Mkx matchmaking unfair

I know that neither nor Microsoft will respond or even address thsee problems let's face it, they've made their money from my purchase of the Xbox 1 and Halo 5 so why should they care right?

A very large group of the Halo player base is using this, for lack of a better word, loophole to systematically undermine both the ranking system and the ability for lower level players to enjoy playing halo. It's extremely selfish and in the long run this will kill future halo sales because nobody will be able to play this game for fun anymore.

Mkx matchmaking unfair another

Which in turn will degrade server quality due to lack of funding. So Bravo to both Microsoft and the selfish players ruining game play by playing smurf accounts! I hope all of you are real happy Show More Show Less. I agree that smurfing to wreck noobs is pretty pathetic. When good players do it solely for that reason it's terribly unsportsmanlike and ruins whatever integrity the game is trying to retain.

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Only for the sake of arguing their defense I have lately read a large number of posts by Diamond and low Onyx players complaining about ranking and matchmaking where they are getting destroyed over and over by high Onyx and Champs. There's also the solo players getting wrecked by teams repeatedly because there is no search preference to avoid this. Where are these players supposed to go to get a few wins?

Not in 's mind. Another aspect of alt accounts not necessarily de-ranked smurfs as you've defined them here is that they are used as an easy play around for bans. I've both been involved in parties and witnessed second hand what happens when someone gets a ban.

What's With This Matchmaking?

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Hearthstone casual matchmaking unfair

This is why matchmaking in Tekken excelled compared to MK. Players all start off at the same beginning low rank and continue to progress up based on fighting people of similar skill level. Get beaten too many times?

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Plus a shiny new rank makes playing ranked all the more worthwhile as opposed to just looking at a win rate and nothing else. More topics from this board When did kenshi become a nerd? Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? MrKramerstein MrKramerstein 3 years ago 13 I too constantly get matched against someone that is or something of the like.

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