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It is clear that this is truly your calling. I had the most wonderful time I want to nudge anyone who is hesitant to join, not to fret, as a fun night is guaranteed. Anything beyond that is an extra reward: Looking forward to joining you again soon! I met the perfect girl who's kind, smart funny and beautiful and im about to go on my third date with her. I hope everyone who attends your events will be as lucky as i have been: I would definitely come again and would recommend it to my single friends.

You never know who knows who!

Sign up now for the next event. All our events are Jewish. Professional evenings for Professional Jewish People. Email address Password Remember Me.

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July "Hi - thank you all for a very enjoyable evening in London on 29 April. He proposed one year later at slightly Oliver which was where bar luna was. We now live together on the uws with our 2 month old daughter, Ella. We thank you so much for having this event! It was the best event by far, beautifully organised and in the most dreamy romantic room.

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I really enjoyed the night out, and the whole evening was so much fun. I am so pleased that I went and made some new friends. What is Speed Dating? What is speed dating? It is often heard that single people are wasting their time — a valuable one if you are a busy person, on a long date with the wrong person for you.

Outspoken #49 -- Gay Jewish Speed Dating

Someone you are not acquainted with received your number from a friend of yours, he or she said they were fabulous and you accepted an invitation to go on a date. You go out to a restaurant. Another blind date that went wrong. At least you would have enjoyed the evening! You are also a kind person and you wouldn't like to offend the person sitting in front of you, by going home after only half an hour. It happens to all the single people all over the world! With any successful blind date there will be hundreds of awful ones.

The experienced blind daters, men and women will tell you that already in the first 5 minutes they are able to know whether the person opposite them is a potential partner.

Jewish speed dating north london

This is what generated the idea of speed dating. Why spend a whole evening trying to get to know someone you wouldn't want to know in the first place? You therefore, can spend 7 minutes meeting around potential partners,in a warm and friendly evening during which you will decide whether you would like to meet them again or not, with no strings attached! How does it work? The idea is of genius simplicity. For a small amount of money, we will get you to meet around 12 professional Jewish singles in your age group. The evenings are held at a local or centrally located trendy bar. You will be seated around tables or sofas.

The women stay seated during the event and the men move around from one table to the next when 7 minutes are up. At the end of the 7 minutes of each round, the bell will ring giving the men the signal to move on to the next table and meet with the next woman.


After each date the participants mark on the score card they have received from the hostess at the start of the evening. You have a choice whether you would like to meet that person again as a Date or as a friend. A simple choice will determine whether you would like to see that person again or not. The additional choice of choosing someone as a friend is to enable you to decide that that person was nice enough to be friends with, you never know, that person might have another friend who might be your one!

During the evening Upon arrival you will be checked in and receive a score card. You will have some time to mingle, get used to the atmosphere and have a drink. We will show you which table to attend for your first date. You will spend 7 minutes talking to the person opposite you. At the end of this encounter you will mark in the designated box whether you wish to see that person again or as a date or as a friend.

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  4. The men then move to the next table.