Can i hook up my verizon phone to straight talk

Hi Bob, Thanks for the speedy reply!!! I agree, ST first line is very inconsistent in their skill set and knowledge. I agree, I think I found another rep that does not know what they are looking at, and refuses to ask questions of a more experienced co-worker. Funny how when you ask for a supervisor, they are always a supervisor that you are talking to. Thanks for posting somewhere in one of your other blog entries about the ST Verizon network capping at 5mbps.

I did not know that was the case until I spotted that. I always worry about just getting shut off for some of that. Thanks for your blog efforts I really appreciate your work!! Hi Jim, I am glad it helped. Make sure to check out Verizon prepaid at Walmart. For a limited time they are offering an extra two GB of data when you buy at walmart. I had a comment on one of my YouTube videos that they are also offering a credit for signing up for auto-pay. Also 5Mbps really more of a minium requirement for HD streaming.

Phones that will work with Straight Talk SIM / Bring Your Own Phone

And yes you can definitely port your number. Make sure to have your ST account number and account pin. You can find that info when you log into straighttalk. I have been a straight talk customer for a couple of years. I currently have an LG phone using the Verizon network through straight talk. When I go to the site you reference above and input my MEID under Verizon, the site tells me my phone is not eligible.

This makes me wonder how important the eligibility is from the straight talk site. The reason I ask is that Verizon provides the best coverage in my area, but straight talk always refers me to a CSM network capable phone. Usually if the phone is already registered on Straight Talk or one of the other Tracfone brands Verizon network it should return a message saying the phone is already.

Sometimes it just will say, not compatible though.

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But if you move the SIM card to a new phone, the old phone will be tje one registered on the network. Recently i bought an unlocked s6 a. You do need to check eligibility to use it on their Verizon or sprint networks. I have running smartphonematters. Did someone tell you this or do you see it on the website. While it shows using an iPhone it should help explain how it works and the info is similar for the S6.

I have an unlocked us cellular iPhone 6 and want to switch it to Verizon straight talk.

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Do I just need the iPhone sim card to do so? Son gave them imformation need they set out up not when son went to use it he couldnt cause walmart set it up as verizon so he tried several times to get it change verizon said nope said it was a Verizon phone but it wasnt he paid I need some help bought a Verizon galaxy 4 for straight talk called ST says it is eligible but I would need the original Sim card.

I bought the byop kit so I could switch ST rep says I need the original sims. Help never did this before. When I bought phone it has clean esn.

Straight Talk BYOP Activation Kit with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile LTE SIMs

Hi Sherry, what is the model number of your S4? I have heard that about Sprint phones. There is a Verizon phone I love and would love to use it on ST. Jamie, I assume the J1 is from Verizon Wireless. If it eligible, it might work. I will wait until a weekday just in case i need to chat or call.

I live is a major city so basically everything works here. Verizon has been great as far a coverage goes but it is time to step up to 21st century for phone service. As always thanks for your input and advic. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I switched to straighttalk because of the price.

I am not receiving my internet service. I get some emails and FB when connected to wifi. Ive talked to several straighttalk reps. It seems they cant figure out whats wrong. It works on Verizon towers for straight talk perfectly. I got the imei numbers of the lg g3, lg g4, and lg V10 from the Verizon store, and they all checked out on the Straight Talk bring your own phone verification page.

If you are getting a phone, check to see if they have it at a dealer, and get the imei to check on ST. Just make sure you get the right sim card from ST. And yes, the phone you have must be unlocked. And no, not all phone models work, so make sure you can use an imei to test on straight talk network. Or know someone who has done it. I have converted verizon galaxy note 4 and nexus 6 verizon. I checked out possitive the imei for, g3, g4, v10 verizon. It's also usually under the phones back cover and on the packaging box, but you won't get those if you walk in the store.

Good luck and if you check out any imei's that clear through the Straight talk BYOP checker, post the carrier and phone model here so we know. Call ST costumer service I know, they're horrible and have them run the imei to double check. I read a blog a while back where a guy ran one that checked out good on the ST Web site but customer service said it didn't check out with them.

Straighttalk's techs have no idea what they are talking about. As long as your phone is unlocked and in most cases, even if it isn't, so long as you use a carrier matched sim it will work with straighttalk, you just might have to work around their system of ignorance. Rimaye June 17, 1: Thediaryofanika July 2, 1: ST said my Verizon note 5 isn't compatible. Dlmiller July 26, 7: They're saying my galaxy s6 can't be on straight talk when I had it on there. Lizsilk September 15, 9: Or other areas I visited.

Is there a way I can get Verizon on by getting a technician or something??? First time I've ever had any problem with straight talk, But there needs to be a way that bthey can tell you although kit is scanned when buying after choosing right SIM card it still needs to be scanned.

Very painful ordeal, that took a long amount of hours, but I hope you do not have to go this far. Anybody use an IPhone on straight talk?

How to Convert Verizon Wireless Phones to Straight Talk

I'm reading posts saying you cannot. Which in reality yes you can. That's exactly what I've done for years with straight talk. There's a few ways that I've accomplished this. And to the people who remarked "you can't do this" At this time I am someone who is using what this person is asking about and I've done it for years.

But to your question, you can buy a verizon phone and use it thru straight talk. Below is a brief guide that describes what the various kits do. Any of them can worked with unlocked phones if the phone is compatible with the network and available in your area. Be sure to include the following in your question: You can get a low cost, unlocked phone directly from Amazon or Straight Talk to use. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge that is from Sprint. They supposably unlocked it however I checked it on yalls list and it says it is not compatible.

It should work just fine. I would give it a try, it checks all the boxes for being compatible. Yes, if unlocked it should work great! Perhaps something like this copied from Amazon: This would be a new phablet not yet purchased , so not on any phone plan.

How to Convert Verizon Wireless Phones to Straight Talk | It Still Works

Do you know if this will work with StraighTalk? If not, do you know of any large phablets that would? I hv a boost iPhone 8plus will it work with straight talk and if need be unlocked, how do I do it? No, it will not work on Straight Talk unless you get it unlocked first. However, you can get a low cost, unlocked phone directly from Amazon or Straight Talk to use.

You can contact GreatCall and ask them to unlock the phone also. Your saying all I have to do is get a straight talk sim card and install and it will accept it?