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What I particularly love about Yeong, though, is how savvy he is. But honestly, I'm loving all the characters at the moment - second leads, bromances, eunuchs, everyone! Well, except maybe Evil pregnant Queen. But she's nowhere near as evil as the Dowager Queen in Flower in Prison, so I'll let it slide for now. My love for Park Bo Gum just grows with every scene I see him in This show is definitely my number 1 crack at the moment. And I'm about to give birth in a couple of weeks, husband thinks it's hilarious that I'm hoping that the baby will sleep well so I can watch my show in peace.

Korea will be needing him to carry that torch. Not as rivals please! As brothers would be so nice! They have the same puppy face type anyway. I remember binge-watching all the dramas at night after my kids go to bed when I was pregnant. My excuse to my hubby was "Well, it is so that our baby will look gorgeous like the male leads!

Had to come out of commenting retirement to say, "Yasssssssss!!!!!!! It was a wonderful surprise! I was just about settling in while watching then they spring that scene in the first five minutes! His face is like a work of art. Also, he's so tall and attractive.

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I loved it that we got the squee and happiness right at the start, as most episodes seem to hide them in the middle, or even as a cliffhanger at the end. I'm also super appreciative that the ending cliffhanger is not too angst. Yes, things are gonna go sideways now that Raon's family secret is out, but there's enough sweetness between our OTP to still end this week on a rather blissful note.

I'm enjoying the sweetness of this couple, too! Park Bo Gum is my new crush! His smile melts my heart away!!!! I smile more these days I squeeeed soo loud, my husband came flying down the stairs thinking something had happened, only to find out, it's just my fangirling!! It's so hard being a fangirl!

LOL, my husband asks me why am I so happy and smiling so much on my ipad?

Prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub

It's love for PBG!!!! I fully expected him to have found out he was a she before he decide to confess and I was wrong. I'm blown away by this show. Like everyone else, I'm glad the CP confessed and came to terms with his feelings before he peeping found out about the truth! I expected that also! When I first watched I was a little disappointed that she didn't reveal it to him, rather he happened upon her, and I wanted a little more angst about him finding out.

But I loved how it set up for the later emotion she expressed when she thought he actually was gay and then was in love with another woman. So in the end I feel satisfied. I also love how he wrote a subtle, secret confession when he thought she was a Eunuch, but once he found out she was a girl he was like "Oh, it's on.

Park Bo Gum did that!!!!!!!! This year she has sang two of my favorite OST songs! What a lovely and soothing voice she has! I swear I've never seen an actor who played a crown prince character who has more poise and charms than Park Bogum! Esp that swordfight scene. I did not see that coming because I have my fair share of favorites, but damn he crushed them all. I also like how they played the truth on feeling, they just said it, they asked the other person and they get the answer, right away, the confession and the double rejection,.

I find this is like the last all happy moment episode cause everything seems to already set in place for a havoc, they also set up the emotional feeling by slowly changing the relationship for every character, we've got the seed of doubt and the information reveal one by one, we just need to wait for them to find the real truth, do your best Your Highness!!

T and tbh I can see how ha yeon can fall for the prince, he is nice and such a catch, and her falling in love experience actually makes sense, just like how yoon sung likes ra-on, they had the story that only both of them know because of something happen between them, Ra-On father is alive and a real traitor?

So the bandit want to use ra-on as a hostage and the prince also want her to catch hong gyung nae but also protect her? Byung Yeon is really a capable sidekick the bracelet seller grandpa is Yun Ju-Sang the one who played yoon kyun sang'dad in the good wife, yeon joo's father in high society and Lee Bo Young's boss in I Can See Your Voice, I am sure you knew him!!

If Yeong exists in real world, RaOn has a lot to worry about as he will melt pretty much everyone's heart with that smile, men and women alike. Now that you mention it, I'm reminded of yesterday's episode when she pleaded to Kim hyung during that sewing scene.

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She sounded so adorbs Aside from all the things you said, I like how Yeong confides with Ra-on and that he is learning from her. She may not be a learned scholar, but she possesses knowledge about life and living that she gained from having a hard life. Ra-on can make Yeong's worries go away just for being there.

And to him, she is the most beautiful girl even when she's wearing her eunuch garb. Come to think of it, Lee Young Was reading the same book in the first few moments of the first episode that the princess was reading. Therefore, Young has been living vicariously through Sam Nom's writing. A sageuk Oh Yeon Joo. Oh yeah I forgot that! One cannot help but ask where a Prince who hasn't had experience romantically learned how to do a proper pre-kiss and kiss? I loved this episode! I'm a bit confused about her being the daughter of a rebel, what does that mean in the storyline?

From what I understand, the surviving members of the Rebellion are looking for a beacon, someone who will be like their Mockingjay like in the Hunger Games They are looking for Ra On to use her to unite their surviving forces, and maybe attract more participants to the rebellion. So, logically the Powers that Be King, Ministers and co do not want her found, since she could be used her lineage, since she's the daughter of their former lider as propaganda to ignite a new rebellion. They will probably kill her on sight, if found, to avoid any possibility of a new rebellion.

So, that is why her mom made her dress as a boy. If Ra On is found out, as the daughter of one of the biggest traitors to his country, she'd be considered a criminal too. She could end up dead or sold as a slave. I supposed there'll be another secret, Hong Kyung Rae maybe related to the royal family, like the king's cousin or brother in law or something but they just start the plot, ps: I hear the minister said about that, but the show hasn't talked about it a lot and the royal just my prediction, I might be wrong.

Ra-on did not exist in history so I think the writer gave her the Hong last name so her story can be tied to the leader of the rebellion. It makes it more interesting.

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I'm wondering if Ra-on's family is also kind of a noble family or were they really peasants. Noble families are not always depicted as the oppressive ones. There are also kind noble families. So I'm thinking, for the sake of Ra-on being suitable for Yeong according to the law, is the Hong family is actually a noble family who's against the corrupt officials and decided to form the rebel group and used their money to do good.

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