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Take Alina for example. I know her from high school, a.

Best International Dating Sites for Marriage (#6-8)

Anyhow, as is with most Eastern European girls, Alina did not want to hook up with a random guy, at least not for her first time. It had to be special. She was dating a dude from school for a couple of months but that never led anywhere and then she had a super long single period. Around two years into that Tinder rolled around. This is already a desperate move. In fact, I learned that she had it when I came across her profile.

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She had not swiped right on me. Long story short, they did the dirty and broke up shortly after. Not the cutest first-time story but whose is? Just a little disclaimer here, you might be wondering why I know so much about Alina. No, I did not have a secret crush on her. She just happens to be one of my sisters best friends plus we all went to high school together and were kind of in the same friend group. You know how gossip goes when you are a teenager…. Eastern European women have two major fears:.

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You can see how that is contradicting, right? I bet there is some psychological explanation to that, involving the superego and what not. Either way, the bottom line is you could use that to your advantage. If a woman is on Tinder, she is already settling in her mind. You would have to compensate that with interest. Remember, every sign of interest is a sign of desperation in her mind. To ease her slightly damaged ego, work extra hard at romancing her.

It will pay off sooner than you think and it is the best strategy for scoring girls way out of your league.

The 20 best dating apps and websites

And that is not just valid for Tinder…. Russian Cupid is a Cupid Media site dedicated to connecting Russian singles a. But why choose Russian date or Ukraine Date, which is our last pick for this article , over websites with a broader selection? Obviously, you have the safety and the no hidden costs perks. After all, they belong to the same company. But when it comes to niche dating, there are a couple of extra pros that you want to consider. First off, you do have a more limited selection but that could be a blessing in disguise.

Well, you never know, some might argue.


And yes, if you have the slightest doubt about your type I would recommend going to a more broad spectrum Eastern European dating site. Greece is Eastern Europe but they are not Slavic. If blond hair and blue eyes is your type, why not go to a site dedicated to that sort of girl? Keep reading to see which ones make the cut and which one should be avoided at all costs. International Cupid is a site run by Cupid media.

They cover a very wide range of women and have a very accurate filtering system.

European Dating Sites: 20 European Singles Sites Ranked & Reviewed

The reason that we picked International Cupid as our number one choice, is that the high-quality standards that this company is known for are prevalent on this website. Things like fake profiles and scammers are very rare on this site.

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  • The strict moderation prevents these type of people from operating. This makes your dating experience much, much better. International Cupid is also a great place to meet foreign women if you are in the United States. Ukraine date is another part of the Cupid Media Company that we recommend in your search for European women. You can find beautiful Ukrainian women in all areas of the world and especially European countries.

    I once met a girl off this site that was studying in Poland. The type of girls that do travel are also very well educated and classy. You can find plenty of them on this site if you put the time in. Since Ukraine is not that far from other European countries you will find lots of women that are working in other countries as nannies, secretaries and other jobs.

    Match is a very popular dating site that caters to every country. The members Berry in age and there is a decent variety on this site. However, it might still be worth it go if you feel like it. No matter what countries women you like, there will be some options for you on a European dating site.

    15 Best Free “International” Dating Sites (For Marriage, Professionals & Seniors)

    You just need to make sure to watch out for the common pitfalls that happened when looking for a legit website for Euro women. You want to be able to search for your ideal woman easily, as well as avoid all the fake profiles and scammers. You should also consider whether you need a translation feature or live chat. Some online dating sites for European girls are bigger than others. The reason for this is that there are just so much more women to go around. There are also new girls signing up all the time so there is a constant stream of new members. You also want a site that has quality girls obviously.

    Any of the Cupid media ones that we recommend are known for having the hottest women. Some sites have better moderation than others.