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The 7 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to Up your Dating Game

Does it feel like it is time for a reset and a new approach? Are you ready to let your heart guide you?

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Women are statistically more depressed than men and depression is beginning earlier and earlier in our lives. Despite what you have been told achievement is NOT the key to happiness and well-being. Marni welcomes leading happiness expert, Karen Rockind to discuss the simple daily decisions you can make to create more joy in your life.

If your vision for the future includes travel and meeting someone to share magical experiences with, this is the episode for you. Marni welcomes Alex Jimenez aka Travel Fashion Girl to the Den to talk about the importance of having clothes that meet your personal style when traveling.

Alex shares tips for packing light, how to create a travel c In this one-on-one coaching session, Nicole, 34, shares her latest relationship struggle. She asks Marni for guidance on how to move forward and get the type of relationship she deserves. The Impact of Rejection [2: In this one-on-one coaching session, Marni works with Jesse to shift her mindset and online profile. Jesse uses her online dating profile to meet men but she is not meeting the quality guys who share her same values.

Marni peels back the layers to uncover that while Jesse is deeply committed to her kids and active lifestyle, her online profile Do you need help dating and understanding men? Do want insights on what real quality men do, think and feel? Would you like to meet a quality guy NOW? Marni welcomes Chris G. Chris helped build the awesome manimal profile and is an active memb In this special one-year later coaching update episode, client Julie shares the positive direction her life has taken since following the Release, Reveal, and Rejuvenate process.

Julie is a smart, successful woman who thought that leaning into her feminine would be perceived as weak.

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She is now in a relationship with a man who shares her passio On dating sites, do you just look at profile pics and pass up guys before even reading their profiles? Are you attracted to guys who only contact you sporadically or worse, stand you up? Ladies, learn to market yourself online and off and treat your online dating profile as your personalized dating service. You will want to update your profile immediately after listening to Tripp coaches people to start doing what they were put on this earth to do. He is a self-proclaimed Personal Development Jackass. He experiments with life by doing day silent meditation retreats, plant medicine journeys, he de Marni welcomes Tiffany into the Den to get some guidance on how to step up her dating game and to let go of the anxiety dating a new guy brings into her life.

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Tiffany shares the personal details of her latest encounter with a guy she has been dating for three weeks. Ladies, if you have any anxiety around dating this call is an important one. Marni welcomes Communications Expert Shola Kaye into the den to share her personal experience of overcoming fear and quietness to become a communications coach, public speaker, and professional singer.

Her mission is to help women become powerful communicat Nicole visits the Dating Den today to ask Marni for guidance on how she can move past her current crush. For over a year she has wanted more yet he refuses to give any more than necessary to keep her around. She wants to find a guy she can have a fulfilling relationship with and who fit Right to take care of all of your debt? Ladies, money and love go hand-in-hand in the den today.

Ladies this show will help you take action and gain the understanding that organizing your space makes a difference in your ability to create love in your life. She is also the author of the books, The Mike Goldstein is back in the den for updated online dating advice. His unique methods for analyzing data from multiple online In the den today, a master architect of rewiring the brain.

Sherrie Toews has been a licensed therapist in California for 25 years. She works with me on the elite program, 5 Keys to Being Irresistible. Sheri focuses in on what is causing people to be stuck and creates a fool proof plan detailing how they can break through and acquire the skills In the den today, proof that it is possible to change your brain to create results to bring love into your life! Marni speaks with Psychologist, Dr. Rick Hanson about how to use good things to manifest more good things in simple, daily steps. Ladies, are you super frustrated with men right now?

Would you like to deepen your ability to connect with them? In the den today, a man who is multilingual. He speaks both man and woman. In the den today, we empower single mommies to get out there and get the money they deserve, and the sex they really want without any shame. In the den today, we discuss loving ourselves for who we are, appreciating the spectacularly ordinary things about life and living in the present. If you struggle with always wanting more and never being satisfied this episode will get you started on your path to enoughness.

In the den today, How to integrate a healthy, time-proven macrobiotic diet into your existing lifestyle.

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Through the Strengthening Institute he has researched the diets of humans throughout history. The one consistent reality he found in past civilizations is easily digest In the den today, insights that will change the way you date! Returning guest, Jordan Harbinger creates the life he wants to live. He offers up advice on how to deal with rejection and why it is important to trust your gut.

Jordan has been called the Larry King of podcasting but of course is younger and much better looking. He is a Social Dynam In the early 's, she began organizing women's focus groups on sex. She facilitates seminars, educates people on the merits of sexual forrays, fantasies, fa Breaking up is a big deal. Are you doing it for the right reasons?

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  5. Have you had just about enough of his inability to talk about your relationship goals? During this coaching session, Marni works Erin through her indecisiveness about breaking up her one-and-a-half year relationship with a nice guy. Because, it's normal to feel confident and dec Do you cringe at the thought of telling your new guy how much you like him? Have you ever held something in your heart but been unable to speak it out loud? Has someone hurt you and ten years later you wish you would have said something? Do you buy stuff just to pass the time?

    Do you keep stuff around just in case, maybe one day you will need it?

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    Are you the most important person in your life? He offers consultations for organizations to improve employee s Let's get you out of meh and into marvelous. My guest, Mary Shores is the best-selling author of Conscious Communications: She is a Speaker and an En How well do you communicate your wants and needs? Do you nag your partner and get hyper-sensitive about differences?

    My guest, Andy Horning breaks down the challenges couples face and strategies to get them to experience the beauty of a real relationship, scars and all! Andy graduated from the University of Michigan. He is a Couples Therapist Can you surrender your pain to a higher power? Are you wallowing in your negative thoughts instead of preparing for your soulmate? My guest, Arielle Ford is in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. She has spent 30 years living, teaching and promoting consciousness through all forms of media.

    She is a brilliant speaker and How do you know if you are emotionally available? Why do you think you are responsible for both sides of the relationship?