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  • Lindzi Cox and Kalon are dating! And doing "Hometowns" off-cameraOk! Here's the Situation – O!HitS.
  • Remember Bachelor Pad 3 Couple Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox? Where Are They Now??
  • Lindsay and kalon bachelor pad still dating?
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We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you have yet to see which two stars from this season have just become engaged, be sure to follow the link here. Be sure to like CarterMatt on Facebook for more updates! The first hour was the from when the show taped, then the actual taping where they vote on the winner was 2 hours long. Well, now she has more of a reason to.

Tony proposed to her at the taping while she was up in the hot seat and she said yes. She is moving in with him and his son.

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Remember last week when I referenced the fact of would you think differently of Michael if he had girlfriend before the show that he got back together with after filming? Michael was seeing a girl named Emily from Chicago that he met during one of his touring shows before filming started, I guess broke it off right before leaving to film assuming so he could hook up on the show , then they started back up right when filming was over.

Pretty easy to figure out who it is. Whatever the case, they have a fairly big blowup over all of it. He knows he had someone else he was more interested in the whole time.

'Bachelor Pad' sneak peek: Kalon and Lindzi get gooey on their first date -- VIDEO

She even tells Lindzi to watch out because Kalon is a womanizer. Nick and Rachel win almost unanimously. I think only three people even voted for Chris and Sarah. Nick said he never had an alliance with anyone, Rachel included. He was always just out for himself. So he wins all the money. Rachel is mad at Nick because her argument is that everyone that voted for Nick and Rachel voted for them because of her, not him. Then he went and took all the money. Sucks to be her.

'Bachelor Pad 3': Is Kalon McMahon still dating Lindzi Cox?

So I have no problem with what Nick did. Yeah, it sucks what happened to her, but Nick basically just took advantage of it. He went on a game show to win money and he did. Props to him for pulling it off. I never thought anybody would. I only read the recaps because the show is too terrible. I wish he would have recapped what their incorrect spellings were.

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Some of those words seem impossible to get wrong. That said, it is a lot easier to write a word than spell it off the top of your head under pressure. His twitter is kalonMcM and they are clearly together. He posted a pic of her just a few hours ago…. When has that ever been an issue?? This is a spoiler site! I appreciated hearing the bachelor pad finale spoilers and am not doubting you get some great info, just stating no need to exaggerate or lie to look good.

Write them in traditional format, then let us try to guess the who based upon the crumbs you drop us. You may never have to revealt he blind, or can wait to do it until the evidence gets revealed in interviews or on the show. And of course, spill on the hook-ups at all the Bach renunions. Do it in blind style, and no sources get outed.

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Thanks so much for the hilarious re-cap, Steve. I missed the show as I was too busy nursing a massive migraine to subject myself to the torture of having to view the episode. Besides, your re-caps are times more entertaining than the show itself. Carter — As Kalon McMahon himself says, you cannot believe everything that is floating around on the internet. As a part of a recent conference call with reporters , here is what he had to say:.

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  4. We have spent plenty of weekends together.