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Dating with their first date with germany and delivery company or airline restrictions. Because of these variations, Belgium has three official languages French, Dutch and German. Sticklers for neatness One of the most significant traits of Belgian society is the high regard to neatness and order. This is evident both in their personal appearance as well as social context. Thus unlike men from some cultures where sporting a two-day stubble and grubby nails is a masculine thing, men in Belgium are very particular about their grooming.

They are neatly and yet fashionably turned out with their sense of style probably a French influence. Thus here like their female counterparts, men take great pride in their appearance and some are even keen followers of styles and trends in the world of fashion. In this context the image of the most famous Belgian of detective fiction, Hercule Poirot comes to mind. But while his concern for his luxuriant mustache and natty suits may be something of a delightful exaggeration, the interest that Belgian men profess in their appearance is a positive thing.

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Rather be turned out in smart yet feminine dresses so that your guy notices and appreciates your sense of style. Likewise Belgians are extremely particular about cleanliness in their surroundings. Indeed neatness is a matter of national pride and here even well-off men can be seen washing the pavement or steps in front of their house or even sweeping the street. So in your social interactions with a Belgian guy, take care not to appear slovenly and careless in your habits or manners since these convey an impression of irresponsibility and are unattractive to Belgians.

Yet another aspect of their regard for order is punctuality. Chocolate, mussels and waffles are also part of the Belgian cuisine and have gained worldwide fame.

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These are not eaten at every meal, but are just really appreciated like tortillas in Spain or pastas in Italy. In the mind of foreigners, the typical Belgian is as follows: We already showed that Belgian people love fries so this one is closed - but let's admit that anyone who's ever tried Belgian fries loves them too.

But when it comes to Belgian people, the Dutch and the French have a lot to say with regards to language. This results in jokes and mockeries from the Dutch and the French towards the Belgians.

However, if a Belgian person is talking to a Swiss, for example, there will be less differences in the French, resulting in a more peaceful co-existence. And while Belgian people are surely not stupid, they have a great, self-deprecating sense of humor. Let's face it, what's not to laugh about? Belgium is a small country with two different communities that can't get along, in a political crisis for more than a year and a lot of people make fun of them; so why not have fun with the situation?

With this humorous attitude, Belgian people are now also famous for their great, self-deprecating sense of humor, making movies and writing books that help exaggerate any preconceived ideas people have about Belgium. Another well-known and possibly exaggerated fact about Belgium is the rivalry between its French and Flemish communities.

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The argument goes that that French people are lazy, monolingual, football fans. In contrast, the Flemish are hard-working, bilingual and ambitious. It is obvious that classifying people because of their language is absurd and too simple! The problem is that the current political crisis is not helping to dispel these stereotypes.

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For such a small country, Belgium sure has its fair share of stereotypes. Otherwise, they risk not being able to fully integrate in their new home. If you're in a hurry, and need to take one main lesson from this article is that Belgians sure love their beers and fries, but most of all, they love sharing their peculiar culture with any foreigner who's willing to learn about them.