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The first thing I thought when I stepped into the restaurant was that it had great ambience — all romantic and dreamy with elegant decorations. And I also really liked that it was roomy with enough space between tables for private conversation to take place comfortably. The execution of the event went really smoothly as well.

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The instructions given before and after the event were clear and concise no long-winded speeches and the rotations were done very courteously with lots of smiles. Michelle and her helpers were very attentive and would come to the tables and help to shift plates of unfinished food and drinks to the next table to facilitate the rotations. Another thing that deserves mention is the speed at which I was informed about my mutual matches. It was super fast; barely 3 hours after the event ended and that was at about 10pm! The efficiency in this aspect was really impressive and I think it would surely be appreciated by most people as it helps to cut down on a lot of nerve-wracking suspense over the mutual matches.

All in all, I think the best part of my experience with Complete Me was the warm and attentive service provided by Michelle and her helpers which helped to make me feel at ease. Her events are held accessible yet exclusive venues with good ambiance. Like the mutual matches format which serves well to facilitate any follow ups.

Nonetheless, I would still like to commend and recommend CompleteMe. Her events are always gender-ratio balanced and excellently organized.

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There is transparency and sincerity. That is why I am a returning participant to many of her events. During June , I was looking at SDN website for some event or some workshop which is interesting to enrol. I was wondering why I am still dateless despite I am losing weight and I usually doll up wherever I go. So I decided to sign up and find out what is wrong with me.

I received an email from Michelle about the event and we are supposed to dress up like we are heading for our first date. Seriously, I never thought going for such workshop I still need to crack my brain and think of what to wear. So I decided that I should wear my best black dress.

However during the event, Michelle gave us tips that going for event we should try not to wear black. As black is a safe colour and it will usually blend in well with the crowd therefore we may not get people to notice us. I also learned that what kind of introduction will make people remember you well during speed dating which I really put them into good use now. Though I enjoy the session but I did not sign up immediately with Michelle as I still having doubt on it.

Will it really works? And how will Michelle help me?

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Later on, I realise that a few of the events and workshop which CompleteMe had offered look quite interesting and I seriously wanted to find out even more why am I still dateless. I went for the personal coaching with Michelle and she reviewed my strength and weakness. I am quite tall built so when Michelle tell me I still need to be in heels as it will make my posture look better.

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Reveal it all here! Hater might have less local users, so the dating pool might be limited. You never know, though. Happn is the dating app that sparks the hope and romance in you everywhere you go. Meaning, you are able to like to chat up that good-looking stranger who caught your eye when you brushed past him earlier! Also, unlike Tinder or Paktor, there is no expiration date to make your choice. If you would like more time to consider another user, you may leave it in your view page and continue scrolling until you have decided and then scroll back up to like or to dislike the user.

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Use Happn at places of interest you frequent to find dates of similar interests, especially if you have a unique hobby. If you use Esync, the love of your life could be just one call away Charlie Puth fans, where you at! Personality quizzes your kind of jam? Esync will match you and your potential soulmate based off a personality quiz that covers 16 different areas of your individuality. Do note that some services are paid services. Lunch Click is more targeted at those who are looking for long-term, serious, ready-for-marriage singles.

Contrary to Tinder, it focuses on quality over quantity whereby the system generates the best match for you with the most suitable match a day. It is a dating app that is built against hook-ups and cuts out sleazy conversations. However, the form itself takes a while to fill up because it requires even nitty-gritty details like your height, occupation, education level. On the good side, the chances of securing an actual date are much higher since the app itself promotes getting to know each other over a meal.

It basically cuts the small talk and goes straight for the main objective: Look no further, Lunch Click has Love Assistants you can chat with on the app who is able to advise you on anything practically under the sun. How cool is that! Also, if your date enjoyed the food and you enjoyed the date you can quickly suggest a second date at a similar food place! Okay Cupid is the dating app for those who know exactly what they are looking for in a partner.

It displays your answers to detailed get-to-know you open-ended questions on your public profile.

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It also has an extensive list of multiple-choice questions for you to answer, as well as rate its importance with explanations. The app generates potential matches for you based on your multiple-choice questions. Okay Cupid basically lets any potential date understand your personality on a deeper level, and the dates you meet here are more likely to appreciate you not just for your looks but your core values and principles as well. A good way to further showcase your personality is to link your personal blog or twitter.

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