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This is a unique opportunity where everyone — both men and women — celebrate your accountability on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. ZipRecruiter is the highest-rated hiring site in America. Try for FREE at ziprecruiter. Resources from this Episode Episode What Defines Happiness Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier Social Isolation in America: AJ on Instagram Johnny on Twitter.

What to Listen ForWhat is the definition of happiness?

By AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak

What is the difference between contentment and pleasure with how they relate to your pursuit of happiness? How does having meaning in your life weave into your ability to be happy? AJ and Johnny explain the significance of being present and how it demands regular practice in order to make it stickWhat are the three primary influencing factors in your happiness?

How important are the circumstances in which you live when it comes to your overall happiness? Are your genetics the biggest or smallest contributor to our happiness? If happiness comes down to leading a good, meaningful life then how do you design such a life to maximize your happiness? What is the Vice-Joy-Dedication Gradient and how does it relate to your ability to find purpose and meaning in life? What do all the successful individuals we look up to have in common and how can you implement it immediately? How can you find meaning in your work if you hate what you do?

On average, what percentage of our waking lives do we spend daydreaming and how does it impact our ability to be happy and successful? Attaining and maintaining happiness in life is about much more than the simple joy we feel when we engage in acts and events that bring us pleasure. Much of it comes down to the why behind our actions and goals. Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. GREATS designs classically inspired sneakers for men and women using luxury high quality materials and construction.

Your Favorite Interviews from You asked and we answered! We took the three highest rated interviews from and put them into a special New Years Eve episode just for you! He has a lot to say about committing to yourself. Next up is our interview with Dr. Steven Hayes, the leading clinical psychologist in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - which is all about authentically accepting who you are and working on the best parts of you.

Finally, we leave you with the crazy conversation we had with power investor and entrepreneur Oren Klaff. We loved having you join us this year as the Art of Charm Podcast tried out some new things. We love your feedback and your questions, so drop us a line at www. Netsuite takes growing businesses and organizations to new heights.

How can you train yourself so fear no longer stands in your way? What are the 5 steps to rewriting the stories that are stopping you from building new habits? Lisa explains the best way to develop a morning routine by approaching the bedtime routine firstHow can you take advantage of neuroplasticity to amplify the reinforcement of new habits? When it comes to building new habits, you can use neurosculpting to reinforce the building of new patterns in your brain.

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Using neurosculpting in place of a brute force approach allows you to rewire your brain much faster and more efficiently, giving you more control over your life, happiness, and success. SimpliSafe is the right way to protect your home. What to Listen ForWhy is the community you surround yourself with so important to the development of new habits and the perpetuation of bad ones?

Charles Duhigg explains why standard to-do lists are terrible for productivity and what an effective replacement looks likeWhat is the habit loop and how can you use the knowledge of it to change any habit you want? How can you use the science of small wins to start making changes to your habits immediately? What are some tricks you can use to stay motivated when building a new habit or breaking an old one? How are intentional choices related to motivation when it comes to the psychology of routine and satisfaction? How can you determine the cues of bad habits so you can take them into account and prevent the bad habits from being triggered in the first place?

Charles Duhigg explains the one thing ex-smokers do that stops them from relapsingWhat are mental models and how is our ability to create them directly related to our success in life? Many of us are led to believe the formation of new habits is accomplished through a brute force approach via willpower, aka that it is entirely internal. However, the science behind habit building says otherwise - our external environment and the people around us play a significant role.

If you build an environment conducive to success it becomes infinitely easier to develop new habits and replace old ones. This can mean anything from identifying the cues that trigger bad habits and removing them, or replacing the bad habit with a good one. Check it out at: Building or breaking a new habit can effectively be broken into 3 different phases, each with its own challenge which can prevent you from reaching the next one - but what are the 3 phases, how can awareness of each one assist you, and is a new habit locked in once you reach the 3rd phase?

What to Listen ForWhat are the three phases of efficiently building new habits? What 2 simple questions can you ask yourself everyday to keep you on track? Why are contingency plans vital to developing and maintaining strong habits? How can habits impede progress toward your larger goals and what can you do to mitigate the interference? AJ and Johnny explain how to use regular goal setting, intentional novelty, and the celebration of small victories to compound your development of great habits Building new habits is an ongoing process that requires your daily attention and effort in order to succeed.

When first starting a new habit it can be easy to get caught up in the immediate rewards of progress - notice by friends and coworkers and changes in mood and feeling to give a couple examples. After the first phase, however, it becomes more challenging and it can be easy to fail unless you set your mind to the process. Finally, once you push through the second phase into the last phase, your job is not over, because now you must work at maintaining the new habit.

Molekule uses nanotechnology to break down pollutants on a molecular level.

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How to Build Habits that Stick. What to Listen ForHow are willpower and habits related and how can you use one to take advantage of the other? Why is willpower like a battery and what can you do to make sure you use that energy as effectively as possible?

Why do so many people fail at accomplishing their New Years Resolutions within the first week and what can you do to avoid that fate? What do many of us do to set ourselves up for failure from the start? What role does self-compassion play in the successful development of habits and how can you start cultivating it today?

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What is the optimal number of habits to focus on at one time and how long does it take for each habit to become routine? How often should you practice a new habit in order to solidify it? What time of the day is best for building new habits? What is the one common theme we hear from the majority of our guests when it comes to how they achieved their success? Why is tracking your progress integral in developing new habits?

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What can you do to outsource your self-awareness and reduce the finite willpower you have to use? The most energy efficient way to go through your day is when the day consists of established routines. In this case, energy is also equivalent to willpower, and the more changes you make to your daily routine, the more willpower it requires.

Duana Welch - Science-Based Dating (Episode 459)

Therefore, the most effective way to start breaking old habits and building new ones is to start small. Understand the routines you use now, and implement one small change based on a habit you want to break or form. Then utilize the tools AJ and Johnny give you to ensure your success.

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