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This dual understanding makes graduates perfect for job positions such as key account manager on the selling side or category manager on the buying side — positions that hold many future career possibilities. Over time, graduates may develop careers within sales and marketing or purchasing, or they may choose to alternate between the two.

With their knowledge and understanding of the many relationships between the firm and its various stakeholders, graduates will be well equipped for a range of general management positions. About the Degree Firms operating in business markets cater to the needs of other firms rather than private households, and in so doing they face specific challenges and opportunities.

Business-to-business activities constitute the main part of any developed economy, and managers who can understand, develop, and manage such activities — upstream as well as downstream — are an important asset to firms. The first semester of the programme provides students with a deep understanding of the functioning of business markets through courses in buyer—supplier relationships and networks, as well as innovation in buyer—supplier relationships.

First-semester courses also include marketing theory and research methods. Together, these prerequisite courses prepare students for the specialisation courses of the second semester, which cover topics such as business-to-business purchasing management, business-to-business sales and marketing management, pricing, and the regulation of marketing and purchasing cooperation. Aarhus BSS hosts a rich and varied programme of student activities, both study-related and social. Our many student associations host events ranging from lectures and company events to career days and sports days, Friday bars, and celebrations.

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There is plenty of scope for meeting and networking with like-minded people, discovering new areas of academic interest, and socialising with fellow students. Organisations today increasingly use a set of techniques and tools to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, to improve decision-making, to cut costs, to identify new business opportunities, and to pinpoint inefficient business processes that are ripe for re-engineering.

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You will be well equipped to work as consultant and to serve as a linchpin between management and technical staff. You will be able to identify the opportunities that big data and related emerging technologies represent. With the programming, data processing, data-analytics, and data visualisation skills you have developed, together with your hands-on experience working with data sets, you will also qualify for data-analytics jobs. About the Degree To make the best decisions, businesses need to master both business and analytics.

Through the MSc in Business Intelligence, you will develop knowledge and skills related to all the steps from identifying a business problem to implementing a final business intelligence solution. The programme covers aspects related to the streamlining and understanding of data and has a strong focus on analytics with the purpose of creating business value. Consequently, you will learn how to apply a broad range of modern data-mining tools, as well as to visualise results in such a way that the managerial implications are easier to communicate.

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The MSc in Business Intelligence is dedicated to the highest-quality teaching in an informal, egalitarian learning environment. Collaborating in small groups for project work gives students the chance to make the most of the international student environment. Researchers in the programme work in the fields of accounting, finance, macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, and the economics of business, and the MSc programme allows students to create a personal academic profile within one or across several of these fields.

Each semester, the department also offers about thirty elective courses. The broad range of courses allows you to specialise in a particular field of interest and to compose an individual course programme. Many graduates achieve top executive positions in the corporate world e. Moreover, the international character of the programme allows graduates to work with equal ease in both Danish and international organisations, consulting firms, ministries, government agencies and financial institutions — including commercial banks, mortgage institutions, pension funds, insurance companies and investment banks.

Students who are interested in pursuing an academic career may also progress to the PhD programme. The department offers a special transitional arrangement for honours students who wish to continue their research training in the PhD programme. The department is renowned for setting high academic standards. It engages in close collaboration with many leading international researchers, including Nobel Laureate Robert F. Engle and, until his death in , Dale T. Engle serves as member of the advisory board, and the Dale T. Mortensen Centre, among others. The academic environment at the department is characterised by international diversity: more than one-third of its academic staff and PhD students have an international background.

The international atmosphere provides the basis for an enriched and exciting student life. The Internet allows buyers and sellers to match to each other directly or with the help of intermediaries. In a more connected world, buyers sellers can reach more sellers buyers and intermediaries can reach more buyers and sellers at the same time.

It is not clear whether such change strengthens or weakens the bargaining power of the parties involved. Graph theory and non-cooperative and cooperative game theory are introduced in this course to shed light on these issues. Graph theory can also help us understand link analysis and Web search. Building on this, game theory is used to provide an analysis of how sponsored search markets work. Other topics covered by the course include: information cascade, network effects, power laws, and rich-get-richer phenomenon.

Geoscience, Ph.D.

