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Join our community and meet thousands of lonely hearts from various parts of Medicine Hat. Meeting Medicine Hat people and creating connections using our service is safe and easy. Spend no more than 5 minutes to sign up and afterward you will definitely enjoy being a member of our online singles community. Calgary and Edmonton centre Alberta's two census metropolitan areas , both of which have populations exceeding one million, [8] while the province has 16 census agglomerations.

Lake Louise and Mount Alberta were also named in her honour. To the south, the province borders on the 49th parallel north , separating it from the U. With the exception of the semi-arid steppe of the south-eastern section, the province has adequate water resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing and a range of water sports.

Alberta's capital city, Edmonton, is located at about the geographic centre of the province. It is the most northerly major city in Canada, and serves as a gateway and hub for resource development in northern Canada. The region, with its proximity to Canada's largest oil fields, has most of western Canada's oil refinery capacity. The land grant policy to the railroads served as a means to populate the province in its early years. Most of the northern half of the province is boreal forest , while the Rocky Mountains along the southwestern boundary are largely forested see Alberta Mountain forests and Alberta-British Columbia foothills forests.

The southern quarter of the province is prairie , ranging from shortgrass prairie in the southeastern corner to mixed grass prairie in an arc to the west and north of it. The central aspen parkland region extending in a broad arc between the prairies and the forests, from Calgary, north to Edmonton, and then east to Lloydminster , contains the most fertile soil in the province and most of the population.

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Much of the unforested part of Alberta is given over either to grain or to dairy farming , with mixed farming more common in the north and centre, while ranching and irrigated agriculture predominate in the south. The Alberta badlands are located in southeastern Alberta, where the Red Deer River crosses the flat prairie and farmland, and features deep canyons and striking landforms. Dinosaur Provincial Park , near Brooks, Alberta , showcases the badlands terrain, desert flora, and remnants from Alberta's past when dinosaurs roamed the then lush landscape.

Alberta has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The province is open to cold arctic weather systems from the north, which often produce extremely cold conditions in winter. As the fronts between the air masses shift north and south across Alberta, the temperature can change rapidly. The climate is also influenced by the presence of the Rocky Mountains to the southwest, which disrupt the flow of the prevailing westerly winds and cause them to drop most of their moisture on the western slopes of the mountain ranges before reaching the province, casting a rain shadow over much of Alberta.

The northerly location and isolation from the weather systems of the Pacific Ocean cause Alberta to have a dry climate with little moderation from the ocean. The province is the namesake of the Alberta clipper , a type of intense, fast-moving winter storm that generally forms over or near the province and pushed with great speed by the continental polar jetstream descends over the rest of Southern Canada and the northern tier of the United States. The northern and western parts of the province experience higher rainfall and lower evaporation rates caused by cooler summer temperatures.

The south and east-central portions are prone to drought-like conditions sometimes persisting for several years, although even these areas can receive heavy precipitation, sometimes resulting in flooding. Alberta is a sunny province. Annual bright sunshine totals range between 1, up to just under 2, hours per year. Northern Alberta gets about 18 hours of daylight in the summer. In southwestern Alberta, the cold winters are frequently interrupted by warm, dry chinook winds blowing from the mountains, which can propel temperatures upward from frigid conditions to well above the freezing point in a very short period.

Northern Alberta is mostly covered by boreal forest and has a subarctic climate.

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The agricultural area of southern Alberta has a semi-arid steppe climate because the annual precipitation is less than the water that evaporates or is used by plants. The southeastern corner of Alberta, part of the Palliser Triangle , experiences greater summer heat and lower rainfall than the rest of the province, and as a result suffers frequent crop yield problems and occasional severe droughts. Western Alberta is protected by the mountains and enjoys the mild temperatures brought by winter chinook winds.

Central and parts of northwestern Alberta in the Peace River region are largely aspen parkland, a biome transitional between prairie to the south and boreal forest to the north. After Saskatchewan, Alberta experiences the most tornadoes in Canada with an average of 15 verified per year.

In central and northern Alberta the arrival of spring is marked by the early flowering of the prairie crocus anemone ; this member of the buttercup family has been recorded flowering as early as March, though April is the usual month for the general population. Both yellow and white sweet clover can be found throughout the southern and central areas of the province. The trees in the parkland region of the province grow in clumps and belts on the hillsides. These are largely deciduous , typically aspen , poplar , and willow. Many species of willow and other shrubs grow in virtually any terrain.

On the north side of the North Saskatchewan River evergreen forests prevail for thousands of square kilometres. Aspen poplar , balsam poplar or in some parts cottonwood , and paper birch are the primary large deciduous species. Conifers include jack pine , Rocky Mountain pine, lodgepole pine , both white and black spruce , and the deciduous conifer tamarack. The four climatic regions alpine , boreal forest , parkland , and prairie of Alberta are home to many different species of animals. The south and central prairie was the land of the bison , commonly known as buffalo, its grasses providing pasture and breeding ground for millions of buffalo.

The buffalo population was decimated during early settlement, but since then buffalo have made a comeback, living on farms and in parks all over Alberta. Alberta is home to many large carnivores. Among them are the grizzly bears and black bears , which are found in the mountains and wooded regions. Smaller carnivores of the canine and feline families include coyotes , wolves , fox, lynx , bobcat and mountain lion cougar.

Herbivorous animals are found throughout the province. Moose , mule deer , elk , and white-tailed deer are found in the wooded regions, and pronghorn can be found in the prairies of southern Alberta. Bighorn sheep and mountain goats live in the Rocky Mountains. Rabbits, porcupines , skunks , squirrels and many species of rodents and reptiles live in every corner of the province. Alberta is home to only one variety of venomous snake, the prairie rattlesnake.

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Central and northern Alberta and the region farther north is the nesting ground of many migratory birds. Vast numbers of ducks , geese , swans and pelicans arrive in Alberta every spring and nest on or near one of the hundreds of small lakes that dot northern Alberta. Eagles , hawks , owls and crows are plentiful, and a huge variety of smaller seed and insect-eating birds can be found. Alberta, like other temperate regions, is home to mosquitoes , flies , wasps , and bees.

Rivers and lakes are populated with pike , walleye , whitefish , rainbow , speckled , brown trout , and sturgeon.

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Bull trout , native to the province, is Alberta's provincial fish. Turtles are found in some water bodies in the southern part of the province. Frogs and salamanders are a few of the amphibians that make their homes in Alberta. Alberta is the only province in Canada—as well as one of the few places in the world—that is free of Norwegian rats. In , Alberta Agriculture reported zero findings of wild rats; the only rat interceptions have been domesticated rats that have been seized from their owners.

It is illegal for individual Albertans to own or keep Norwegian rats of any description; the animals can only be kept in the province by zoos, universities and colleges, and recognized research institutions. In , several rats were found and captured, in small pockets in southern Alberta, [31] putting Alberta's rat-free status in jeopardy. A colony of rats were subsequently found in a landfill near Medicine Hat in , and again in Alberta has one of the greatest diversities and abundances of Late Cretaceous dinosaur fossils in the world.

At least 38 dinosaur type specimens were collected in the province. Dinosaur-bearing strata are distributed widely throughout Alberta. In the central and southern regions of Alberta are intermittent Scollard Formation outcrops. Other formations have been recorded as well, like the Milk River and Foremost Formations. However, these latter two have a lower diversity of documented dinosaurs, primarily due to their lower total fossil quantity and neglect from collectors who are hindered by the isolation and scarcity of exposed outcrops.

Their dinosaur fossils are primarily teeth recovered from microvertebrate fossil sites.