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Although Hyoyeon was joking about jumping off, her boyfriend had called the police for help just in case.

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The media later reported this as Hyoyeon physically abusing her boyfriend and her boyfriend then reporting it to the police, causing a big misunderstanding. Jessica is currently signed under Coridel Entertainment, which also manages the idol group Playback.

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BamBam defends Lisa after she was targeted in Racist and Hateful attack. Jennie stands up to protect Lisa, after cruel people insult and shame her. Sunny is ahead but that is luhan and tiffany alone..

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Look at Tiffany's trademark heart on luhans shirt.. And look at luhans hair that year Random insignificant lufany moment Look at luhans heart eyes.. Here tiffany is nervous luhan is looking at taeyeon 'notice me senpai wyd' Also this is my last and most solid proof.. Oh and tiffany and nichkyun were fake so dont mind them, how do i know that? Because she dated Luhan thats how. The lyrics in this suit how luhan went to china and left her.

Jan 9, Messages: Or maybe they both just love Gossip Girl.

Dec 2, Messages: Wtf did i just read lmao. Oct 24, Messages: Scoop turds for a living Location: TurdVille, Fartana, from the south. Lol wtf did I just read?? Apr 25, Messages: Whoever doesnt believe these concrete evidences are obviously delulus. Oct 4, Messages: Makes me happy for Sooyoung but at the same time worry about GG's future as a group if she decides to move on from idol life.

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Pls dont disband before i get to see SNSD live. Fans were never against him or them as a couple but they used to be pretty annoyed at him for seemingly not respecting her wish to keep things quiet. Cautious here is quite relative i agree. I find his comments on air and online about her from before the past year or so to be incredibly tame and often worded carefully.

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Since Sooyoung opened up, he's also more noticeably relaxed when asked about her. I saw snsd live before jessica left--it was literally the last concert they did as 9, if I remember correctly.

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I am so thankful I shelled out over bucks for tickets!! I remember thinking it made a lot of sense when the rumours first came out, but they were quickly denied and forgotten about. That "The truth regarding Tiffany and Gray is something all rappers know," line made me chuckle, I'm surprised they were able to mostly keep things away from the news, but happy for them.

Hope it relieves them of doing stuff like catching separate flights to the same destination. It made me chuckle as well. Seoul is a very small world. The connections across celebrities, non-celebrities, and people from all sorts of disciplines and walks of life isn't surprising in Seoul given how small a world it is. Gotta keep the TaeNy shippers happy over the course of the 10th anniversary actually even they reacted fairly well to this, I'm surprised. Some Taeny shippers believe that Tiffany and Taeyeon have no problem dating boys while simultaneously playing with each other in their dorm room at night.

From my understanding a lot of the hate from knetz is with male idols dating. This is like my favorite celebrity couple , and it seems pretty obvious that they're dating ahah. I remember seeing them in a bunch of random instagram posts, so I guess this makes sense. And now she's been dating Gray for 3 years?

Girls' Generation Tiffany's and GRAY's dating rumors resurface

That means since ? Not three years as in three full 12month years. This article is counting years as in , , since they're reported to have been dating since late Some people can't count properly it's only 2 years and a couple months depending on what month they exactly broke up. No way it is 3 years. Someone said they started dating in late when Tiff was preparing for her solo that's not even 2 full years more like 1 year and 7 or 8 months. This is so cute if this is true! When the first rumours came out I was so happy. They look really good together. Hmm but if she was dating someone with this type of name, wouldn't she be dating someone named Pink instead of Gray?

In all seriousness whether it's true or not since SM denied it, hope she's happy! And I guess Soshi comeback is up and coming when dating news like this is flying around again. Although I do remember seeing a few articles about Sooyoung and Jung Kyungho this year too. That's gotta be a troll comment. I legit believe that's a troll comment just bc of the way it's written.

Ye as in the original comment must be a troll. It's just done to wordily to be a genuine comment. Ugh I hate when the public finds out we always hear about the break up months later I hope they end up marrying.