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She still claims damages and their battle is continuing now. Hwangbo She is a singer in South Korea. But they had a pair of matching rings, watches and caps. His Ideal type of woman His ideal type is the woman who can understand him.

He likes teasing despite his appearance. So he wants woman to understand that kind of thing about him.

Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan

But he wants woman to be careful about everything. And also he liked the girl who is younger than him or the same age as him. Then he thoght that the girl who is older than him is also good. How he thinks about marriage He has no plan to get married. Choi became pregnancy, he once intended to get married to her. But his father suspected her pregnancy and he is supposed to object their marriage. And also she said that she has no will to get married with him after his military service. How his fan think about his lover Hyun-joong has a big fan circle in Korea, China and Japan. But when the news about Ms.

Their feelings are complicated. Thus, I will be happier later, because I like kids, I like to have two boys and two girls is the best. Probably for three hours. Seven hours is impossible waiting over four hours I will be irritated little by little. Besides I like to do things for others. I was quite surprised to hear from Hyun Joong that he can wait for his date for 3 hours!! Well I would think if one really likes somebody he would not mind waiting!! Talking about marriage, I think Hyun Joong is consistent with his opinion pertaining to this matter.

And the career plans he lay out for himself I would not be surprise if marriage and relationship takes the back seat. Anyway this is his choice whatever, I leave that part of his privacy. He waited for that girl religiously everyday for quite a period, just to look at her but never made an attempt to approach her in that restaurant. Until such time he searched on her number and called her by phone as he started dating her.

He was saying if he is given the chance to choose between love and work, he will choose love although he was still young when the video interview was taken during his SS days and had barely started in showbiz. Apparently, he chose his career over his relationship since he broke up with his girlfriend. In another interview he was asked if he would like to be in a relationship having his career at the same time just like other celebs. Artists with such dreams and aspirations tend to pour all their time to their careers over the busiest schedule that even time to sleep they barely have it.

What more with giving time to hunt for girls they like, and this is true in the world of showbiz. What more time do they have for each other? Although some are successful having the right amount of time and understanding with their partners and having the same career. No one can predict relationship or love, that once the cupid struck that arrow into ones heart then they are trap to the love.

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Specially as Hyun Joong was saying he believes in love at first sight and it did actually happened to him. Be where could he be happy, live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment what life has there to offer everyday and live with it. The time to tie the knot shall remain unpredictable. During his filming in Japan, there were stills shown a gondola which was said to be a scene of a honeymoon!! Both leading ladies were cute but characters were a bit similar since both portrayed a role of a student same as Hyun Joong in both dramas.

In every love story in the dramas, romantic scenes are always the highlight, there always has to be kissing scenes and for more matured love stories there can also be bed scene, but since these scene are shown in TV, the scene are being done in the most discreet way. Among other actress she can at least emote on kissing scenes.

At Princess Hour Yoon Eun Hye was a high school student too but she can emote to the scene with feelings of being kissed for real. The worst kissing scene I have seen was at the drama Kingdom of the Wind.

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I believe actress need not have to be in an intimate relationship with her leading man just to bring out a simple kiss!! Similar to Playful Kiss, Hyun Joong and Jung So Min did a good work in portraying a young married couple and it shows how comfortable they were as co-actors that made the scenes effective to the audience. In Secret Garden too both lead actors did a good work in their romantic scenes.

In all fairness, the actress are the receiving end of a kiss although this act has to be mutual between the couple. Gosh he was so naive that I can only laugh!! Then the director said, kissing is not a display of lips on how it should look like but the feelings of kissing and being kissed!! Hyun Joong was so nervous doing so!! He was so cute and naive!!! In the up-coming City Conquest, we shall see how Hyun Joong matures in the romantic scenes in this drama. The latest stills that we have seen so far was the embrace that showed a lot of emotional tears from Hyun Joong.

I have seen some photos of Hyun Joong from different dramas embracing his leading lady , and the difference was quite obvious that in this drama City Conquest, the embracing scene was so emotional and tightness in the act of embrace was rather matured than the other two scenes from the previous dramas.

It also perceive like a farewell embrace that seem Baek Mir could not let go of his lover!! A few days ago I read a short post at twitter saying Hyun Joong shall resume his filming of City Conquest soon!! And what we got was a picture of a restaurant owner doing the dishes!! That scene does not include in the drama, may I just clarify that!! LOL Although that picture of Hyun Joong at Jaksal brought a lot of attention to his fans and feeling proud seeing their star idol to be doing the dishes when Hyun Joong is the owner of the said restaurant!!

Kim Hyun Joong had shared a part of himself over matters in his private life which I do appreciate just to fill in his fans curiosity in the most honest way, that we fans also do respect his private life for himself alone. Hyun Joong has his own way of expressing his affection in terms of love off cam. His inspiration and strength, that is what we are to Hyun Joong as we value how he sees us, we stay by his side in his journey to stardom.

We fans are really lucky to have such an idol who is very thoughtful, and caring. What more can we ask for, we have more than everything a fan should have from her idol!! A true shared affection between fans and idol! Kim Hyun Joong in his dramas portraying different characters as a lover having one common ground in the eyes of his fans, as we see him as a Romantic Prince in our heart.

Who is Kim Hyun joong’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Hyun joong

A true partnership sharing affection with love and support in our Romantic Prince…. This man is awesome in many ways. How the way he talk, and answered the question is all come from his heart and his mind with sincerely. We can feel his pain,his happines through his eyes, his words. See you sis,god bless. Lazer do you happen to know why??? Thanks for holding back the word hahahaha!!! Hyun Joong did not say they were relatives, he just said they have the same family names.

Being relatives till the second generation can not marry, meaning if the couple are first or second cousins can not marry. It is the same here in US where our religion is Christian. If you are unable to be together consistently, growing apart as he stated happens naturally.

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I think it was her decision. I think it takes a special person… which Hyun Joong is… but, maybe she was not. It is sad though… poor baby! Yes… i meant to add that extra zero! Thus, they had to part ways.


So, this is possible. May i ask where you got the info? Hey thanks for the info, have a nice day!! Oh I just read sometime after PK that even if their surnames are both Kim, they are not of the same lineage. I think this will best.

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