During the first year, students take courses which provide the academic foundation required for the chosen area of specialisation. Students can choose from a wide range of specialist areas ranging from optics to electro-optics, from semiconductor technology to pure electronics. Many graduates have decided to work as consultants in approved technological service institutes or patent agencies, while others have sought jobs with knowledge communication within the media and publishing industries, and in the finance sector. Graduates also have the option of continuing their studies at doctoral level, often in the form of an industrial PhD.

About the Degree There is considerable freedom in choosing the subjects for the study plan and students can select from a number of optional modules, including experimental technology, data collection, micro-controls, materials physics, and much more. In consultation with the specialist lecturers, students can design precisely the study plan that suits their interests and background. Aarhus University campus is unique, with its buildings closely grouped together and surrounded by nature.

The campus is conveniently situated close to the city centre, and student accommodation is readily available as long as you apply on time. There are a range of activities, ranging from running to a regatta on the lake, as well as guest lectures, film screenings, and university events taking place throughout the year. To ensure student well-being, counselling services are available to offer students support and guidance during their time at Aarhus.

The course covers three main topics: Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular, and Crowdfunding. Different aspects of emerging innovations in finance will be explored, discussed and evaluated.

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Some of the main contents include: Basics of Blockchain Technology. Applications and Future of Blockchain technology. What are cryptocurrencies, mechanism to value crypto assets, and ICOs. Basics of crypto mining, trading, and exchange platforms.

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Why crowdfunding is better and efficient way to raise money. Why to use one platform over the other, why to use one form of crowdfunding over others. How Crowdfunding differs from angel investors and venture capitalists. It is the mother tongue of around million people, and an even larger number speak it as a second language. The MA in English opens career opportunities in important national and international sectors associated with the cultural and creative industries and in the field of teaching..

You will be using English at a high international level and will gain in-depth knowledge of the history, culture, and social conditions of the English-speaking world. Whether you seek a career in the private or non-profit sectors or as a teacher, comprehensive knowledge of the English language and the cultures and societies of English-speaking countries is important.

In many situations, a high level of English-language proficiency is indispensable.

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  5. Whether your passion is for Anglophone literature, language, history, or all things English, the degree programme allows you to immerse yourself in the latest developments within your field of interest. You will engage in depth with the issue of what constitutes evidence within the fields of literature, linguistics, culture, and history.

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    You will gain greater insight into standard English, its variations, and the changes that have shaped it around the world, as well as myths about language itself. You will gain an understanding of the way cultural phenomena can influence literature, and how literature in turn can influence culture. Approaching literary works with new reading techniques and theories, you will work with creative processes, storytelling and adaptation, and learn how creativity can be commercialised. Working with cultural heritage, social media, film, and other elements of visual culture, and engaging deeply with current concerns such as identity politics, gender and media, and transnationalism, you will learn how to apply historical, social, and cultural knowledge within contemporary markets.

    You will be equipped with knowledge, skills, and competencies that are valued in both private and non-profit sectors. The issues will be explored by considering the differences between firms for which the standard corporate finance model is appropriate and firms for which the investment and financing issues are interdependent.

    About the programme

    An objective of this class is to further develop the framework used for thinking about finance issues and develop experience in applying this framework to making useful business decisions. Although the learning objectives will be focused on entrepreneurial ventures, they have direct application in more standard corporate, investments, insurance, and banking finance. Therefore, entrepreneurs and managers alike need entrepreneurial thinking to discover and create opportunities as well as management tools and structured processes to start and grow new ventures into thriving businesses.

    In this course, students will learn how to transform creative ideas into business concepts. As Europeans become more closely connected, the EU makes decisions that affect every European nation, every level of industry, and virtually every business. However, this view of international relations is constantly challenged and discussed. In European Studies, you will learn to analyse both the problems and the possibilities inherent in the European collaboration — and in Europe in general.

    You will deal not only with EU institutions, but also with analyses of cultural, social, and political processes in Europe — and the question of what Europe really is. The aim of the degree programme is to give you general knowledge of European conditions, political as well as historical and cultural, and to build on the insight you gained in your BA studies.

    European Studies is an interdisciplinary and multicultural degree programme, and therefore prepares you to work in international organisations, large corporations, and in public administration. About the Degree The degree programme is aimed at students with a solid academic background who would like to add a European dimension to their education.

    The European dimension is useful whether you wish to work with political institutions, international organisations, the business community, the media, in teaching, or with cultural understanding.