Dramione matchmaking

How could Hermione see the bright blue sky when it was covered with dark clouds? Will Draco leave her? And has the curse returned? Sequel to Diary of a Songbird.

Harry Potter - Draco Dating Hermione? Dramione

Head Boy [Head Girl: Why is she so dependent on her diary, and what happened to make her that way? Can Hermione trust herself with a person like Malfoy, or will he only make things worse? Compliant up to OotP. Darker than Most Author: September 9, Locations: Room of Requirement Characters: Darkness and Light Author: Love lasts forever — or so they thought.

But Lucius has been planning… and he could destroy their love forever. The sequel to Fire and Ice. November 12, Completed: Warm-hearted and frozen soul. Forced to work together, she shatters his beliefs with one well-placed question. And then the fun begins…. Draco and Hermione Malfoy have two children. They grow up so fast. September 15, Relationship: Day Ninety Three Author: He took his hand and drew it over her body, letting it glide millimeters away from her skin, pretending that he could feel her.

Daylight Through Darkness Author: Voldemort was dead and everything was right in the world.

The Weasley Twins: Matchmakers Extrodanaire, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

See, the past has a cruel way of catching up with the present, and Draco and Hermione find themselves thrown head first, smack in the middle of it. April 8, Completed: December 31, Relationship: Children Names [Scorpius] Themes: Days of the Week Author: January 2, Draco: Quidditch Player [Seeker] Side Pairings: Days without Rain Author: The last thing Hermione needed was for Draco Malfoy to show up half-dead on her doorstep.

But things are not always as they seem, and she soon finds herself facing a mystery more dangerous than she could have imagined. August 26, Completed: Raped by her boyfriend, Hermione turns to the comforting, unexpecting arms of Draco Malfoy in her time of need. Non-consensual sex, talk of suicide and dark themes.

Dramione matchmaking

August 17, Themes: He fights for Voldermort, She fights for Harry. They hate each other but one kiss is the start of a deadly attraction. Children [Damien, Adalyn] Themes: Humor, Romance, Mystery Chapters: Something strange is going on with Hermione. October 7, Relationship: Engagement, Negative Reactions Themes: Hermione felt her time was running the closer she got to thirty.

She thought she would have been married and on her way to having a family, but she was nowhere close to that goal. So one little advertisement in the Daily Prophet would change her life. Death by House-elf Author: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance Chapters: When his house-elf tries to kill him, Draco turns to Hermione for help. Death by Pineapple Author: January 31, Draco: Private Investigator Side Pairings: Ron Weasley [Ghost] Character Deaths: In the midst of a War, Draco and Hermione both have the aching desire to love and be loved.

Despite her better judgment and unable to deny her attraction to the wizard, Hermione allows just that to take place. June 26, Themes: Original Characters, Rabastan Lestrange. Events of the final battle leave Hermione broken and abandoned by the people she thought of as family. When she discovers the truth about that fateful day she sets out on a path of revenge. January 6, Completed: February 20, Relationship: Business Man, Redeemed Locations: Draco and Hermione are thrown from their lives of blending in to deal with the problems facing them.

Their love story and how they came to be Post War. September 29, Completed: November 3, Relationship: The one bright spot has been Draco, and she would like to think if Harry would understand that. Redeemed, Smoker, Snarky Hermione: Hogwarts, Minstry of Magic Friendships: Deck the Halls Author: General, Angst, Romance Chapters: Arthur Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy Warnings: Definitely a Slytherin Author: Draco gets an absurd telephone call that sends his anxiety over the edge.

January 16, Relationship: Children Names [Scorpius] Characters: But she never said WHY. HP Creatures Fest Published: October 17, Completed: November 13, Relationship: Children Names [Scorpius] Draco: So when his flight is delayed, he considers it to be his own brand of hell. But when Hermione Granger approaches him, he thinks he has her all figured out. August 17, Completed: August 21, Relationship: But then, what else could have been expected of such a partnership? March 21, Relationship: Delve into Darkness Author: After two long years spent with the Order, Harry Potter is turning seventeen and preparing to leave the past behind him.

