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For both companies to reward themselves with easier-than-normal growth and profit. And form a durable alliance based on mutual profit. Year of Establishment Nature of Business Consultants. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

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If you are publishing a paper that resulted at least in part from a successful GeneMatcher match, please state this in the paper and cite GeneMatcher. Team - Kinetic Cubed. Kinetic Cubed is an energetic business development and delivery team, constantly innovating and in motion.

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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. When you need an alliance to help take your business forward, we help you evaluate and then to arrange all steps on the selected route to a successful consummation. And when you need a tactical or strategic investor to add equity capital to your business, the rigorous approach helps you plan and action your fund raising.

Often with sector expertise, market access, and other benefits adding a significant boost to the returns you generate from the transaction. Some Frequently Asked Questions. What is the first step? Making up your mind is the most important step.

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When you have thought about what your company needs from a business exit, a business acquisition, or a collaboration , and the value the company can offer to the other part in return. And how both, can gain from this association. That is the most important step. After this , you will need to discuss. Come and meet us, for a discussion. By the second cup of coffee, in a sharp and blunt discussion, the thoughts in the mind crystallise: And the first discussion is always free. They are usually started by few young men, who would have invested 5 to 10 lakhs.

So about Rs 10 lakhs is my budget. Please find me a IT startup, about 2 years old, with good future potential.

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  • And you have to guarantee the future profits. The few young people who own a 2 year old startup have invested an idea, and 2 years of their time , and some money, with a risk of getting nothing if the business does not take off: If they sold most of it they would not have the commitment to take it to the right outcome, anyway.

    And at the end of 2 years, what they have created may be worth Zero, or 1 crore, or crores: And like all valuations, even for mundane items like land and building, there will be slightly different perceptions and a negotiation. On a realistic valuation, even for Rs 10 lakhs a small slice of some 2 year startups could be available. Nobody can guarantee the profits, and there is always a very real and persistent element of risk. The question is to decide if one would like to invest in such a situation, or opt for some different category of investment.

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    This teaser you have sent me has only pages of information about a company for sale. It does not even give the name and address of the company, how can I tell you if I want to buy that company or not, based on such little information? The limited and masked information freely given to you, in a teaser, helps you answer: To investigate an option takes time and money, for you as the prospective buyer, for us as the consultant, and for the seller and his consultant as well.

    If I decide to buy a company, I will sign an agreement. Why are you asking me to sign a non-disclosure non-circumvention agreement before showing me detailed information about the company? And why are you giving me so little information before the NDA, why can't you just tell me the name of the company and its website? A business owner may spend a lifetime, slowly building up his business. But if the word leaks out that the business is up for sale, it can damage the business.

    Suppliers stop supplies and demand old payments.

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    Customers hold back orders. Even reliable employees dust off their CV and start looking for another job. A seller only agrees to disclose their details on being assured, through us and their consultant, that the organisation seeking the document is a serious prospective buyer, and that if there is no sale he will not talk about the company to anyone. This is why the agreement is really a necessity. It is not paperwork: