Is it ok to hook up with your exs friend

Wait until he's got a new girlfriend and they seem like they're doing well. That way, his feelings won't be hurt, and it won't jeopardize the friendship between your ex and his friend. If it's meant to be, you two will be able to explore something, say, four months from now. If you two are genuinely meant for each other, it'll happen.

And if you're not genuinely meant for each other, is it really worth the drama, and the pain it might cause your ex? Unless the breakup was particularly amicable, or they're very loose friends, it's likely to strain the friendship pretty badly. If you're the one that dumped him and he's still into you, it will likely completely end their friendship. If they live together, you're a bitch if you do this.

I might be projecting by this point. My absolute best friend recently started fucking the one real boyfriend I've ever had and I really don't care. I just warn her about shitty stuff he did while we were dating but other than that it's understandable. We're super good friends pretty much soul mates so the fact that we like the same guy only makes sense. But it was a year afterward, the ex had a new girlfriend, and even if it bothered him, I wasn't in any mood to spare that little bastard's feelings anyhow. I have an ex who is just a horrible, horrible person.

He has a friend that I always had great chemistry with. If my bf and I broke up today, no.


He's a good person, and is more emotionally attached to sex than I am. I know it would hurt him. Well, I grew up in a VERY small town, so three of my serious boyfriends also happened to be somewhat close friends in high school They're all jerks BTW, so I guess no regrets. As long as you and your ex are secure with the ending of the relationship between you two, I don't see it as a problem, whether you're looking to just hook up with his friend or actually pursue a relationship.

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I regret how I handled it but I don't regret doing it. David is an awesome person and us getting married is the best thing to happen to me. I love sex but I have a rule for myself, no homie hoppin'! There are plenty of other fishes in the sea to fuck. Despite being a guy I think I can help give some insight to this one. I was close friends with these two in high school - these two that dated for the entirety of high school and then some, almost five years. They broke up early in college, and I dated her soon after. She was basically the one that made the move, and we were prepared for some backlash from what was her ex and one of my best friends.

But it was hella backlash. He kind of had an episode which I won't go into, but it was bad. It was one of the reasons I broke it off with her after a fairly short 2 or 3 months relationship.

She was a great girl, too - I've made a post , in fact, of how sweet she was - it's a story I share as often as I can. It should have worked out, but it didn't, partly because I think we didn't give it enough time. This is evident in the fact that recently, we all made up and he apologized his guts out. We all apologized, really. Realized it was something that we weren't mature enough to see the outcome of.

Don’t Hook Up With Your Ex’s Best Friend: A Cautionary Tale

So that would be my advice if you really would like to hook up with this guy - give it some time. Your situation would likely greatly differ from mine, of course, just bear in mind you could really be hurting someone in the process. There are some of my exes friends whom I find attractive enough to hook up with, yes. But I wouldn't breach that line, it's really not worth the headache, and I feel like it's disrespectful to the ex. Friends of the ex are strictly verboten as far as I'm concerned - unless it has been a very long time since we dated, compared to how long we were together.

For instance, I was with my ex for 7 years This isn't just out of respect for my ex pfft - this is because if i were with one of his friends, he would constantly still be in my life in one form or another.

I would always question whether I did or said something to my new partner just to get some sort of reaction from my ex. Or if I would resist saying or doing something for similar reasons. I do not want my exes influencing any part of my life anymore, and dating one of their friends would bring them back in. This could and more than likely will lead up to a lot of drama. I had a friend who was seeing a girl for a long time years when I first met them. Anyways they broke up since things weren't going so well. I fell for her and she admitted to me that during the end of her and my friend's relationship she was falling for me.

I wanted the feeling of loving someone again and for someone to love me again. My ex-was happily in a new relationship, while I was left wondering where did things go wrong. I had felt a mixture of emotions: People say the heart heals within time, but I had waited long enough. I was ready to take things into my own hands. We started texting frequently, he flirted, I flirted back, and the sexual tension had built up from there.

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When he had initiated plans to hook up, I was hesitant at first. I felt like a cheater, a betrayer, a morale breaker.

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But then I thought about how happy my ex-was with his new significant other and how I should be happy too. There are pros and cons to all of these scenarios. Normally, there are only a two people you ever have to consider when you start dating someone new: Who cares about what other people think? This is usually solved by being up front with both your ex and their friend and asking. But friendships are complicated.