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With an experience in travel industry for approximately 2years. Jyotish kumar 29, Male. Safety and Privacy border. Dating in India arrow border. The Chamundi Hills and the whole of the city of Mysore can be viewed from the palace. The main attractions at the palace are the Viceroy Room, the banquet hall, a dance floor and an Italian marble staircase.

Full length portraits of the Wodeyar kings have been placed on the walls of the palace. The beautiful Italian marble floors and the Belgian crystal chandeliers are a major attraction too. The other antiquities include cut glass lamps, heavy ornate furniture, mosaic tiles, Persian carpets, and other fascinating artefacts.

Although the palace has now been converted into a heritage hotel, the regal ambience of the place has been kept intact. The Brindavan Gardens is the most popular tourist destination and one of the not-to-be-missed places to visit in Mysore. It is situated very close to the Krishnarajasagara Dam which is built across the River Cauvery. The garden receives as many as 2 million tourists every year. The work on laying out of the garden began in and was completed in He conceptualised a large garden similar in layout to the Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir.

The Brindavan Gardens has a Mughal style layout.

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It was initially constructed in a terraced fashion and named as the Krishnarajendra Terrace Garden. The garden spreads across 60 acres and contains water fountains, Ficus trees, foliage and flowering plants in great variety. It is maintained by the Cauvery Niravari Nigam, which is an enterprise under the Government of Karnataka. Adjoining the garden, there is a large fruit orchard which is spread over 75 acres. The garden also has two horticultural farms, a Nagavana spread over 30 acres and a Chandravana which occupies 5 acres of the area. The garden also has a number of topiary works which resemble the shapes of different animals, shaded passageways covered with creepers and gazebos.

The special attraction of the park is a musical fountain which spouts water to the tune of music. There is also a lake inside the garden where boating can be enjoyed. The park is open to visitors and only an entry fee is charged. The garden had undergone renovation in the year and the fountains in the garden were spruced up. However, it was shut down in for a brief period due to a water dispute related to the River Cauvery.

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It is one of the oldest zoos in South India and hence a very popular tourist place. It is one of the best places to visit in Mysore with your family, especially children. The zoo was established under royal patronage in While the main source of income for the zoo is by collecting entry fees, an adoption scheme which was introduced in the s became quite popular with the rich and the prosperous. These individuals have been contributing generously towards the welfare of the zoo inmates. The zoo was originally established over 10 acres of land, but over the next decade it was expanded to an area of 45 acres.

The zoo was opened to the public in and has a bandstand and an artificial lake. In , the park was gifted to the Department of Parks and Gardens of Mysore. Subsequent expansions were carried out and with the acquisition of the Karanji Tank, the area under the zoo became acres. An artificial island has been created in the Karanji Tank as a sanctuary for birds.

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The zoo was given to the Department of Forests in The Zoo Authority of Karnataka took over the zoo in The Mysore Zoo is home to several animals and birds. Currently, it is home to ten elephants and has more elephants than any other zoo in India. The zoo was home to as many as 34 elephants, many of which were later transferred to other zoos in different parts of the country.

Five green anacondas contributed by a zoo in Colombo are the major attractions of this zoo. Other animals that live in the Mysore Zoo include baboons, white rhinoceros, tigers, lions, zebras and giraffes. The average altitude of these hills is around metres.

According to popular belief, the Goddess Chamundeshwari also called Chamundi killed the demon king of the area Mahishasura here and hence these hills are named after her to honour her. There is also a temple dedicated to the goddess in the hills. The temple contains a very beautiful statue of the goddess in the sanctum sanctorum. The temple was of great significance and enjoyed royal patronage.

Here’s a list of the best places to see in Mysore :

During the reign of the Maharajas of Mysore, a beautiful idol of the goddess would be carried on a decorated elephant to the hills. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Mysore. The hills are one of the most popular tourist places in the city of Mysore and attract a large number of tourists from all over the country and the world. A wonderful view of the city can be enjoyed from the hills. The main temple is only about metres from the Chamundeshwari temple. On the way to the main temple you will come across the Nandi Temple or Bull Temple.

There are several tourist attractions on the top of the hill such as the Mahishasura statue, the Chamundeshwari Temple and a few other temples. The hill is held in high regard and is of great spiritual value. There are two important temples on the hills — the Mahabaleshwar Temple and the Chamundeshwari Temple. The goddess Chamundeshwari was considered to be the protective deity of the royal family.

The temple dedicated to the goddess was renovated during the reign of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III and a beautiful tall tower was installed in honour of the deity. She was a young Greek princess who was martyred in the 4th century. Remains of a young teenaged girl were found in in the Catacombs of Saint Priscilla in Rome.

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  • The church was constructed in by the then Maharaja Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The foundation stone of the church was laid by the Maharaja in He handed over the relic to Father Cochet who sought help from the king in building the church. Then Mysore is a place you must definitely visit ]. The relic of the saint is preserved in a catacomb below the main altar. The most attractive feature of the church is that it exhibits a beautiful blend of cultures. Some of the statues in the church are dressed in sarees.

    The church was designed by a French architect named Daly and has been built in neo-Gothic style. The floor plan of the church has been designed in the shape of a cross. The longer part of the cross is the congregation hall and is called the Nave. Each part has a particular name. The arms of the cross make the transepts and the crossing contains the altar and choir.

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    The beautiful twin spires of the church rise to a height of feet and bear striking resemblance to the Cologne Cathedral of Germany. The Railway Museum in Mysore is the best place for those interested in automobiles and history. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mysore and is an outdoor exhibit of vintage locomotives. The museum was established by the Indian Railways in The museum presents a wonderful array of automobiles and railway coaches and traces the journey of the railways in India.

    Old locomotives, photographs, paintings, railway signals and lights have been put up on display for visitors at the museum. If you have children accompanying you, do not forget to make them enjoy a ride on the battery operated mini train within the museum. The Austin car that has been put up on display dates back to Plan A Getaway Now!

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    Famous as one of the best non veg restaurants in Mysore , Ambrosia is a paradise for couples who love to not just spend time together, but also try great food with each other. Be it breakfast hours or dinner time, the views around would surely add a spark to your romantic date. Its glass-walled look and a wide variety of cuisines.