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And the last one contains a neutral, Helvetica odor.

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It was surprisingly easy. Hyndman is working with scientists at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University to establish the links between certain fonts and our senses, including taste, hearing and smell. Helvetica water biscuits Credit: Courtesy of Sarah Hyndman.

When our ancestors were foraging, sweet, sugary foods were the supreme energy source. And they used all their senses to identify them. How can all of this be applied to the game of love? To illustrate, Hyndman takes out another collection of props: This time, my job is to choose the one that best reflects my personality, and the one that would represent a desirable partner. I think for a moment, and decide that Gill Sans is the most "me".

How to Prepare Lettering for Font Making

Inside the bag -- in addition to font-shaped candy -- is a description of my personality. This analysis is based on the cultural context of the Gill Sans font, which was created in by Eric Gill, who was inspired by Edward Johnston's iconic London Underground typeface. So the fact that I was drawn to it, apparently, indicates that I'm an establishment kind of guy. To which I respond: What about my ideal partner?

I dither for a moment, then plump for Caslon. It seems elegant, characterful and balanced, somehow. My ideal woman, I discover, has "strong ties to [her] home but has travel in [her] future. This is because Caslon, though invented in Britain in the 18th Century, became extremely popular in America. It was Benjamin Franklin's favorite font, and was used both on the Presidential Seal and the Declaration of Independence.

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Now, my wife has no significant connections to the United States. You have 10 characters to correct, all from different typefaces, with a short history of each typeface. What Type Are You?

Identifont - 1: Serif or sans-serif?

The questions range from choosing between traditional or progressive to relaxed or disciplined. Once you've answered all the questions, you are presented with your typeface, and given a short history on its creation and development. This quiz from Mental Floss tests how well you know your typefaces, with a series of 10 questions prompting you to choose which typeface is either pictured or referred to.

Questions include "What is the fallback font is for lazy marketers? Fontagious puts your knowledge of everyday, famous fonts to the test with a game for iOS, challenging your speed at recognizing famous bands, movies, TV shows and brands. You receive two clues to help you guess as many fonts as you can within two minutes. Integration with Game Center allows you to compare your scores with friends and the rest of the world. FontFox is a stylish iOS font flash game featuring more than fonts, letting you test your typography knowledge and skills. You can see your test results, compete with friends on Game Center and earn fun achievements.

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You also have the option to share scores on social media via Facebook, Twitter and email. Rag Time combines typography and ragtime music, challenging you to fix bad examples of ragged text not aligned along a margin and make them perfect.

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You're up against the clock, and you play using the arrow keys to place your cursor where you want to fix the rag, using the Return and Delete keys to drop down and move up a line. When you're satisfied with your paragraph, hit "Finish. Comic Sans is every designer's worst nightmare, not to mention the most inappropriately used typeface of all time.

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  • And Agency Fusion wants it dead. The Utah-based ad agency created a game to kill Comic Sans, where you take aim as the typeface pops up randomly on the screen. Just enter your name and fire, trying to achieve as high a score as possible in one minute. Font Quiz is an iOS app to test your recognition of famous fonts from movies, brands, games, TV shows and bands. There are more than different fonts to identify, and it's easy to play — just tap on a font and type in the name.

    If you get stuck, tap "Show hint" to reveal a clue, or use the social networking buttons to ask your Twitter or Facebook friends.

    15 Best Font Pairing Tools for Designers

    Can you name the fonts? It's a simple premise: You have five minutes to guess 16 different typefaces correctly.

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    • Once you click start, the clock begins to count down, so type your guesses as quickly as you can. The game includes typographic information about the letter on each card, along with a separate folder on the history of typography. It challenges you to match Helvetica, Frutiger, Bodoni or Clarendon characters, and you can even try to do it without the name. You can pick between four skill levels, from Scholar to Art Director, and you can share your score via social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

      Fontspotting is a free, downloadable flash card game for typeface recognition, helping to expand your knowledge and visual vocabulary. You can download the onscreen version or the print-ready version, which you can print and use to properly test yourself.

      What's your type of lover? How fonts could help you find the perfect date

      Before you start playing, you can read a brief type anatomy and some recognizable type characteristics. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Tech Like Follow Follow. Eggs Font It took 1, eggs, 10 pans and a bottle of oil to cook up this tasty font.