Dating a lodge skillet

Like if gas gets into it and forms bubbles, a common imperfection in older cast iron pieces.

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The way cast iron cools also factors into the final product. Quick cooling produces a finer grain, while slow cooling produces a coarse grain.

These days, when everything is produced for the bottom line, cast iron is made with a machine, which means the attention to detail when done by hand gets lost. Here are some of the biggest myths:. Manufactured cast iron comes seasoned already, and professional cast iron dealers go many lengths to restore and season vintage cast iron before selling it. If you must season it yourself, go ahead.

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But if you want to get cooking, most cast iron is ready to go. This dirty caveat tends to be the thing most people think of when they think about cast iron. If cast iron gets used every day, it might not make sense to put them away after every single meal.

Lodge History

A simple wipe-down after every use should suffice. This is part of its beauty. Some people might have tossed it—but not her! After the electrolysis, 4 I would clean it, and 5 then season it, and then boom! Heat Rings Cast iron pans were originally designed to fit on top of wood stoves. This Pan Handler blog post has a great post on identifying both marked and unmarked antique cast iron cookware.

What the heck is it? The debate lives on. Not all cast iron brands are the same. Of course some vintage cast iron brands are no longer in production, and there are a lot of fakes out there to be aware of. Are all of these pieces from the 's? Lodge's website says they instituted automated molding in I have a felling it may not have been the high speed DISA machinery, but automated nonetheless. There may very well have been a period where automated pieces had neither marking.

Find all posts by Doug D. Some of the pans I have do have raised numbers, while some do not. I saw one of these skillets today three notches in the ring. It wasn't in too bad condition.

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Are these good "user" pans? Should I go back tomorrow and snag it if it's still available?

Vintage Cast Iron is Highly Collectible

Precisely dating unmarked 3-notch Lodge pans can be difficult. Pour spouts may have gotten somewhat smaller, compared to older pans, even before automation.

Dating Cast Iron

It would be safe to say that pieces with a raised molder's mark are going to be earlier than those without. Important to note that many changes took place during the unmarked 3-notch period, so all are not created equal. Always look for polished cooking surfaces, and choose those over unpolished whenever possible. Originally Posted by JenniferM.

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Dating LODGE 3 Notch Pieces - Cast Iron Collector Forums

If the Wagner Ware logo is in the center of the bottom then it was made approximately If the is no heat ring and a stylized Wagner Ware logo then it was made between and He avoids Griswolds with the small logo and Wagner Wares that describe the pan by size — e. If there is no heat ring on the bottom it was probably made between If there is a heat ring it could be another 10 years older.

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