Meeting up with his best friend, Hermione Granger, Harry must decide whether he should follow her lead and delve into the darkness.

Part 2 of the Darkness trilogy. June 1, Completed: July 20, Relationship: Compassionate, Protective and Possessive, Dark Hermione: Pureblood, Riddle, Dark, Emotional Friendships: Her actions to try and save her life sends her down a path that will ultimately lead both her and her best friend, Harry Potter, to step into darkness. First part in the Darkness trilogy. When Narcissa Malfoy is your new mother-in-law, you might find it hard to sleep peacefully at night. When Lucius Malfoy is your new father-in-law, you might just want to forget sleep altogether Status: Mar 30, Completed: Jun 17, Relationship: Scenes of a sexual nature, depression, talk of suicide.

November 28, Completed: Mentions of Depression, Suicide, Torture. Tired of watching the same domino effect happening amongst their friends, Hermione and Draco team up to become relationship gods. The only problem is, they might get a bit distracted along the way Status: November 15, Completed: February 11, Relationship: Sex God, Snarky, Manipulative Hermione: Bossy, Feisty, Witty Locations: March 30, Relationship: When the war against Voldemort drags on, what lengths will Hermione go to, to be with the man she loves?

December 7, Completed: Death Eater, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: After fighting for so long to be together Draco and Hermione finally have their perfect life, they are happily married with a beautiful baby. Sequel to Desperate Measures. April 26, Relationship: Dark, Death Eater Locations: We all have two eyes, two ears, two arms.

June 25, Themes: Potions Class Side Pairings: The only people not sick of the whole Hermione and Draco rivalry is, well, Hermione and Draco. Nobody said it was a good idea but the faculty reckons this extraordinary detention should fix them up good and proper. August 30, Completed: Detention with Destiny Author: Adventure, Angst, Mystery, Suspense Chapters: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall.

Devil On My Shoulder Author: An unusual book, a secret room, an unexpected visitor, and some rampant teenage hormones all add up to some very entertaining afternoons for one Miss Hermione Granger.

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Magical Items [Book] Draco: June 16, Completed: April 28, Relationship: Business Man, Redeemed Hermione: The SPaG may bother some people. Also uses the nickname Herms for Hermione. Hermione wants a new job. Will boss Malfoy let her go? November 4, Completed: November 12, Relationship: Snarky, Business Man Hermione: Unresolved Sexual Tention, Slow Burn. Hermione is Head Girl with Draco Malfoy. She stubbles upon a secret about herself, changing her life forever. What happens when Draco finds out? Year 7, AU Alternate Links: August 13, Completed: August 29, Themes: Dial G for Granger Author: Hermione Granger is exploring a plethora of career options, such as lawyer, psychologist, and Supreme Dictator for Life.

Dramione matchmaking

May 8, Themes: Diary of a Songbird Author: Hermione Granger has a secret and Draco Malfoy is curious. July 28, Relationship: Diary of an Illicit Affair Author: Romance, Drama, Angst, Fluff Chapters: Chapters of an affair, through the eyes of two lovers: Rated for Mature subject matter. July 21, Relationship: Ministry of Magic Side Pairings: Romance, Drama, Angst Chapters: Year 7, War, AU Published: October 2, Relationship: Dinner for Two Author: Angst, Fluff, Humour, Romance Chapters: The aftermath is unexpected, but definitely interesting.

November 26, Completed: Dipping into the Dark Side Author: After living in Australia for 2 years, Hermione returns home to a different life. Unsatisfied with the calm, settled lives her friends lead she happens across an elite Pureblood-Slytherin club, one she is eagerly invited into. But she never knew the affects her appearance would have on Draco Malfoy.