texting as your primary mode of communication, you may miss out on getting to know the person you have affection for in a healthy way. Take the plunge, put yourself out there, and pick up the phone to experience a real interaction. Many singles are asleep about behaviors that might be considered silly by some. Belching, passing gas, drunken conduct and not giving two cents about your table manners may get you on the do not call list if you are not careful.

It is not cool even though in your mind you have been socialized to think it is. Being obnoxious and rude to service people is also a real turn off.

What are the signs of an immature girl?

Remember, how you or your love interest conducts him or herself both in and out of your presence could be a reflection of things to come, for better or worse. With all that is going on in life how can anyone expect you to be free? Plan ahead and give your girlfriend a few days notice to plan an outing. This is very important, especially in the first few months of dating.

The ability to hold a conversation about a topic other than the latest episode of House of Cards will be imperative for you to proceed to the next phase of the relationship. There is no harm in being one dimensional, just commit to developing good communication skills. Keep communication at the top of your list to foster a foundation for a solid relationship. I am going to refrain from expounding on this topic. It speaks for itself.

10 Signs You Are Dating An Immature Girl - Romance - Nairaland

Having clearly defined interests is a sign of a well rounded human being. If you are one of the millions of singles that do not have clearly defined interests, sit quietly and ask yourself what could I be doing that would really make me happy. I would become upset, and want to discuss the reason why he would be saying such things. Sticks and stones and all that. Of course, if your boyfriend is calling you a slut or a whore, then you're probably dating an immature guy.

Saying like, like so many times like totally doesn't make like a girl like immature.

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Hello Kitty and Barbie? I really don't think if a girl calls her "father" "Daddy" that makes her immature. It's just what she has called him and always will call him.

How to Tell If you're dating an immature girl or a mature Woman

Calling a girl bad names is immature. If she cries its because she knows she with an immature man. If she hasn't had a stable relationship It might not be her fault, but I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt So an immature 17 year old might not be the same kind of immature you'll find with an immature 25 year old. You can understand some of the immaturity you'll find with a 17 year old and know they'll grow out of it where as with a 25 year old girl if she's immature then she'll probably remain that way maybe into her 30's and maybe forever lol. I've been with girls who are almost 30 and act like they're still in high school.

It's not the girl per se, but how she's raised. Thinks blowjobs are gross 5.

Most Helpful Girl

Wears too much pink that's all I got. She will not buy the dress she loves if she has to save the money for the good of both of you, while a girl will.

The way a person expresses anger tells a lot about them. If she gets wild and aggressive in anger, then it is an indicator that you are dating a girl and not a woman. A woman may also get a bit wild while expressing anger but eventually, she would calm down and share with you the reason behind her anger.

4 Signs you are still not a MATURE PERSON

A girl will try to pursue you while you are away or out with your friends. She will be doubtful like an overly attached girlfriend, someone who would literally glue herself to you if she could. A woman would not do any such thing and will let you have your own time and freedom. If a split-up takes place due to any reason between you two, a woman will move on rather than insulting you.

She will end it like an adult and keep the reason private.

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  • A girl will shout and yell and keep on reminding you what you missed out on when you left her.