Perks of dating a guy with long hair

What conditioner does he use? How does he deal with tangles? Have these hairy stunners convinced you to love guys with long hair forever? Understanding Men All articles. Give Frizz The Middle Finger!

15 Dudes That Prove Guys With Long Hair Are Absolute Dreamboats

Powers to rock out at any music festival. I originally grew mine out because i was made fun of when was younger by a clown and called dumbo. Now i have had it long for about 11 years had to cut short twice during elementary school because of head lice and I did not enjoy it short. Long hair became a part of me. I had various other comments about me making fun of me but with it I cared less about what people though of me. It helped shape me to who I am today. The negative comments for me motivate me the most to keep growing! And of course the head bands and hair ties are helping my journey!

Wow JAM, thank you for sharing so we have a better understanding. We are grateful for our freedom to grow our hair, even if some people give us grief for it.

1. It’s manly.

Wishing you strength and success in your journey to let it ride, please keep us posted! And I plan on letting it go for another 2 years. The first time was due to a mid-life crisis. It takes a lot of balls to grow your hair long in your 50s. Proud to say my 57 year old brother is also a long hair and we have nothing in common but I think he looks cool with it. Saw you on Shark Tank. Enjoyed the article and totally relate with it. The thing is, it is much harder to take care of curly hair and make it looks good.

If you decide to cut it, we hope you will considering waiting and joining us for The Great Cut on March 9, I was seventeen in a catholic high school and my curly black hair was growing beyond what was considered acceptable. The principal asked me if I was planning to have it long after graduation and I said yes, not because I really intended to but just to see his reaction. That day I became a convert and never looked back.

At age 60 decided to let it grow. Now almost 4 years later still enjoying the ride. When I was a teen I had shoulder length hair.

15 Dudes That Prove Guys With Long Hair Are Absolute Dreamboats

So now its about 4 to 5 inches past my shoulders. Bottom line is I grew my hair out because I wanted to. What others think is not important to me anymore. Great reading your comment. Enjoyed reading about you and your wife growing it out. Thanks for the kind words and your thoughts my friend. We will continue to let it ride, and implore you to do the same. Its too thick- with random waves, curls, cowlicks, feathers, it ends up looking too feminine for me- and just like a big uncontrollable mop. My morning bedhead also redefines the laws of physics- just incredible stuff.

Its so frustrating and causes lifelong disappointment. How could the hair genes have screwed up so bad when mine was created?? Are you sure you just never made it past the awkward stage? I would bet a lot of those excellent descriptive features would mellow out once it got long enough.

HUSBAND MAKEOVER! Doing my husbands long hair - JULIA HAVENS

The same can be said about buzz cuts. Almost every room I walk into the guys either have some generic short hair style, a beautiful mane, or balding by the force of nature. I stand out from the guy with the beautiful mane of hair, and the generic guys who have the play-it-safe regular hair cut. Should I begin to let my hair grow from the sides or is it fine as is?

Does it add more depht? I would love to see what you would have to say , thank you! Growing your hair is something that everybody should be allowed to do, regardless of your gender. I basically had a very long mohawk. I was enjoying it a lot, I felt like I was living the best moments of my existence. So I cut it all off.

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Now, my hair is reaching the middle of my back. If someone tells you to cut your hair, just yeah, chop it off and bake them a cake with your hair inside. Hey, really glad I came accross this site. Keep lettin it ride mate. Also, send your hair updates on our social media for maneupdatemonday. I refuse to cut my hair because, personally, I feel short hair is a haircut for tools.

I, also, want to put my foot down. Every little thing requires someone to get a haircut and it gets annoying. It takes hair forever to grow and stuffy types need to realize people have a life outside of their institutions that could strongly reflect their spiritual beliefs such as Sikhs.

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Honestly, discriminating against long hair should be considered prejudice just as much as declining someone due to skin color or culture. Some people have side-careers or hobbies that involve their style. I do some modeling and acting on the side and it helps me a lot. Basically, society can shove it and needs to adapt already. Well, I have always known I was a long hair. It is only modern society that has done away with men having long hair to be the norm. My adventure began very shortly at that magical age where nobody could tell me anymore what hair length was required.

I confess, I did cut my hair off once. I will also point out it was done in honor and compassion. A cancer patient had identical hair and color as mine. All the more rare as how thick my mane is and the multi colors that it holds. From afar it looks an almost dirty blonde or a swede. Get close and there is black, brown, platinum blonde, blonde, and plenty of red.

I cut it off and gave that little girl her hair back.

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I also confess in being so proud and fullfilled in my deepest emotions to see her in sheer bliss at having her same hair again. It was in the newspaper, all of us, her mother, her, and myself eyes filled with tears of joy. To make it better, her spirits raised, she had the strength to survive chemo, and to my knowledge remains cancer free.

2. It’s mysterious.

In any other circumstance, I would never cut my hair for another. It is simply a part of who I am. In my mind an extension, no less valuable than my arm or leg or other appendage. Everybody I know would be against it but it feels so powerful and free. I will remind myself to read this wonderful post whenever I feel bogged down by the boring world. Great to hear man. Just keep growing in all aspects of your life. And that made me feel confident.

And life is easier, and I prefer it.

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If you prefer your hair long do that. Just shut up and do it. I agree with the feeling of connectedness. Ears and nose have hairs that receive respective signals for sensing the world around us. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.