How do u hook up a dimmer switch

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Light Dual Dimmer Switch

The indicator bulb on the tester will not light when electrical power is not present at the switch. Remove the screws holding the cover plate on the ceiling fan switch. Touch the tester to the two black electrical wires attached to the side of the ceiling fan switch to ensure the power is disconnected.

Release the ceiling fan canopy from the hanging bracket on the ceiling by removing the two to four screws holding it. Let the canopy rest against the ceiling fan motor so you can test the wires connecting the ceiling fan to the electrical wires inside the fan's electrical box.

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Hold the tester against the black electrical wires connected together with a wire connector. Although you turned off the correct breaker, double-check for power before disconnecting the wires. Untwist the connectors holding the wires from the electrical box to the ceiling fan's electrical wires. Lift the ceiling fan from the hanging bracket and set it on a stable work surface. Release the ceiling fan wall switch from the wall by removing the two screws holding it in the electrical box.

Loosen the two terminal screws on the side of the switch in order to release the black electrical wires.

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  • Dispose of the original ceiling fan wall switch. Bend the ends of the black, white and bare copper electrical wires inside the electrical box in the ceiling into a hook. Create a hook in the end of a length of nonmetallic electrical cable. Hook the wires from the ceiling box to the NM cable together. Wrap the wires in electrical tape until the NM is securely attached to the wires in the ceiling.

    How To Install A Dimmer Switch

    Look inside the electrical box that held the ceiling fan switch. Find the wire connectors holding the white wires together and the bare copper wires together. Untwist these connectors and pull the two sets of wires apart.

    Turn Off Power

    Grasp the white, black and bare copper electrical wires that run from the electrical box in the wall to the electrical box in the ceiling. Pull the wires from the box in the wall. As you pull the wires, pull the new NM cable attached to the wires in the ceiling through the wall and out through the box in the wall. This replaces the original NM with the new NM cable.

    Installing a Dimmer Switch

    Pull the cable until you expose at least 8 inches of NM cable at the electrical box in the wall. Cut the tape from the electrical cable to release the old NM and discard it. Leave at least 8 inches of new cable exposed at the ceiling box. Insert the ends of the new NM cable into the center hole of a cable ripper. Use wire cutters to cut the loose sheath from the cable ends and expose the four electrical wires inside the cable. Place the ceiling fan into the hanging bracket on the ceiling. Connect the black electrical motor wire from the ceiling fan to the black electrical wire from the electrical box.

    Twist a wire connector onto the black electrical wires to secure them together. Repeat this connection again for the two white electrical wires. Twist a wire connector onto the green electrical wire from the ceiling fan to the bare copper grounding wire from the electrical box to connect the two wires together. Read and follow any instructions regarding assembly and installation.

    Cut the chandelier's chain to the proper length, leaving the electrical wires about 6 inches longer to make the connections.

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    Mount the center support plate and wiring tube to the electrical box. Run the chandelier's wire up through the hollow tube, into the box, and back down again. Attach the white electrical supply line to the white wire from the light fixture using wire nuts screw in clockwise direction. Repeat the procedure with the black wires.

    Installing a Dimmer Switch | Today's Homeowner

    Attach the ground wires together and to the electrical box at the grounding screw. Push the wires into the electrical box and slide the trim ring up against the ceiling. Use a locknut to hold the trim ring in place. Attach the chain to the ceiling hook. To add a dimmer switch to control the light, remove the cover from the wall switch and use the voltage tester to be sure the wires are not hot.

    Unscrew the old switch and disconnect the wires. Check to make sure the dimmer has enough capacity to handle the light fixture by adding the combined wattage of the bulbs. This should be equal to or less than the rated capacity of the dimmer. Attach the wires to the switch using wire nuts as indicated in the instructions that came with the dimmer. Screw the dimmer in place, then attach the cover plate. Turn the power back on, and test to make sure the fixture and dimmer are working properly.

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