How do you hook up hd antenna

Turn the TV back on and double-check your HD channels. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site.

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Indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna? Popular Homes Based on your last search. Editors' Picks Home Improvement. Is your internet fed via the coax? I guess I assumed you wanted to directly connect an over-the-air antenna to a TV. What are you trying to do? Yes, my internet is fed by the coax cable. I hooked that cable up to the digital antenna, which worked, but obviously I lost internet.

I'm assuming I need to split that coax cable and run one for internet and one for antenna. My question is, is this the correct way to do this? July 11, 7: Remember, you want to point the antenna in the direction of the tower to get the strongest signal possible. Sometimes, changing the direction slightly may also give you access to more channels that you may not have access to right now.

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Finding the right location before making a permanent installation is the key to success. Installing the TV antenna is the easy part. Finding the right spot is the tricky part. The first step is to identify the antenna connection on your TV, so you can make sure the antenna you have is compatible.

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The antenna is usually called the F connector, and it will look like a round threaded tube with a hole at the end. Some TVs have older connectors that look different, but most modern models will have an F connector, which is ideal for digital TV connections. If you have an older connector, you can visit a local TV store or Radio Shack to get an adaptor.

Most indoor antennas will need the F connector. The next step is to connect the antenna to your television.

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Either one of these styles is fine, but the screw-in type has a better fit and may have a stronger signal as a result. The next step is to scan for channels. You should be able to do this right from the setup menu.

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Some TVs will do this automatically.