Kpop idols dating fans

Agencies spend time and resources to scout, develop, train and promote their talents for years, and a breach of trust does seem unforgivable. It's not like the issue is new - a number of idols have been known to stay with their agencies during and even after revealing their relationships to the public. International fans, however, find it almost absurd that the couple is dismissed for romantic reasons-they did nothing criminal.

Here in the Philippines where artists are often paired in "love teams" to promote careers and relationship songs rule the local pop airwaves, the idea that a couple is disciplined for openly declaring a relationship seems unthinkable.

What To Do If You Dated A Kpop Idol

Rather, the coupling would be celebrated here. The results of Super K! But the issue goes deep into the dark side of the K-pop industrial machine and the manner by which fans express their complete devotion to their idols. It feels like idols are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, whether they honour the "no-dating clause" and stay focused on their careers for their devout fans, or simply stay true as humans with real emotions, regardless what their agencies or protective fans would say.

As the matter is yet to be resolved soon, it would seem that Triple H would be disbanded and Pentagon would have to survive without one of its main rappers and composer. Meanwhile, fans of HyunA have recently observed that her personal manager has removed "Cube" from the manager's Instagram bio and that her stylist posted an AOMG logo the independent record label of Jay Park on his IG story. If there's anything that other agencies can take from the now-famous Ted-talk by JYPE founder Park Jin-young last July is that the international market for K-pop is huge.

Markets outside Korea are hungry for all things Korean-related, including acts from smaller agencies. Perhaps this is something Korean agencies and Korean fans can appreciate, because like it or not, as a consequence of "Hallyu," idols are no longer exclusively their own.

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Series Never date a K-Pop Idol self.

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In the beginning it was really weird. Just going out to the store was like some magical mystery tour. I remember one day going shopping, just cruising the aisles, and at one point there was this tall guy standing behind me, wearing a hood up over his head, and he was smiling down at me as I rifled through seventy varieties of noodles. He was really good looking — he seemed to understand I was a foreigner and he gave me this small thumbs-up gesture. Like he wished me good luck. He seemed taken aback when I spoke to him and he peered at me really suspiciously.

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He looked like he was about to bolt. He nodded and smiled, and Damnnnnn — from what I could see underneath that hoodie, that boy was smoking hot. He was about nineteen or twenty, and he was tall with a sparse, muscular physique.

9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Fan’s Dream Come True

He recommended that I not use fish with my kimchi-jjigae. He said he preferred pork belly marinated in rice wine. We got to chatting after that. He said his name was Park and he was a sessions musician. I told him a little about myself and after that we ended up going for a coffee — he seemed lonely, and nervous, and kept looking over his shoulder, the way a kid does when he expects to get caught by grown-ups. A lot of young girls had been going missing in Seoul recently so I was a bit nervous about hooking up with a stranger.

But Park seemed like a regular guy. His English was good. At school the next day I met up with my friend, Song, during recess. She was sitting in a corner of the playground, reading CeCi, a popular gossip magazine, and instantly I recognized the guy on the cover.


Song looked at me like she thought I was having her on. It was undeniably Park. Song gave me a disbelieving look, then grinned.

What the HyunA-E'Dawn drama says about K-pop idols dating, Entertainment News - AsiaOne

He was the lead singer for a five-boy group called Junior 17, that had literally taken the charts by storm in the last three years. I felt a little awestruck. I pretty much forgot about him after that, so I was pretty surprised when I got a call from Park a few days later. He wanted to meet up for a coffee. He was still wearing a hoodie, a green one this time, and he bowed to acknowledge me. I thought about this.

5 Signs Your K-Pop Idol is Secretly Dating

Was he hinting that he might be interested in dating me, or was that wishful thinking on my part? I stared at him. He was definitely the best looking in the band. It sounded too manufactured. It must have taken years to get that good. We met regularly after that. Slowly building upon the most fragile of relationships.

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  7. The more I got to know Park the more he reminded me of a wounded animal, caught in a trap and ready to chew his own leg off if it meant being free. He was obsessively careful about being recognized, always kept his head lowered, his hood pulled down so the only part of his face you could see was his jaw.

    He told me that being a teen idol was nothing like they made it out to be. The moment you stopped making money for the machine you were kicked to the curb.

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    Park said his agency controlled every part of his life, as far as every k-pop idol was concerned, the agency was God. That was the way it was. They decided what you wore, what you said, what you thought and when you thought it…and then there were the sasaen…. Out of control fans. The kind of fan that stalked you, harassed you, assaulted you, and murdered you if you ever fell short of their expectations.

    Just to get a taste of normalcy he had to sneak out of the dormitory he lived in with the other members of his group. It was a fraternity of mutual dependency. As we neared the head of my street he cupped my face in his hands, lowered his head, and allowed our lips to brush.