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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. HVAC systems offer an excellent opportunity for energy For the installer, we offer a range of solutions which are savings if the correct products are specified, selected and easy to select, install and commission. FAN COIL Variable speed pumps allow the flow rate in the system to fluctuate in response to system demand, by responding to information from the BMS system, which gathers information from thermostats and pressure sensors. Flow Regulation valves - enable system balancing. Comfort Control using 2 Port Control Valves - react to room thermostats.

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This variation in available pressure has the effect of changing the P1 flow rate through the terminal sub-circuit, i. Whilst setting, the open area around the disk will change resulting in a change to the flow rate. The new set flow rate recreates the constant seat differential pressure P1 to P2. Having set a new flow rate, it will stay constant at the new set value.

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The PICV is an integral part of the control loop. For PICVs with an equal percentage characteristic, see page 5 there is a BMS 24 direct relationship between valve position and heat output, i.

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The control characteristic of a PICV is the relationship between flow rate and open position. An equal percentage PICV control characteristic characteristic does this. The equal percentage characteristic establishes the relationship between terminal unit heat output and valve open position, i.

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Modulating actuators enable flow rate changes, and consequently heat output changes, to quickly match demand requirements, therefore, modulating actuators should be chosen for forced convection terminal units. Modulating actuators allow all intermediate flow rates between full flow and no flow. DN15 Low Flow - Setting 6. Where a choice of valves is available for any required flow rate, use smallest valve at higher setting. Turn setting key anti-clockwise and line up arrow on key to required position; 6 on dial as example.

The valve is now set, and ready for the actuator to be fitted. The PICV shall have a constant control characteristic at all flow settings and control flow rates at differential pressures up to kPa. Flow rates will be externally adjustable, and set point recordable.

Integral test points will be fitted to verify setting pressure allowing pumps to be set at optimum speed to maximise energy savings.

Fig. C266 & H266

The correct flow control beams are used, the installer has to provide: Flushing by-pass, Isolation valves, Flow control leakage, re-work and delays in project time plans. The Hattersley Hook-Up is a pre-assembled and tested unit As options: Strainers and flow measurement devices on supplied complete and ready for installation. All flow control each terminal unit. Using our unique H-Body flushing by-pass arrangement as the cornerstone of each assembly, a variety of valves are then connected on the flow and return sides of the H- Body to suit specification.

No Extension Stems Extension stems fitted to accomodate lagging. Do you provide samples 9 is it free or extra 9 A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

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The majority of products are fully in stock, so we accept 1 piece as the minimum order quantity. Joe Of Art Intertrade Co. Gate Globe Check Valves. United Power Commercial Corporation.

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Bronze Gate Valve Hattersley. WRAS Resilient gate valve for drinking water. M Cast Iron Gate Valves. Please visit the website for more information: Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve.