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If you find any joy or value in it, please consider supporting Film English with a monthly subscription , or by contributing a one-off payment. Tell them that one student should describe their idea of a dream date while the other student describes their idea of a nightmare date.

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Tell your students they are going to watch a short film in which a young woman called Ava goes speed-dating. Elicit or explain that speed-dating is an organised event normally held in a bar in which single people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is a mutual interest. Speed Dating from Meghann Artes on Vimeo.

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Give the students time to answer the questions and then compare their answers with a partner. Go through their answers. Ask them to come up with 10 questions they would ask if they went speed-dating. Give your students the speed-dating questions document. Tell them that there are 24 of the most popular speed-dating questions.

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Ask them to read the questions and compare them with the questions they came up with. Hi Cely, Thanks for the kind words.

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All the best, Kieran. How much is the book in euros, by the way?

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