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As with all Asians, Pakistanis are very polite and expect politeness in return. It is very seldom that Asians are rude to other people, and this fact should be kept in mind at all times. While open and friendly, Pakistanis are serious about their relationships, so play the game and enjoy the moment. Be patient and be serious about building respectful connections which will lead to a beautiful romance.

Two things to understand about food.

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Secondly, fasting is a daily occupation during Ramadan. Because of these traditions, respect again comes into the equation when meeting and dating people from a culture other than your own.

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A Pakistani marriage is the ultimate union between a man and a woman, and also forms a strong bond between the two families. There are several marriage ceremonies, depending on the province where the wedding takes place, but all are taken seriously. Although certain customs and traditions are still followed, there have been many changes during the past few decades that have brought about a more liberal society.

Nowadays Pakistanis more readily accept other nationalities, and this obviously is greatly beneficial to single people from the West who may be looking to the Indian subcontinent in anticipation of finding a man or woman with whom to share their life. We are all looking for that special someone who will bring sunshine, warmth and positive energy into our lives.

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Now, today, there is a great chance of success. Pakistani men At one time divided into two countries, East and West, and separated by the bulk of northern India, Pakistan today consists of a wide swathe of land running from the Arabian Sea in the south to Kashmir and the Himalayas in the north, basically the same area occupied by West Pakistan, created in when India gained independence from Great Britain.

What is the typical stereotype of the Pakistani male?

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Why are Pakistani men so attractive to western women? Status of Women and Men, and gender roles within Pakistan Traditionally, Pakistanis believed in different roles for different genders.

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How to date a Pakistani guy Recent changes, such as advances in communication and social websites, have brought about a new era of freedom for the Pakistanis, especially for the guys. How to go about meeting a Pakistani gentleman First, you have to discover him! Stuff to think about when dating your Pakistani soulmate Be respectful. Marriage A Pakistani marriage is the ultimate union between a man and a woman, and also forms a strong bond between the two families.

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Register for free and start dating today! OR fill our simple registration. Remember this is only a very basic level introduction to Pakistani culture and the people; it can not account for the diversity within Pakistani society and is not meant in any way to stereotype all Pakistanis you may meet! In addition to the declaration of national holidays when Pakistan wins key international cricket matches, Pakistan also has 6 formal national holidays which fall on: Once the sun starts to go down it is very common to see adults and children alike playing the game until dark].

Although there are many staple dishes in Pakistan, cuisine can vary greatly depending on geography. Meat is halal and has been slaughtered in line with Islamic requirements. Pork is forbidden in Islam and, as such, you are unlikely to come across it during your travels. The majority of Pakistanis eat breakfast, lunch and a large evening meal which is shared as a family.

Breakfast usually includes bread, tea, fruits, eggs and other items such as honey and nuts.

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Lunch is typically rice and a meat based curry. Dinner is very much a family affair and it typically incorporates one or more of the following dishes:. International food is also a growing trend in Pakistan and food outlets are becoming more diverse in their offerings.

Pakistan has a rich culture of arts and crafts which have in some cases been traced back to the artistic culture of the Indus Valley civilization.

Some examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows: Where possible, the paternal grandfather is asked to name a new born child. The new born child is also swaddled in a piece of clothing that once belonged to the grandfather. Pakistanis do not require as much personal space as most western cultures.

As such, they will stand close to you while conversing and you may feel as if your personal space has been violated. Do not back away.

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  • This has also heavily influenced modern-day business practices.