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Bang at a fansigning in March Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 02 June - I saw the clip and thought the reason members had such strong reaction is because D. O is openly saying he likes a girl group, and most importantly, sexy concepts even before D.

O mentioned Girl's Day's sexy concept, since GG's known for their sexiness. Does anyone have the full photo of the so called Kyungsoo hand in OP's post? I'm not saying I doubt D. O x Minah because who knows, it could be true. But for some reason, I just couldn't picture D.

[Candid shot Battle] 몰카 배틀 : 왕좌의 게임 - Hyeri,act imprudently to Min-ah&Leeteuk Kiss! 20160209

O wear such chunky style jewelry, never mind two rings at once. I'm not going to be like some people and say 'Ew, he's too good for her' or anything like that because I don't know any of them well enough to make such judgment but I highly doubt they're dating.

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Actually, the fact that she's named him as her 'ideal' type makes me think that they aren't even close. This reasoning is silly. Being in the same industry doesn't guarantee anything. I've gone to school with the same people for three years and still don't know a lot of them. I imagine it's the same for Exo and the groups they encounter. You see a group in passing, but that doesn't mean you're going to mingle and become the best of friends.

I can't believe you think I'm reaching when your whole belief is based on a ring.

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A ring that other members in Exo are also wearing. And it's not even about not about attraction. It's about compatibility, and D. My e-friends and I had a laugh over that on twitter, only because of how thirsty Minah seemed.

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  6. Plus, this problem will follow through SM's Red Velvet's career. Not a blackjack and they'd probably know more, but it's not really a story imo. They were supposed to be called 21 and then they discovered there is a singer of the same name, so they had to change it, and they decided on 2NE1. This reminds me of that time when Sports Seoul reported a blind item where there was a female idol that recently shot to fame in the acting and CF industry. Her last name was Bae, and they called her "B". Everyone knew it was Suzy they were talking about, but it turned out that there source was a blog that always made stuff up about celebrities.

    I hope that this serves as a lesson. People should check their things properly instead of witch hunting and getting carried away by mob rage. I feel so sorry by the guy, got shat upon perspective and rushed opinions. I too thought he did harass her but since the video shows he didn't then it's good. I'm her fan and nope I'm not shifting the blame to the antis.

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    So yeah let's not generalize. The reason why I did not blame him for it was, aside from the fact that the angle wasn't enough for me to be convinced, I thought it was kinda stupid to "sexually harrass" someone on a stage, with loads of public. It just didn't make sense. If you got half of your brain working you wouldn't attempt to do so in such situation. Thinking something went down is not excuse for the massive bashing the poor guy went through. The timing was really suspicious.

    I totally understand the people who believed it was harrassment. I remember watching this video as a kid too, but the video was censored and I remember that one day in a party this video was on tv unsencored and my parents was pretty mad and I don't know what I have been doing wrong: Forgive me this time. I feel so bad calling him a creep. Well, at least he can prove he's innocent now.

    Minah asks her label CEO to lift Girl's Day's ban on dating

    Just because Son Heungmin is an international league football player doesn't mean that Minah is nothing but below his "level" gosh this social status thingy in Korea is really ridiculous. Oh where are you from? How can you say that Bayer Leverkusen is an unpopular team? They have played several champions league 1st and 2nd places of all the European Leagues Note: I know she's a negative site but she doesn't post about irrelevant EXO shit every week Only when those guys are promoting or get into scandals Where do you see irrelevant articles about Girls Day planting trees making it into Nbuzz??

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