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Dire you're right by a shrine and are far into your map, radiant you have multiple ways to escape. I just saw W33ha do the exact thing Highcon is talking about. Most of the time im having gold when i hit lvl 6, if im down on 1k gold i dont skill it. But marsh helps you even farm in laningphase if you cant lasthit because the enemies attackdmg is too high, shadowfiend for example. As Dire you can stack 2 camps at the same time, do that 3 minutes in a row and you have enough farm that you dont waste your march.

I have a really tough time in solo que and have been performing very well in team match making. I am 2k solo and tmm. Any tips for an average solo que player to increase their mmr?

Why Valve killed MMR and why Pro players are triggered?

Yeah If you play enough the odds of you getting into bad teams vs good teams will eventually even out and the only deciding factor is you, that I get it. But I believe for everyone playing as a stack with friends give much better experience. I played since 6. So what makes me not play solo game?

Unless you are in like super high bracket where people know their shit, there will always be that dude who instalock invoker, and then the other guy pick SF, spam ping you 3 second into the game for tangoes, and when I gank mid ans end up getting the kill flames the hell out of me for stealing their kill, also flame me when I use courier for dust to gank a sadelane Weaver when he need his second null, people fighting, refuse to communicate and muting each other, and many other things you guys probably have experienced.

I know it doesn't happen every game and when these guys are on the other team you may have high chance to win, but just thinking of queuing into this just makes me move my cursor away from the find match botton. Well when as a 5 or whatever stack with friends, you can help each other counterpicking, arrange a strategy to deal with their draft, like if the enemy team picks TA and Techie I know it is my good Naga game so I ask friends to last pick Naga and they draft things that can compensate lack of your early game presence, while in solo all 3 cores are already picked, you use voice chat, your teamwork and also the enemy team's are on another level compare to solo queue, you can disscuss who what to do, rotate roles each game to fit the hero pool and many other things that rarely happen in solo queue.

I was having so much fun and love the game so much more even when we lost, it is not like the game is any easier since the opponent team is also a 5 stack and they got all the things we got. So I refuse my friend party invite to play solo queue to try to raise my solo mmr and I got reminded hardly why I hate solo queue so much after 1 game. It is sad for me since DotA is a team based game but you cannot progress with friends or if you find someone nice and great along your way in your solo queue and add him on steam you can't really do much with him.

Yes I know there is so much flaw in party mmr system like boosting and shit, for those who disagree with my I truely respect your opinion and I can only hope Valve find a way to make party mmr fair and relevant someday. Im from SEA and i play both party with my brodies and my mates. Playing whatever i wanted lol.

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It depends on what kind of friend you have. I prefer my solo ranked teammate more than my friends. He's not a 7k player. His mmr rating is directly influenced by his friends' skill. I'm not only talking about boosting.

Regarding the current state of ranked matchmaking. : DotA2

There are a lot of players that have lower party MMR because they play with friends below their level. He might be a 5k playing with 7k friends. Or he can be the 7k himself. We don't really know, because he doesn't play solo. Especially with try hard players, they don't want bad players in their stack. The number doesn't mean "nothing". You telling me a 7k party player would lose to a 3k solo because his number means nothing? Your excuse that party MMR can be boosted is just as likely as a solo player being boosted. So I guess solo MMR means nothing either.

From all my party games I've never seen boosted party players except for girls who join parties. So just check they aren't a girl and their MMR is probably accurate. So i think you really need to try hard to get 7k party mmr and it s a big achievement. And regarding of "influenced by his friends skill " playing solo games it s different or what? You think if you have shitty teammates and you play pos4 or pos 5 you will solo win your games?

Dota is a team game and you will always depend of your teammates. After a certain point, he still has to carry his weight. My original account was 3. Stayed at that level for months and I'm still playing on that account to this day, at approx the same mmr. So there are exceptions.

I once played 50 games 5 behaviour summary counts where I wrote down the number of times I had the griefers and the new players on my team thanks behaviour score match making in low population region South Africa, fuck you too Valve and it was So yes, it may even out over many, many games, but the short term imbalance can be staggering, and is this experience really FUN and FAIR?? Considering that most of these problems are down to absolutely stupid and lazy decisions made by whoever has taken over Dota 2 at Valve over the last year and refuse to openly acknowledge what has happened?

You do realize you're an outlying case right? South Africa with behaviour score. The argument is not about playing people at your skill level but if you're substantially above the level of your players around you, those factors you mention will mean MUCH less. Radiant or Dire will not matter much at all, a single griefer will not matter as much.

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I had an lina in one of my games and my team was still winning and could've won had I not made certain mistakes. Yes lina made winning harder, but I could've still won based on my decisions. It seems you do not understand the issue here. Yeah fuck the entire region. Why are people so fucking stupid in general?


Did you grow up watching TV? So what happens when 4 heroes on your team pick all super hard farming cores, and you pick the only support. But the enemy team has somewhat better draft and steamrolls you. What can you possibly do in that scenario? It literally happens to me every game I play. I hate when people say that ''teammates are not the problem''. I would invite you to play as Legend 1 in my account. Everytime since this update came out i had special people in my games, and no, i am not exagerating here.

Game starts i dont even select any lanes right away I find doing this pretty toxic so i don't do it i play supp most of the times because of this. I have done my best everygame, roaming early game getting kills and assists.

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But the 4v5 thing, or the ''this draft is garbage and you can't even win mid game'' is too strong, therefore i lose the game. Therefore no matter how much i want to play proper dota 2, i can't escape the imbeciles everygame literally holding everyone down, not me, the entire team from having a nice experience. I don't even mind if i lose, as long as the game was close and contested and there was skill involved, this is never the case anyways.

I almost got insane but it taught me some things. But no matter how worse it gets, in the long run it doesn't matter and won't stop you from climbing. After being stuck at 3. That didn't mean I would stop getting retards in my team, but the retard level was on a controllable level so that I could still win despite people feeding, tilting or being useless. And that's what climbing and being higher MMR means in the end: If you can only win games if everyone plays well then you're not better than anyone else and thus there is no reason to think you should climb MMR in the long run.

Yeah no, you're still wrong. The whole "retards in my team" is also true for the other team. And by what I conclude, you don't seem to value yourself as a retard.

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Therefore, you have 4 potentially retards on your team and they have 5. Either it means you're also a retard, and you gotta embrace it. That's the first step to becoming gooder.

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Or you have more toxic players in your team because you are in the "bad people" pool and play against nice guys teams. Over time, it means your team will have the long term advantage because you are on it. That being said I have noticed that ranked is being taken much less seriously by players both on my team and my opponents team - not "always my teammates".